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Agenda 21 To Takeover The Freeways Of LA

FK – As they say what happens in commiefornia later comes to the rest of the country. I see the useless unused bike lanes in many places. Most of them are no more full than the sidewalks. They need to teach the average driver how to deal with bicycles in traffic.

The trash that’s behind this evil is really a tiny minority of our population. So why aren’t we hunting them? I won’t vote for any prez candidate whose first guarantee isn’t to bring the troops home, activate the militias and NATIONAL Guard and do so.

Should You Join a Militia?

There is historical basis and precedence for militia. Our forefathers even went so far to plan for the need of a “well-regulated Militia” and outlined this in our Second Amendment to the Bill of Rights. Their reasoning in my, and countless others minds, was that a militia could one day be “necessary to the security of a free State”. The militia concept was preferable to a standing Army which many of our founders were vehemently opposed to.

For example, James Madison said:

In time of actual war, great discretionary powers are constantly given to the Executive Magistrate. Constant apprehension of War, has the same tendency to render the head too large for the body. A standing military force, with an overgrown Executive will not long be safe companions to liberty. The means of defence against foreign danger, have been always the instruments of tyranny at home. Among the Romans it was a standing maxim to excite a war, whenever a revolt was apprehended. Throughout all Europe, the armies kept up under the pretext of defending, have enslaved the people.

Simply put, we might need our own defensive forces to step in to defend us in dire circumstances. Each state used to be responsible for their own militias. State Militias still exist, but they are nothing like the forces they once were, they are rare and most people think the National Guard has taken their place.

This article isn’t an argument about the Second Amendment, or a dissection of those words our founders sacrificed so much for. The common expression of Militias today exist as a symbol largely that has been used by people on both sides of the argument over whether Militias are necessary or unneeded relics that should be confined to history.

One side of this argument almost universally depicts any group that calls themselves a Militia as radical, violent, racist and bent on overthrowing the government. The other side largely views the role of a militia as some bulwark against a rising fear of tyranny. The question on my mind started largely with a simple question that one of our readers posed a while back. Should you join a militia?

FK – In my estimation there is really only one reason to join a militia, even though many I have trained with may disagree, and this is to restore our Liberty, the Bill of Rights, and the form of government we are supposed to enjoy in this country. All the ‘fighting terrorism’ and ‘civil service’ and preparedness and disaster readiness and on and on are only public relations functions at best.

Our real enemies are right here. They have white skin and aren’t hiding in a cave on the other side of the world.

We should have, decades ago, established a militia force in every county in this country to deal with: the BATF Nazi trash who have proven themselves to be murderers, and exist to railroad people into prison in the name of evil laws that the Second Amendment doesn’t allow; the IRS Nazi trash who steal people’s property and ruin their lives and imprison them in the name of enforcing a tax that isn’t supposed to exist in this country and in fact wasn’t ratified by enough states to become law; and the FBI who have been involved in one way or another with every ‘terrorist’ incident over the last several years; the ‘drug war,’ like the ‘war on terror’ which would not exist if all the ‘right’ people on all sides weren’t profiting from it.

But since we don’t have a nation of men but a nation of cowardly whores we have the situation we have: lots of small groups under several different names, some public, hopefully many not, who will have to deal with the ultimate blood war that history shows always comes, in the best way they can.

This situation will not likely change until the upper middle class, the ‘people'(loosely defined) with money and intelligence, figure out there’s no more corn in the trough.

So all I can reasonably offer at this point is this: Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. Or as our domestic blood enemies like to say “Think globally, act locally.”

This will likely be true at the beginning of any future conflict whereby we will have to erode our enemies’ support at the foundation in the vein of the movie “Michael Collins.”

From my own personal experience this is my immediate advice: Rules for the militia

Shemitah 2015 – Prophecy or Quackery?

FK – This date setting and fear mongering is all a distraction(and money making) sort of a thing to keep would be activists spending time and money on their hidey holes instead of standing up like real men and women and taking responsibility for the world they exist in.

That doesn’t mean we totally ignore all such warnings. Some day one of them might be right, and there might not be a damn thing we can do about it. Focus on what we can affect.

If there are some elitist crazies who believe in this stuff or simply use the sheeple’s(and people’s) belief in ancient tribal propaganda or whatever for their own purposes then some of it might be ‘viable’ in a pedantic sort of way. Religion, like democracy, is another form of manipulation.

If you had a program that would predict crashes and upswings why the hell would you tell anyone!? That’d be like telling the casinos in Vegas you know how to beat them.

The patriot movement has for years been quaking in its boots every time some idiot sees some tanks on a train. Back in the 90s it was ‘This October the tanks are gonna roll.” I remember hearing that for several years.

I’ve been missing out all these years by not selling gold and dried food all while constantly setting a new date. It’s amazing how quickly they forget the last one. But then it should be amazing how every prez election cycle the idiots vote for demagogues who are telling them the same lies they heard the last time.

The govt. as most of our other institutions has been infiltrated by our greatest enemies, our domestic blood enemies who have white skin and aren’t hiding in a cave on the other side of the world.

The Jailing of Kim Davis

FK – Disagreeing with the court is not necessarily ‘irrelevant.’ We the People are the ultimate arbiters of our rights, not a row of black-robed shysters whose decisions are often no less affected by their own values, prejudices, authoritarian leanings, than anyone else.

As is often noted the marriage license was brought about in part to prevent interracial marriage. So what had once been a power of the church became a privilege granted after the payment of a fee or passing of some test or another.

You need to do a search on the ‘fire in the theater’ thing. It’s not quite that simple.

I’ve often heard that ‘christians’ are ‘in the world’ but not ‘of the world.’ Answering first to any govt. is being ‘of the world.’ Taking on a public or govt. job that requires one do be ‘of the world’ such as supporting laws they find incompatible with their version, sub-version or subversion is going against this, one of their most basic commandments.

Where does all this end? I don’t expect to be in this realm long enough to see that outcome. Millions have already died in such wars. We may be headed for another one.

Oh that’s funny. The Kentucky Legislature voting to impeach or convict her. Not in this state. Even the commiecrats aren’t that stupid. It would probably hand the Kentucky House over to the RINOS in the next election cycle and and the already increasing enrollment for Republican voters would skyrocket.

Well, I don’t know, considering the stupidity of the commiecrat House Leadership it might be a possibility.

And that would be ‘God’s opinion’ to the average believer. Something many non-believers don’t seem to get. I was raised in that ignorance and have sat around several campfires listening to many versions, sub-versions and subversions. The mindset is not one of true ‘free will’ but slavery to ancient tribal propaganda and to a god that was clearly patterned after ancient tyrannical kings who looked down their noses at their subjects and said “Be good subjects(slaves, servants) or I’ll torture and/or kill you.

The human mind is still a long way from being free of the tyrannies of the past. That’s why billions have no problem with the concept that their god, that’s ‘their god’ will burn the vast majority of humans that ever existed alive in fire forever. Maybe this inclination was inserted into our DNA for some reason. I can’t imagine why.

See next post

Christians Placing Themselves Above All Other Americans

FK – Both ‘sides’ play this game but the commies started it. The ‘chrisitians’ as usual are only playing copy cat the result being that instead of fighting for real human Liberty they’re arguing over govt. granted ‘civil liberties’ that of course can be rescinded whenever whichever side lies their way into power decide they can.

It’s all such a sickening fiasco especially when one considers that our next prez will be some NWO RINO hack that mumbled out ‘Jesus’ a few times and claims to be for ‘god, country and the amerikan way.’

See comments on the next vid:

FK – I’ve known enough Tennessee good ol’ boys to happily give you permission to make fun of Kentuckians. A good portion of us fully deserve it.

Nepotism in any rural southern or midwestern area is a given. Most of these families have been here since the settlers and everybody is someone’s cousin. Ya’ll are probably related to algore. Study on that.

I don’t even know what party Davis is allegedly registered under. Not that it makes a lot of difference up here. We send ‘conservatives'(loosely defined) to the u.S. Congress but the commiecrats still control the legislature and on occasion we get a RINO governor.

Several years back I attended a ‘watermelon bust’ in western Kentucky hosted by a local bank. There was a gospel group on stage. I was told it was a ‘democrat’ event. This was during the klinton years. I found it very ironic. But most are too ignorant to understand all this considering the history not taught in our government indoctrination centers.

The point to all this is she took an Oath, on a Bible, to the u.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights and the Kentucky Constitution, which she swore to uphold. Those two latter documents are about protecting the rights of the individual and the common welfare, which doesn’t mean a govt. check. They were only partly based on the 3000-year-old tribal propaganda. Much to most of our ‘law’ comes from England and the Romans who ruled it before the ‘dark ages.’

As an elected ‘public servant’ she has to serve ‘all’ the public. Even though fudge packin’ isn’t mentioned in the Bill of Rights this is supposed to be a ‘free’ country and if two sufferers of the birth defect or mental illness or some combination thereof that is ‘homosexuality’ want to form a contract of some sort with one another they should be able to do so as long they aren’t forcing anyone else into it or forcing us all to lie about what it really is.

The real question is why is the govt. in the marriage license business? Money and control, plain and simple. I find it ironic that the commie homos are fighting for a ‘right’ which really amounts to a permission slip from Big Brother.

Mostly this is all about commie propaganda and distraction. The 2016 race for the now red house is another exercise in the quest for the idiot vote, as always.

FK – One insanity vs. another. We’re still a very primitive species and still exist in a very dark age.

Kim Davis on Gay Marriage License: Its A Heaven Or Hell Decision

FK – The crazies won’t be helped by the culture war:

Waking up is hard to do

Anti-prepping 101: The top unpreparedness skills to master now for the coming collapse (outrageous satire)

(NaturalNews) We’ve all seen countless articles on tips for preparedness, but I’ve never seen an article providing tips and skills to those who refuse to prepare. (This article is outrageous, politically incorrect satire. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya…)

Why shouldn’t anti-preppers have lists, too? After all, they are going to need to learn a vast array of dangerous and totally gross new skills to survive, such as standing in food lines, looting retail stores and giving BJs in barter for medicine.

Frankly, I think all of us in the prepper community have been a bit discriminatory in not providing “unpreparedness lists” for all those who plan to be unprepared. After all, their necessary skills are much more difficult to master than ours! It’s way more difficult, for example, to learn how to give BJs for food than it is to just store some extra food in the first place, so the anti-preppers really have their work cut out for them. They need to start training now!

It might also be useful for them to engage in “anti-prepper foreign exchange programs” where clueless city-dwelling liberal Americans who think socialism is awesome are flown to Venezuela for a few months, where they get to witness a collapsing socialist utopia in its full glory (while learning unpreparedness skills they can use back home in the coming collapse).

In the hope of helping anti-preppers acquire the skills they need to be fully unprepared, I’ve assembled this list of extremely useful unpreparedness skills they can start learning and practicing right now.

FK – I wrote my own version of this a few years back. It’s not intended to be funny and has a different outcome: Prepping for slavery

Toward a More Rational Justice System

FK – So how do we get the authoritarian black-robed shysters, of whatever stripe, out of the ‘just-us’ system?

How do we get rid of prosecutors who only care about prosecution numbers and their political careers, and not right and wrong?

How to do we get cops to stop enforcing the police state?

Gun Owners of America: Abolish Background Checks, Destroy Linked Database

On August 31, Breitbart News spoke with Gun Owners of America’s (GOA) executive director, Larry Pratt, about background checks for gun purchasers, and he made clear that GOA opposed them when they were first introduced under President Bill Clinton and that GOA believes they should be abolished now.

Pratt also stressed that the database tied to them should be destroyed.

Our conversation began with a discussion of how yet another public attacker, Vester Lee Flanagan, demonstrated the impotency of background checks by passing one to acquire the gun he used to shoot and kill Alison Parker and Adam Ward in Virginia.

Pratt responded by pointing out that public attackers are not the only ones background checks fail to stop. He said, “During the last year of record, although the government has done millions upon million of background checks, they brought 14 prosecutions to court for trial–hardly a crime-fighting tool.” He said some people respond to this by pointing out that there were people who were “denied getting a gun at the point of sale,” but these people fail to note that criminals get guns in ways that completely circumvent the checks.

Pratt said:

Many mass murders have gotten their hands on guns by passing a background check, while other criminals are resourceful. They are evil, but they are resourceful, as well, and they get their hands on guns. The idea that somehow we’re safe if we do a background check is simply not true.

FK – I have to disagree with Mr. Pratt on who the ‘evil’ ones are. Most shooters as most criminals are probably suffering from some form of mental illness. It’s the highly educated intelligent authoritarians who seek to disarm us all who are evil, for they fully understand what they do.


FK – And not all our enemies are domestic, though they’re not hiding in a cave on the other side of the world but on our own real estate:

Want to Own a Gun? Help to Get US Out!