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Senate Passes USA Freedom Act Without Amendments, Moves to President Obama’s Desk

The Senate voted 67-32 Tuesday afternoon to pass the House’s USA Freedom Act without any of the amendments offered by Senate Majority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY).

The legislation will now go to President Obama’s desk to be signed into law Tuesday evening.

The USA Freedom Act that was previously passed by the U.S. House of Representatives would, in effect, stop the NSA’s bulk surveillance collection and reform the programs that lapsed when the Patriot Act expired at midnight Sunday, after GOP presidential candidate, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), filibustered the spy program for 11 hours.

The first amendment that failed to pass was the McConnell-Burr amendment. According to the Guardian, this amendment would “Change the amicus on the Fisa court – the public-interests advocate who would argue, in part, about civil liberties concerns to the secret court that oversees many surveillance programs.”

McConnell and Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC) wanted an amendment to the USA Freedom Act that extends the time for the government to transfer custody of phone records to private telecom companies from

FK – Every jerk that voted for the ‘Patriot Act’ without even reading it should be rounded up, tried for treason and executed for treason. How much longer Amerika?

McConnell Defeated With Passage of the USA Freedom Act

Senate Clears USA Freedom Act After Ending Rand Paul Filibuster (Updated)

And on to related themes:

Party’s History of Establishment Picks Could Be Over

FK – I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one. The elites have always attempted to manipulate the now red house.

Sam Youngman: Rand Paul’s effort to change national security debate could put him on GOP’s fringe

FK – The ‘fringe’ is the best place to be. It’s where all the folks with a real conscience and brains hang out. One of my professors told us to ‘Not be afraid to read along the fringe.” If only he knew how seriously I took him. The ‘fringe’ is often the future.

Some GOP donors willing to give to many, just not Paul

FK – Still plenty of brain-dead zombies in this country. The question is are the rick folk turned off to Paul because of their allegiance to 3000-year-old tribal propaganda or the fact that his policies might cost them money?

FBI behind mysterious surveillance aircraft over US cities

FK – Darn, so much for sunbathing naked in my back yard. They’d charge me with assault of a Fed Nazi…

So is McCommie waking up? Not likely. I supported Comer because he probably stands a better chance of winning against the commiecrat. Maybe Bevin is what he purports to be. Many seem to be convinced of such:

McConnell Endorses Tea Party Favorite Matt Bevin for Governor of Kentucky After GOP Primary Opponent Concedes

FK – I object:

FK – The trash at the bottom of the screen needs to be kicked out of this country…

Rep. Massie on expired PATRIOT Act: Civil Liberties Restored

FKI heard snippets of this yesterday on national propaganda radio. I blame them. All who voted for that enormous law without reading it should be arrested for treason, tried for treason and executed for treason. I knew at the time it was a sham and act of war against the REAL American people, not some raghead hiding in a cave on the other side of the world. It’s time to stop playing games. There’s no excuse for most of the crap they do. How much longer? Act politically but prep for what history shows will have to be done. It’s way past time to prep for what will be required.

Obama’s DOJ To Circumvent Congress With ‘More Than A Dozen’ New Gun Controls

Obama’s Department of Justice is working on “more than a dozen” new gun control regulations it plans to begin implementing apart from Congress. Some of the regulations are set to be put in place by November, others simply by the end of the Obama administration.

According to The Hill, “the regulations range from new restrictions on high-powered pistols to gun storage requirements” and the issuance of “new rules expanding criteria for people who do not quality for gun ownership.”

Part and parcel to this new “criteria” will be an ATF-implemented ban on gun ownership for anyone “convicted of a misdemeanor domestic violence.” Gun Owners of America’s Michael Hammond warns that under this rule the person barred from gun ownership “could be [someone] who spanked his kid, or yelled at his wife, or slapped her husband.”

The new regulations will also include ATF enlargements on mental health-based gun ownership bans. Hammond summed this up by saying, “The Obama administration is trying very hard to disqualify people from owning a gun on the basis that they are seeing a psychologist.” And the NRA pointed out that because most mentally ill persons pose no threat to society, the new regulations will actually become “snares [for] masses of mostly harmless individuals.”

FK – My standard response to such: Act politically but prep for what history shows will have to be done. It’s way past time to prep for what will be required.

White House: Epic Gun Control Failure in Baltimore Proves More Gun Control Is Needed

Oklahoma Passes Law Arming School Teachers

Vince Vaughn voices opinion: Guns should be allowed in schools

The First Male Has Been Arrested For “Manspreading” In NYC

The MTA has been asking men to keep their legs closed, without any sense of irony. And now, someone has been arrested for it.

The government of New York spent on an ad campaign telling men to stop sitting with their legs spread. On May 22nd, police arrested two Latino men on the charge of ‘man spreading.’

Some people are arguing that this is an excuse by police to increase their arrest quotas, and to crack down on undesirable ethnic minority males. Russia Today reported that the NYPD issued approximately 1,400 summonses for manspreading in 2015.

Robert Gangi, Director of Police Reform Organizing Project (PROP), said to Russia Today “We think it’s driven by a quota system. There is almost no other rational explanation for why the cops would conduct this kind of arrest unless they are under pressure to meet certain numbers, to meet with their productivity goals. It’s a classic pattern. Somebody gets a summons for a low-level thing, they don’t show up in court, the warrant is out… A cop stops you a second time, even if for another low-level thing, and it’s the policy of the department to arrest you.”

The first man arrested had his charges dismissed, due to the fact that he was arrested at 12:11 a.m. and the judge believes that no one was likely to be inconvenienced at such an early hour.

FK – Now we know why new yawkers aren’t allowed to carry guns. Any cop participating in such fully deserves whatever is done in response. How much longer?????

Relax, if You Want, but Don’t Put Your Feet Up

Police officers handed out more than 6,000 tickets for these violations in 2011. But a $50 ticket would have been welcome compared with the trouble many passengers found themselves in; roughly 1,600 people like Mr. Peppers were arrested, sometimes waiting more than a day to be brought before a judge and released, according to statistics from district attorneys’ offices.

In some instances, passengers were arrested because they had outstanding warrants, or did not have photo identification. Some arrests were harder to explain, with no apparent cause other than the seat violation. In at least one case, the arrest led to deportation.

FK – And new yawk city wants tourists huh? Anyone would have to be a fool to travel there… Read all of that one, and weep for amerika.

Senators Sell Out America To The Highest Bidder

FK – How much longer?

FK – Why waste money on keeping the trash in prison? This is another fine example of why we need a granite gallows in front of every govt. building and a militia force in every county to make sure the gallows don’t fall into disuse.

The sheeple fully deserve what’s coming, for their apathy and cowardice:

What Deep Web’s Director Learned Investigating Silk Road

Silk Road Was Just Another Tech Company

Outside of the tech press, Winter notes, a lot of the media coverage on the Silk Road has been “drugs and guns and hitmen—just wildly off-base.” Off-base, he says, because when he started interviewing the people who knew Silk Road he didn’t see an outfit that was all that different from those littering Silicon Valley. “I started to meet all these core architects within the Silk Road: vendors, engineers, sellers, administrators, people who were helping with scaling,” he says. “It’s obvious in retrospect but it was just like any large tech company. But it was just not represented that way in the media, so even I was caught off-guard.”

FK – It’s all about keeping the skeer on while pretending to do something about a phenomena they really can’t and maybe don’t want to control…

Leaked Documents from Bilderberg Group Show Secret Plan for New World Order

FK – What the common folk often don’t understand is how adept the elites are at ‘planning.’ Not that they’re perfect at it, but they have the time and resources and inclination for it that the average dumbass never will.