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Australia: A Nation of Defenseless Victims

FK – So what does ‘never surrender our rights’ mean to the ‘No Rights that aren’t Allowed’ group huh? Why don’t they have the guts to say what that will ultimately mean? What will the NRA do when hitlery or some other trash says “Turn them in,” or “Owners are grandfathered but they cannot sell their weapons nor leave them to their children nor teach their children how to shoot them?” and a commie SCOTUS agrees?

Our domestic blood enemies would be plenty satisfied with an inter-generational process. This must NOT EVER be allowed to happen.

The Aussies need to dig up the weapons they buried years ago before they turn into artifacts and use them to hunt and exterminate their “Liberal”(commie) trash just as we so desperately need to do.

Any whore manning a ‘gun buy back’ station deserves to be killed on sight, and will be. Those who helped destroy those weapons shouldn’t be safe in their own homes. They are traitors to their own people and to human Liberty.

4:33 and I can’t stand it any more. These sobby handwringers should’ve walked out their front doors and began hunting the trash that worked to disarm them. Now they are pathetic cowardly slaves who don’t deserve any respect from anyone.

When will the NRA really stand up and start working openly to organize, train and arm the militias for what will be required to fix this mess if it can be fixed?????

I’ve been asking this question for years and have yet to get an answer. Meanwhile trash that should’ve been executed for treason decades ago gets to walk around convincing mindless morons to vote for it to occupy the most powerful public seat in the world and maybe in human history.

I would be amazed if I hadn’t spent 20 years watching all this crap. Every day that goes by without millions of us publicly declaring what must be done and initiating the process of doing it is another day we spit on our Founders’ graves.

Well, some of us are still learning, if decades too late:

Military Wants On-Base Concealed Carry, Will Likely Get It

FK – This is why they want us disarmed:

German Law Would Give Police Power to Enter Homes to Check For “Refugee Suitability”

FK – Our domestic blood enemies will never stop until we force them to. There’s no such thing as a ‘right’ to enslave others:

Wisconsin “Gun Safety” Advocates Want To Outlaw Your Guns

FK – Because they never ‘learn’ but that’s not the issue:

Maryland’s Controversial ‘Gun Fingerprint’ Database Shut Down After 15 Years, $5 Million — Here’s How Many Crimes It Solved

FK – The issue is they are waging war on us all.

And another reason they want us disarmed:

At Least 120 Dead in Paris After Multiple Terror Attacks; French President Blames Islamic State

FK – So they can kill us with distraction while our real enemies with white skin work to help the fundie ragheads gain political power over here.

And once again our greatest enemies prove who they really are:

In Paris Aftermath, Salon’s Chief Concern is Conservatives

FK – I don’t ‘disagree’ with the trash. A disagreement is when a couple go to buy a car and can’t decide on a color.

Our domestic blood enemies are waging war on us. It’s way past time to get over our denial.

Irony Ensues after VA Secretary Asked Famous Veteran To Contact Him

FK – So did they make his cell phone no. public record?

Expecting that guy to respond to any and all is unrealistic.

Expecting the VA to provide competent care, without being glued to commie care, isn’t. Their new program that ‘allows’ vets to get care from local providers is a pain in the rear since they’re supposed to set up appointments through Tri-West, some alt. provider. It’s seems to me to be an excuse to hire more admin. or subcontract with another private company for political gain. Who knows.

I’ve had mostly acceptable experiences with the VA. The most serious health question I had a few years back did go unanswered by them. It’s a bureaucracy, like commie care will ultimately be, where a different kind of triage still based on money, only on what the govt. thinks it can afford.

One wonders what the drug companies, now earning billions from keeping old disabled people alive, will think or do about this.

The cost of NHS health care: Deciding who lives and who dies

Bad Future For Jerusalem

FK – All because of their ancient tribal propaganda. Millions, maybe billions dead over a ‘promised land’ that most supporters over here wouldn’t be allowed to move to. How absurd and insane. Billions, including babies, kids and teens burning alive in fire forever.

We’re still a very primitive species and still exist in a very dark age.

I call them the unmentionables. In a free country there’s no such thing as a group whose motives cannot be questioned. When we have that we have a serious problem. We have a serious problem.

The Tea Party’s National Security Threat

Let’s rearrange the deck chairs

Why is Murder Wrong?

FK – I once said to a ‘believer’: “The bible says there was a war in heaven. That means there could be a war in heaven again.”

He agreed with me.

All these ideas of perfection amount to so much beating around the bush. What humans have always searched for is false security, a guarantee of their basic needs in a history of want. Religion was also handy for keeping the slaves working: “Be a good servant, you’ll have paradise in the next life,” or “You’re gonna get beamed up(raptured) soon so you don’t have to actually do anything about all the corruption in our govt. or the world,” and on and on.

With Open Gates: The forced collective suicide of European nations – Extended Cinematic 1080p

The first vid I linked to was taken down. Here’s another version:

FK – So who are our real enemies? What ideology is causing this and will bring it home to amerika if they can?

Why aren’t we hunting them to extinction?

The most important ‘private property’ anyone owns is their own life, health, safety, and no one, anywhere, anytime has the ‘right’ to take that from them or deny them their most basic right, that of self defense.

We all get the elected public servants the brain dead sheeple deserve.

I’ll vote for the candidate that will bring the troops home, activate the militias, and re-invade and re-conquer commiefornia and the other commie enclaves on the left and East coasts.

They’re not ‘leftists,’ ‘liberal’ or ‘progressive.’ They’re communists/globalists. They want us disarmed so we can’t kill them when enough finally wake up to the necessity of doing so.

Our Liberty is dying because of our failure to hunt the “Liberal”(commie) and globalist trash to extinction.


FK – If christmas wasn’t big money there would barely be a recognition of it. It was turned into a business in this country from the 19th century on. And pray tell why can’t we criticize the unmentionables? Is it because of their ancient tribal propaganda or are there other reasons? Sounds like a good idea for a vid. The ancients had winter holidays which the early christian church absconded with just as they did Ishtar and all hallows eve and on and on.

The homos/trans genders whatever they’re calling them now are suffering from obvious birth defects/mental illness but they won’t get the help they need from the insane culture war.

Waking up is hard to do

Isn’t it time to wake up and grow up?

I call them the unmentionables.
In a free country there’s no such thing as a group whose motives cannot be questioned. When we have that we have a serious problem. We have a serious problem.

The Tea Party’s National Security Threat

Let’s rearrange the deck chairs


FK – And what law was the bad guy arrested under at the end? The old system is still in control…

The movie is entertaining, though I felt the action was a little toned down from the other blonde Bond versions, with plenty of breaks and time for some actual plot development/story whatever, unlike the latest Star Wars flick which was balls to the wall blurred out to the point of being game like. There are many good points made about surveillance but at the end I felt it was a fake out, exchanging one evil system for another.

I noticed the lead actor was listed as a producer and was quoted the other day as saying he didn’t want to make another Bond film. It all makes me wonder about funding and control.

Don’t know a lot about MI6’s record but if they’re like the FBI, which had a hand in most to all ‘terrorist’ events over the last few decades, or the CIA which deals drugs to pay for their playtime, then they need to be abolished or at least watched over by a citizens militia with the power to arrest, try for treason and execute those who play a part in this evil.

Fake MSNBC Reporter Interviews Liberals

FK – We need a constitutional amendment to change the voting process somehow.

No one should be voting unless: A – They prove themselves a citizen; B – Prove themselves literate in English: C – Are willing to take a test that shows they have a basic understanding of our history and the form of govt. we’re supposed to have here.

Those on any form of govt. assistance have their voting ‘rights’ suspended until they’re standing on their own two feet one way or another.

The point is that most of these morons wouldn’t bother. That would be a good thing. The fewer stupid sheeple that vote the better. The fewer created parasites that vote, the better.

The intelligent commies would take and easily pass the test. But they are a minority.

On referendums there should be a test before each vote to determine if the voter actually understands the issue.

Would our domestic blood enemies attempt to cheat the system? Of course. That’s why we must first conduct an extensive and thorough “Liberal”(commie) trash season and restore the Bill of Rights and establish a free standing militia in every county in this country that has the use of a granite gallows in front of every govt. building.

What must be done – A manifesto of the ‘isms.’

FK – And we don’t need to replace one NWO hack with another of a different label:

FK – Med school and brain surgery doesn’t instantly qualify anyone for power any more than being a multi-millionaire does. See older posts.

FK – The most important question is why are we allowing our elected public servants to vote on legislation they haven’t read? Doing so should produce a treason trial and a death sentence.

The elites still rule us. Democracy is a sham. Liberty is a lie.