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What Would Happen if “Battle of Athens” Round Two Ever Becomes Necessary?

“Local Police Stockpile Weapons of War,” News Channel 5 Nashville reported. “A massive military build-up is underway right here in Tennessee.” Local law enforcement agencies are snatching up huge amounts of weapons — from the Department of Defense — used in fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan,” the report elaborates. “Items include grenade launchers, mine-resistant vehicles and guns that have been deemed as surplus by the Pentagon.” And where is this militarization of police taking place?

“McMinn County … boasts beautiful scenery, but its sheriff’s department can boast something else,” the report explains. “The department received more military surplus guns than any other local department in the state last year.”

The McMinn County Sheriff? Does that ring a bell for anyone?

FK – Find out where they keep it and who has the keys.

SOLA 8 34 The Ranches of Ted Turner

FK – Well Turner’s right about the religion and depopulation. We do need fewer sheeple. If the human race was acting with any sense, reason or logic we’d have as our first international priority the construction of bases on other planets, moons, whatever so when the next cataclysm hits this planet we don’t lose all our tech and knowledge. But alas billions of idiots would rather fight over who gets to hand out the pie or whose sadistic asshole of a god gets to burn the vast majority of humans who ever existed alive in fire forever. The human race is insane.

Are You On A Government Watchlist?

Last Wednesday The Intercept released a 2013 document from the National Counterterrorism Center which details the rules for placing individuals on terrorism watchlists, including the no fly list. The 166-page document details what the government defines as terrorism, which includes everything from assassination and hostage-taking to destruction of government property or computers, and any act that is “dangerous” to property or intended to influence government through intimidation.

The document covers two lists: the Terrorist Identities Datamart Environment (TIDE), and the Terrorist Screening Database (TSDB). Chapters of the document include information on what triggers placement on the lists, and what type of information officials are to collect when encountering suspected individuals. Placement on the TIDE or TSDB must be based on “articulable intelligence or information”. The document also says “single source information” such as posts on social media sites “should not automatically be discounted”. Under the guidelines if you are suspected of terrorism ties your family and “associates” can also be placed on the list.

Another worrisome detail of the document is known as “threat-based expedited upgrade.” This upgrade is unilaterally initiated by the assistant to the president for homeland security and counterterrorism and allows for whole “categories of people” to be placed on the list based on intelligence that a certain type of person may commit terrorism. If the upgrade is approved by senior officials it could potentially last “until the threat no longer exists.”  The lack of oversight creates a situation where individuals could be placed on the list and left on indefinitely.

FK – If I’m still on their ‘list’ after I’m dead I’ll know my time in this world was not spent in vain.

All the traitors who voted for the evil ‘patriot act’ without reading it, and as far as I know none of them did, should be given a speedy treason trial and sent out of this dimension via the new granite gallows in front of the the capitol building with the vids posted online for the world to see. America should be setting the example for Human Liberty not tyranny but the beast system is running the show.

Sessions Warns Obama On “Exceedingly Dangerous” Executive Action

Congress and the American people “will not stand” for altering or suspending the nation’s immigration law by executive action, Senator Jeff Sessions (shown, R-Ala.) said in a Senate speech Monday, warning that the president is planning to lead the nation into “exceedingly dangerous waters.”

“Congress makes laws, the executive branch executes those laws. It’s that simple,” the three-term senator said in an impassioned speech on the Senate floor. Sessions warned of a constitutional crisis if President Obama follows through on his promise to act “without Congress” to achieve immigration reform.

“Such calculated action strains the constitutional structure of our republic,” Sessions said. “Such unlawful and unconstitutional action, if taken, cannot stand. No Congress, Republican or Democrat, can allow such action to occur or to be maintained. The people will not stand for it. They must not stand for it,” he continued.


Obama issued a “policy directive” in June of 2013, instructing Justice Department and Homeland Security officials to cease deportation proceedings against, and to grant temporary work permits to, illegal immigrants under 30 who arrived in the United States prior to their 16th birthday. That, said Sessions, has “created an unprecedented, unlawful flow of more young people” into the country. For the president to now grant millions of adults “amnesty by executive order,” he added, “will collapse any remaining moral authority of our immigration law, undermine the sovereignty, really, of our nation.” The senator’s advice to the president is “pull back.”

“It is utterly unacceptable for you to meet with special interest groups, La Raza and others, and then promise action that is contrary to law,” Sessions said, adding that he was not suggesting any “parley or any compromise. There is no middle ground on nullifying immigration law by the President.”

FK – This may be the fuse that blows the situation wide open. It may be intentional. I sense no ‘win, win’ situation for any side in this. And impeachment won’t be enough. We need treason trials and executions with the videos of the hangings on the granite gallows posted on YouTube for the world to see. If Google doesn’t like that it shows they’re part of the problem and should be dealt with.

Lanier rescinds prior order, calls D.C. gun laws back in effect after court stay

An order issued by the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police Department regarding not enforcing District laws against carrying handguns has been rescinded, a MPD Communications Office news release advised Tuesday.

“In light of the court issuing a stay of the Palmer v. District of Columbia order, Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier today issued a notice to members of the Metropolitan Police Department rescinding two teletypes related to firearms,” the release explained. “All laws related to firearms regulation and crimes remain in effect.”

“Judge Frederick J. Scullin, Jr. of trhe U.S. District Court, issued a stay of his order of July 26, 2013 in Palmer v. District of Columbia,” the accompanying teletype elaborated. “Implementation of his order is delayed for 90 days while the stay is in place. Therefore, Teletypes 07-137-14 and 07-138014 are rescinded. All laws related to firearms regulation and crimes remain in effect.”

Noting that the public may not be aware of today’s development, the teletype reminds officers to handle firearms-related matters “with caution.”

FK – They should be teaching their Nazis to treat armed humans, who are ultimately their employers, with ‘respect.’ My comments below on this issue apply even more.