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Proof We Run Al-Qaeda: Special Report

FK – One guy says it’s for an Israeli empire, another says it’s for the Saudis but who or what really owns/runs those two entities? Prime evidence we need to organize, arm and train so we can hold the treason trials and figure out who we need to hang.

Sounds like another excuse for another ‘holy war’ to me. Time to file away the 3000-year-old tribal propaganda and work for real Human Liberty.

LOTFI: Dear Tea Party, On Cantor’s loss- You didn’t build that

National Tea Party groups have been fast to speak out and congratulate Brat on defeating Eric Cantor (R-Va.), the GOP’s second most powerful Republican. As is often the case, when a big win is scored, those with large megaphones are always ready to speak up.


You are proud to stand with Brat? But wait– You didn’t!

They all champion Brat, as if they had been cheering him all along, and yet not one of them gave him a dime. Club for Growth, Madison Project, Tea Party Network (not to be confused with Tea Party News Network), Tea Party Patriots, Tea Party Express— not a single dime. In natural political fashion, never let a tragedy– or victory go to waste. Now, they will all continue to send out newsletters to their massive email lists claiming “See what we did in Virginia! We can take the country back! –Oh, P.S. please donate $10.” In fact, they’ve already started sending them– touting Brat’s victory as a reason to donate more to their respective groups. Why? Again, you all did nothing.

In fact, all of these groups have been collecting millions in donations, and they have not put a single dime into many winnable races.

FK – Lotsa’ fakers out there…

Ryan Bundy, Raw Footage of April 25 2014

The sound on this video is pretty bad, but gets a little better as it moves along. However, you will be able to hear everything Ryan Bundy says in this remarkable impromptu press interview.

As this video is anything but professional, I had to force myself to go ahead and wade through the first minutes or so. It was a very surprising delight as what Ryan Bundy was saying led more deeply into an understanding of the Bundy family’s stance against the BLM’s assertion of authority to manage public lands within the boundaries of a State.

I noticed that in the video he is not speaking from notes. His only reference material is his pocket Constitution. He waxes historic and speaks in poetic imagery as he fields questions from his audience. After some difficult interferences during the first third of this video, such as the incessant wind noises (my camera does that too, so can forgive), one is nicely hooked into the message in Ryan’s speech and is no longer mindful of interferences. And then something surprising and wonderful happens. Ryan Bundy morphs from pistol-packing horse-riding Cowboy into a Constitutional Teacher right before one’s eyes. The depth of his knowledge becomes a blessing to all who view this film.

FK – They want all of us off the land, no private property rights for anyone.

GOA Supports the Texas “Open Carry” Movement

Gun Owners of America has come out in strong support of efforts by Texas gun owners to combat anti-gun bigotry by exercising their rights to carry openly in public.

The Executive Director of GOA told the Wall Street Journal:  “I see open carry as a positive thing…”

Pratt went on to say that gun owners should “consider what’s the most effective way to educate the public.”  And, although open carry may not be every gun owner’s “cup of tea,” we believe that open carry by those so inclined is a desirable — and necessary — means for combating the liberal media’s efforts to make Americans terrified of firearms.

FK – And call them ‘weapons.’ That’s what they are. They are made to kill and maim. Welcome to the real world. Those creatures that have a problem with reality don’t belong in this country.

Pentagon studying protesters to prep for ‘mass civil breakdown’

In a question to a key project researcher that went largely unaddressed, The Guardian raised some troubling issues: “Does the U.S. Department of Defense see protest movements and social activism in different parts of the world as a threat to U.S. national security? If so, why? Does the U.S. Department of Defense consider political movements aiming for large scale political and economic change as a national security matter? If so, why? Activism, protest, ‘political movements’ and of course NGOs are a vital element of a healthy civil society and democracy — why is it that the DoD is funding research to investigate such issues?”

FK – Or more importantly, will the beast system’s empire do whatever is required to maintain it’s power structure and global dominance and crush what remains of human liberty and install ‘democracy’ which is just another form of manipulation?

Should ‘Put the NRA in its place’ plea include an apology to LaPierre?

Yesterday’s Portland Oregonian profiled a science teacher-turned-gun control-advocate who was at Reynolds High School Tuesday when the shooting occurred, and he posted a lengthy message on Facebook detailing his newborn activism, and a proposal for gun control, but it omitted one important fact that is being largely overlooked by gun prohibitionists.

Wayne LaPierre was right. LaPierre, executive vice president of the National Rifle Association, told a sneering press corps 18 months ago that the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun, and that scenario played out at the Troutdale campus Tuesday.

The science teacher, Seth Needler, ended his Facebook post with this question: “Isn’t it time to put the NRA in its place? If not now, when?”

FK – The overpaid staff of the No Rights that aren’t Allowed group are part of the problem. Join GOA, the ‘no compromise’ gun lobby.

We don’t want “Liberal”(commie) trash whose real goal is our enslavement, running our country. That’s what this is about, and nothing else.


Leaked Counter Terrorism Bulletin Warns Police of Impending ‘Far-Right Violence’

Published by the New York State Intelligence Center, the document, entitled “CTB 14-07: Recent Spike in Violence Targeting Law Enforcement,” details several recent shootings while warning police to be on the look out for people displaying anti-government viewpoints.

“Over the last week there have been three attacks – one in Canada and two in the United States – in which law enforcement officers were targeted, leading to the death of five officers and one civillian,” the bulletin states. “Based upon reporting it appears all the suspects in these incidents were motivated by elements of a far right anti-government ideology with a particular fixation on law enforcement.”

The bulletin mentions data from a New America Foundation study that claims 37 deaths since 9/11 were perpetrated by the “far right,” repeating the meme that those within the liberty movement are more dangerous than Al Qaeda. The bulletin also references a study by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) that argues that far right extremists have been killing law enforcement at an “increasing rate in recent years.”

FK – Nazis are as Nazis do…