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Has the time come to abolish ATF?

Today’s New York Times carries an Op-Ed about the unfolding controversy involving the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives’ attempt to ban the M855 cartridge for modern sport-utility rifles that now has the conspiracy theorists having fits because an exemption for the round was deleted in the latest regulations manual.

The ATF has issued a press release calling it a “publishing error” that has “no legal impact on the validity of the exemptions.” The agency says the regulations guide will be corrected in PDF format, but that may not satisfy a growing number of angry gun owners, many of whom think it is time for the agency to go.

Those gun owners have company on Capitol Hill. Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner has, according to The Hill, revived his legislation to abolish the ATF and incorporate its duties into other federal agencies.

FK – It’s been obvious for two decades that we needed to eradicate that trash: de-fund it, repeal the evil laws it enforces, try it’s badged and armed bureaucrats for treason against the Bill of Rights and execute them then distribute their retirement funds amongst their enemies so I don’t really understand the question in the headline.

At the end of the day they attacked the Branch Davidian compound there should’ve been black-suited Nazis hanging along Texas highways for the world to see, but I and many others were asleep back then, stupidly assuming the gooburment had a reason for burning children they later claimed they went there to save when it wasn’t even in their jurisdiction to do so.

The fact that the perpetrators of that crime are still mostly vertical shows we exist in a nation of cowardly apathetic whores.

Further evidence:

SAF dismisses amnesty as a gun owner concern with NRA director endorsement

OK, but so what? What does any of that have to do with gun rights?

Really? Being a keystone objective of the anti-gun “progressives,” the Obama administration, and the Democrat party, which includes things like a renewed “assault weapon” ban in its national platform isn’t enough? How about the fact that all credible polling shows not only will this result in overwhelming support for the Democrats, but also that this population is overwhelmingly (71 to 25 percent) in favor of more government controls on guns?

Yet curiously, with the threat this has of undoing all legislative and judicial gains in gun rights enjoyed to date, especially through the confirmation of judges who will then be in a position to reverse such wins, only Gun Owners of America has consistently been sounding this alarm. Out of the national gun groups, only GOA intends to score politicians on amnesty.

FK – When will enough force themselves to understand that this is a war and our guns are only the tools we will ultimately need to do what will be required?

Don’t miss the comments on that one.

Court filing argues post-1986 machine gun ban ‘defies Constitution’

FK – The most important thing to understand in this war is that ‘they’ consider us to be livestock.

Governments will always be able to get guns thus we need to be better armed than them.

Guns and Crime Prevention – Myth: Private ownership of guns is not effective in preventing crime

FK – The communists don’t care about crime. Crime is a red herring. It’s about the WAR they are waging against human Liberty and their desire to disarm us so that we have no way to kill them when enough finally awaken to the necessity of doing what will be required.

See what the global communist insurgency and their elitist masters have reduced the Brits to:

FK – I like how he says “Squorral.”

The Brits are ‘allowed’ to hunt four-legged animals with their bolt-action rifles and over and under shotguns. There is no recognition of their natural born right, duty and responsibility to hunt and eradicate the two-legged animals that reduced them to their present state.

We must let our animals know we won’t tolerate such at the pain of their deaths.

Daylight Saving Time Can SHOVE IT

FK – The old farmers around here had it right. They used to say “They changed the time ’cause them doctors wanted to play golf.”

The next county over is central time. The old folks would call it ‘fast time’ and ‘slow time.’ Many in that county seat kept their clocks on Eastern time because they had jobs in our county seat.

It never bothered me that much one way or another, except I was shocked when I turned my computer on this morning and it read 8 am or so.

….and damn I envy that cat. Of course it’s probably been fixed.

Can Alzheimer’s Start In Your 20s?

FK – Gee, maybe this explains why millions of idiots vote for liars every 4 years that tell them the same lies the past liars told them and expect different results. Oh, sorry, that’s insanity.

Voting in presidential elections is kinda like blowing on warts:

FK – Here’s some modern folklore – Our tech will save/protect us:

The Truth About Spock | RIP Leonard Nimoy

FK – I’ve already forgotten about the white bear. What does that mean?

All characters in plays are abstracts. Spock’s sacrifice is something most don’t understand. The Federation is a military order. In war soldiers often report they’re fighting for their brethren in war, not some higher cause.

Watching the original series re-runs beat going to church on Sundays after I got old enough to begin to see through that bravo sierra. It gave far more hope for the human race than billions being burned alive in fire forever.

I didn’t realize then how over-acted/overdone the acting/dialogue was. Ditto for the 90s version. Now I think I prefer the older one as the FX seem less hokey now and more nostalgic. Voyager was PC crap.

How Frank Marshall Davis Transformed America

When Rudolph Giuliani mentioned that President Barack Obama, as a young man, was under the influence of Communist Party member and suspected Soviet espionage agent Frank Marshall Davis, Giuliani struck a nerve. In contrast to his claim that Obama didn’t love America, his remarks about the Davis-Obama relationship were not opinion, but fact. That is why a Washington Post fact-checker has been assigned to investigate Giuliani’s claim. We shall see whether the Post, at this late date, covers a story that could have been Pulitzer Prize-winning material more than seven years ago.

As the former New York City mayor noted, Obama’s grandfather turned him over to Davis for mentoring. His black father had taken off and his mother was mostly spending her time elsewhere. But the question remains: what kind of influence are we talking about? Paul Kengor’s book, The Communist: The Untold Story of Barack Obama’s Mentor, explains Davis’s influence on Obama’s economic views. Rusty Weiss and I quoted Kengor in a piece we did on how Davis’s anti-white racism also influenced Obama.

Less well-known is how Obama adopted Davis’s outlook on sexual matters.

Davis, who died in 1987, was a heavy drinker and marijuana user who wrote a pornographic novel, Sex Rebel, disclosing that he had sex with children, including a 13-year-old girl.

FK – This article and another it links to are interesting and useful but gets turned into a rant on ‘gay marriage.’

What’s amusing/ironic about the ‘gay marriage’ issue is that most of the homos fighting for it are “Liberals”(commies) who have no problem going to big govt. and begging ‘permission’ to be ‘legally’ joined to the person they ‘love’ while many to most of those opposed will also claim to be small govt. ‘conservatives’ who ignore the fact that marriage was once a purview of the church and the church alone. But they have no problem allowing the govt. to decide who’s ‘married’ or not.

I don’t know all the ins and outs of the legalities of ‘same-sex marriage’ as it probably varies from state to state anyway. It’s probably already possible to make almost anyone your beneficiary or power of attorney in most situations anyway. The corporations should be forced to deal with people in whatever way their cusomters wish. The insurance companies in particular are making billions off the fear of the sheeple anyway.

Anyone should be able to name anyone else anything they want at any time, if we exist in a free country. But the homos and the ‘church ladies’ have gotten wound up in a pissing contest over whose god, govt. or some sadistic asshole, is in charge of all our lives. If we existed in a ‘free country,’ world, universe, dimension, whatever, we would be.

This is the best and most informative line from the second article:

“For Communists like Robeson, “democracy” was a codeword for communism.”

Yep, that’s what it is. “Democracy is the road to socialism.” – Karl Marx

The commies sometimes point out real issues, it’s their solutions that are usually evil. One doesn’t replace heart disease with cancer and claim to have really accomplished anything other than providing a longer existence under greater misery.

The Next American War in the Middle East—Let’s Win This Time!

With that Clausewitzian point in mind, we can add a codicil: In addition to making the enemy want to stop fighting, the victor must be able to hold his own political support together. And here, the recent history of the US in the Middle East is not very encouraging. Operation Iraqi Freedom, launched in 2003, was popular enough—even though the mission wasn’t quite accomplished—and in 2004, George W. Bush was re-elected, albeit narrowly. Yet by 2006, support for the war had dropped precipitously, and the voters vented their frustrations on Republicans in Congress; the GOP lost control of both the House and the Senate in those midterms. And even though Bush’s 2007 “Surge” was a military success in Iraq, it didn’t change the domestic politics back home. In 2008, Republican John McCain lost the White House in a landslide, and Republicans in Congress took another drubbing.

So then we saw what happens when political support for a war evaporates. As we know, the new president, Barack Obama, couldn’t wait to get the last US ground forces out of to Iraq. He completed the US withdrawal in 2010, as he had promised to do. In fact, his “success” in withdrawing from Iraq was one of his key campaign planks; the 2012 Democratic platform included a headline praising the 44th president for “Responsibly Ending The War in Iraq.” And with that platform, Obama went on to win a second landslide.


Not surprisingly, hawkishness was on display at CPAC: The February 26 headline in Politico read, “Hawks Fly High at CPAC.” One of those war-birds at the Gaylord hotel, of course, was Marco Rubio. As Breitbart News’s Charlie Spiering noted, “As expected, he featured a robust foreign policy in his speech which is enjoying a bit of a comeback in the era of ISIS.” Yet in terms of upping the ante, Rick Perry flew even higher: ISIS, he declared, is “the worst threat to freedom since communism.”

FK – The worst threat ‘since’ communism? Really? Who are our real enemies? What does Perry think(I’m being gracious toward a NWO hack) is in the now red house?

If the ragheads get a foothold over here it’ll be because of laws passed or not enforced by our domestic blood enemies. Keep the troops home, bring the troops home, and open “Liberal”(commie) trash and Zionist bankster season. Let’s fix our problems here for once.