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GOA: Total Victory Over Obama, Feinstein and Manchin!!!

Gun Owners of America wants to thank you — our grassroots army — for taking action on such short notice yesterday.

The Second Amendment community handed Barack Obama a humiliating defeat — a drubbing that he is not likely to recover from anytime soon.

And this comes just a few weeks after the Oregon community college tragedy … one week after the horror in Colorado Springs … and one day after the carnage in San Bernardino.

Obama has been nursing his bruised ego since gun owners handed him a stunning defeat in April, 2013.

Repeatedly, Obama has said that he is more frustrated by you — the Second Amendment community — than he is by ISIS.

But yesterday, that frustration reached new levels.

FK – It’s not ‘ignorance.’ Our domestic blood enemies know full well what they do. If we had a nation of men they’d be hanging from the newly installed granite gallows in front of the capital and now red house.

There Is No “Pattern” of Mass Shootings in America

FK – It’s all propaganda in the war our domestic blood enemies are waging against us via foreign ‘terrorists,’ and ‘gun laws’ and ‘illegals’ brought in with the hope they’ll vote commie and on and on.

It’s way past time to recognize and publicly proclaim what’s happening and what needs to be done about it.

Fact Check: 355 Mass Shootings So Far in 2015?

FK – And again: It’s all propaganda in the war our domestic blood enemies are waging against us via foreign ‘terrorists,’ and ‘gun laws’ and ‘illegals’ brought in with the hope they’ll vote commie and on and on.

It’s way past time to recognize and publicly proclaim what’s happening and what needs to be done about it.

FK – We need to do what will be required so we can hold the war crimes trials and treason trials and figure out what we need to hang.

Or we can allow the war on us all to continue:

FK – This is a long slow escalation. The mindless willfully ignorant sheeple who continue to ignore this situation fully deserve whatever happens to them. It’s as always up to that tiny minority to do what will be required.

San Bernardino: Female Attacker Pledged Allegiance to Islamic State, Al Qaeda Links Emerge

FK – Who or what ideology writes the laws that allow this evil into our country? Who are our real enemies?

EXCLUSIVE–Ted Cruz Reacts to San Bernardino: Now, More Than Ever, Americans Must Be Armed

FK – We don’t need Cruz or any other savior to tell us what should be obvious to anyone with a brain: Our real enemies are here and we should have already been armed, trained and ready and conducting the treason trials.

Chicago Denies Black People Concealed Carry Licenses

FKSo much for ‘the party of the little man.’ As always the commies use the minorities as dupes to achieve their evil goals.

Here is one of our real enemies:

FK – These Marxist professors exist to indoctrinate young minds. It’s way past time to hold them accountable.

A link from one of the comments on the above vid:

Civilian police worker, gunman killed in Australia shooting

FK – The aussies foolishly turned their weapons in or buried them when they should’ve started killing their “Liberal”(commie) trash. They need to dig up their weapons before they become artifacts, or smuggle in new ones, and take their country back and establish Liberty there with a Bill of Rights that forces their governments to acknowledge their natural born rights.

And finally a short lesson in common sense:

FK – The are several vids here on utube that show the results of such. The raghead in the gun range is the funniest I’ve seen.

Saw a guy shooting a short barreled scoped .50 cal. at the machine gun shoot one year. Every time he shot it pushed him back. I asked him if I could try it and when he turned around he had a ring around his eye. He wouldn’t let me shoot it. I guess he was afraid I’d hurt myself.

Colonial Williamsburg’s Nutshell History: The History of Legal Immigration

FK – About halfway through you get the current spelling right: ‘amerika.’

The rest is half history, part propaganda, but then it’s ‘all’ propaganda.

Should’ve mentioned all the socialists who came over after the 1848 failed socialist revolution in Europe and helped elect Lincoln.

Most amerikans don’t know what real freedom and Liberty is since many to most would likely describe themselves as ‘free’ when we’re anything but.

The ‘civil rights’ movement was communist insurrection plain and simple. The commies, evil authoritarian trash that call themselves ‘liberal’ and ‘progressive’ when they’re anything but want the modern illegals here so they can get them to vote commie. Simple fact. They are waging war on this country, its Bill of Rights, which is what makes us exceptional, and human Liberty, because they hate all the above.

We can’t call them traitors even though most of them were born here, because trash can’t be a traitor to something it hates.

And I suppose I have to state this for the sake of the simple minded: If I could snap my fingers and each time exchange some of our white “Liberal”(commie) trash for any real human of any color from anywhere who wanted to come here and live in real Liberty I’d wear them out snapping them. That would be a better magical solution to what will be required but alas we don’t have any magic handy.

Our ancestors fought a bloody 8-year war to gain us our independence from monarchy, the ancient rule of god-appointed kings and some semblance of human Liberty which a few have been trying to expand ever since while another minority works to annihilate it and the majority sits back and ignores the process or pretends it’s not happening because it’s easier.

Make no mistake, we must have a similar though probably far bloodier restoration in our future, or future generations will have to be issued knee pads for that is where they will be spending the majority of their time.

Johnson’s welfare state has had the exact result it was designed for: creating generational parasites to be guaranteed constituents for the Democratic party. They started paying stupid lazy sheeple to breed and knew full well what the results would be.

“Diversity’ like ‘democracy’ is a key term used to manipulate the simple-minded, like the narrator of this vid.

Others are so close yet so far:

FK – The tumor put down it’s roots long before you or I were born. It will take considerable blood to extract them.

CA Mass Shooting Was Site of Numerous Active Shooter Drills

FK – With other things I’ve read in the last few minutes I don’t think there’s a connection with the ‘drills’ but who knows.

14 people killed in shooting at Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino

FK – Was the Inland Center a ‘gun free zone?” Why is commiefornia still a ‘may issue’ state?

If the Marxist mutt and other commie extremists that call themselves ‘liberal’ and ‘progressive’ tell us to surrender our weapons and thus our most basic right, they’ll find out what blood really is.

More on this, and more to come as I run across it:

**LIVE UPDATES*** San Bernardino Shooting Day Two: The Jihadis Next Door

FK – Again: Was the Inland Center a ‘gun free zone?” Why is commiefornia still a ‘may issue‘ state? And why are we asking the government’s permission to exercise a natural born right anyway? Time to repeal all the gun laws.

And what’s an ‘unspeakable act?’ Such things happen on a daily basis on this planet. The pretense that’s this is some kind of rose garden is a major part of the problem. It’s way past time for the sheeple to wake up and take responsibility for their own Liberty and safety because a cop is always minutes away when you have seconds to live and the governments and criminals, but I repeat myself, will always be able to get guns.

Vid from the neighborhood where the shooters were allegedly killed by police:

FK – Didn’t hear any full auto fire in that…

another one:

FK – From what I’ve read so far seems like a mix of ‘terror’ and ‘workplace,’ uh, violence.

What was originally being called ‘well-planned’ by the newswhores didn’t turn out to have such a well-planned escape plan.

What Is The Inland Regional Center?

FK – The facility’s website.

Police, feds probe terror as possible motive in SoCal massacre

2 dead suspects identified in CA shooting, police rule out 3rd shooter

FK – So close and yet so far Ted. How can ‘they,’ our greatest enemies, our blood domestic enemies, do this??? They are waging war. It’s time the NRA et al stood up and grabbed it’s gonads and straightened its spine and began to openly prepare and declare what will be required!

And unless we do so it will only get worse:

New date that will live in infamy: December 11

FK – Now is the hour of choosing for amerika and real American patriots.

A Commie News Network version with more info on the shooters.

San Bernardino shooting live updates: Three scenes still being scoured by investigators

And finally, more of the same:

Lockdown Highlights Shameful Mandated Vulnerability of ‘Gun-Free’ Zones

FK – What’s truly shameful is the seeming inability of ‘pro-gunners’ et al to stand up like men and proclaim what will be required.

Liberals Support Bringing In Refugees, But Refuse To House Them

FK – The kid with the sign needs to go tell it to the Marines.

This only reinforces what I’ve been writing for years:

The most important ‘private property’ anyone owns is their own life, health, safety, and no one, anywhere, anytime has the ‘right’ to take that from them or deny them their most basic right, that of self defense.

We all get the elected public servants the brain dead sheeple deserve.

I’ll vote for the candidate that will bring the troops home, activate the militias, and re-invade and re-conquer commiefornia and the other commie enclaves on the left and East coasts.

They’re not ‘leftists,’ ‘liberal’ or ‘progressive.’ They’re communists/globalists. They want us disarmed so we can’t kill them when enough finally wake up to the necessity of doing so.

Our Liberty is dying because of our failure to hunt the “Liberal”(commie) and globalist trash to extinction.

Let’s the keep the pot well stirred:

FK – “A ripple in the pond?” Oh that’s hilarious. I’ve been throwing in concrete blocks for years so I guess I’m screwed. I should have a couple file cabinets at FBI headquarters by now.

And once again: Who are our real enemies? What group or ideology is writing/passing the laws that make all this possible? Who should our jets really be strafing?

FK – And no pity of course for the rapist’s succeeding ‘victims.’ That’s what our domestic blood enemies want, a world of pacified morons that will strap on their knee pads every morning and kiss, fondle and suck whatever is stuck in their faces.

Swedish Woman Raped by ‘Refugee’, Refuses to Report it Because She Feels Sorry For Him

FK – This really is no different from some unarmed moron who after watching a bear eat its supposed loved one’s face off says “Well, it was just following its nature.”



Marine Le Pen Speech Exposes Those Behind Terrorism

FK – Why the hell is she blaming the fundie ragheads? Are the fundie ragheads threatening to send her to prison???!!!!!!!!! Did the fundie ragheads pass the laws that allowed so many of them to immigrate? Another so-called ‘conservative’ that refuses to recognize its real enemies and say what needs to be done.

Dr. Steven Greer : The Government Wants Disclosure

FK – We know he’s right about the newswhores and the CIA. But what did this reality look like before it was ran through the blender?

And this isn’t a democracy. It’s a representative republic with a Bill of Rights which is what makes us exceptional despite all the corruption, globalism, socialism, fascism, corporatism, et al.

Screw democracy. Demand Liberty. And if the aliens land and sound like a bunch of “Liberal”(commie) trash we’ll know it’s time for ‘Independence Day.’

The Latest Update On The War Between Russia and The U.S

FK – That’s OK. The ancient tribal propaganda says we’re supposed to kill millions or more over there. So our masters who are ‘appointed by gawd’ are only doing what prophecy says they must.

Meanwhile the globalists who consider us to be their livestock laugh into their sleeves at the common willful ignorance that allows them to keep ruling us.

Un-controllable automatic weapons?

FK – The issue is those who consider us to be livestock can’t control them when they’re in our hands.

But then, the average dumbass barely knows Liberty exists at all:

FK – The alternative reaction could have been a SWAT team responding to a ‘terrorist’ in a mask.

Now on to dealing with a different kind of zombie:

FK – A right applied for is a privilege.

This is all about privileges. Do we have a ‘free country?’ Of course not.

We must take our country back, repeal all this garbage and get control of how the ‘police’ are indoctrinated. If they don’t know their first responsibility is the protection of the Bill of Rights and the expansion of human Liberty then they have no business with a badge or any authority over anyone.

The TRUTH about Russia v Turkey!

FK – The print should be on the back of the shirt so the sheeple in line behind you might actually read it instead of having to stare at your chest, or some woman’s breasts. Oh the price we pay for Liberty.

Is it the ‘US agenda’ or some other party? So who or what is the CIA really? Who or what really commands it? The CFR or some other group? That would seem to be the question. It’s time we demand the congress critters get to the bottom of this issue.

Our biggest enemies are not hiding in a cave on the other side of the world. At the least they wear expensive suits and carry smart phones.

Another version:

FK – Modern propaganda: Truth and lies ran through a blender or sausage grinder. None of these govt.s view us as anything but livestock. That’s because most sheeple act like livestock.

What the hell. Let’s kill a few more million or billion of them over ancient tribal propaganda.

FK – We’ve always been there. Primitive primates have long killed each other over resources. They call us ‘human resources’ for a reason.

Reset. I love that. I once asked my grandmother what the great depression was like, after a lifetime of hearing about the ‘not so good ol’ days’ and how impoverished they were. She just looked at me as if I were crazy and said, “Depression? What depression? We were already poor.”

They have plans for invading your bathroom. After the end of the first gulf war while I was standing post on the Saudi/Kuwait border a Marine Colonel told me they’d planned all this out before. Why he said this to me I’ll never know.

And one more version:

FK – Follow the money? Who or what will profit from this war? Could they be off planet?

It will take much less than nuclear war to herd the sheeple. I don’t think ‘they’ want to do that much damage to their investments.

Stumbling to war with Russia?

Former CIA Operative: Get Ready for WWIII

Erdogan Pledges to Start War Over Russian Anti-aircraft System in Syria

Dem Tulsi Gabbard: War Against Assad Illegal, Unconstitutional

FK – Her Wikipedia page.

Now from the other side?:

FK – Maybe it wasn’t ‘clever’ but a mistake and now they’re in CYA mode with too much pride to admit it was a mistake.

Now a globalist perspective?:

Turkey’s Diplomatic Dogfight