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Defense fund grows for NJ man busted by cops over antique pistol

CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb issued a bristling press release late yesterday, stating that the case is “appalling.” If convicted, Van Gilder faces up to ten years in prison, amounting to a life sentence for the septuagenarian.

“New Jersey was the first state to ratify the Bill of Rights,” Gottlieb observed, “and apparently the last state to recognize it. New Jersey officials need to be reminded that their state is still part of the United States, not a police state.”

But the nationally-known Second Amendment advocate went farther, noting, “This case underscores the vicious nature of gun law enforcement in New Jersey.” He pointed to the case of Shaneen Allen, the single mom from Philadelphia who was arrested last year for having her legally-owned and legally-licensed handgun after crossing into New Jersey on a social visit. Nappen also represented Allen, an African-American woman with a clean record, in a case that attracted national attention.

Van Gilder’s case is “sitting with the prosecutor,” Nappen said. “This case speaks volumes about the absurdity of gun laws in New Jersey.”

This morning, Van Gilder’s defense fund had grown to more than $14,000 of a $25,000 goal. The National Rifle Association’s NRA News has done a story on Van Gilder’s dilemma that is streaking across YouTube.

FK – “Streaking across YouTube.” Considering some of the stuff that’s on there I’m getting a not too pleasant visual…

Man, 72, faces ‘life sentence’ for unloaded, antique gun

FK – Maybe someone I know is right when he says we need to put the trash responsible for this kind of evil on a rock pile in Montana, for as long as they exist in this realm.

New York Times anti-gun agenda not limited to editorial page

Obama acting like ‘dictator in chief,’ Gottlieb asserts

FK – Some slightly better news:

Moms Demand Action Loses Again: TX Gov. Abbott Says He Will Sign Open Carry Law

‘Anti-gun’ attorney arrested for gun at airport

FK – And some questionable legislation?:

House panel fast-tracking bill to eliminate death penalty

FK – This is your answer: Search Kirk Bloodsworth. Read his Wikipedia page.

He spoke at a TBK meeting a few months back. I asked him if he was in favor of the death penalty for any reason. His answer is that once you kill an innocent man you can’t get him back. You can release an innocent man from prison, but not from the grave.

Our ‘just-us’ system is completely untrustworthy. It railroads people into prison on a regular basis. It’s set up that way. Prosecutors and cops are more interested in their records or quotas than in justice. Most convictions are on ‘circumstantial evidence.’ Even eye witnesses can’t always be trusted, simple fact.

We need a granite gallows in front of every govt. building in this country and the death penalty for elected, hired or appointed public servants who break their oaths to uphold the Bill of Rights and a militia force in every county to enforce it and make sure the granite gallows don’t fall into disuse.

‘Conservatives’ need to learn that the govt. can’t be trusted no matter which party is in control.

Destroying your hard drive is the only way to stop this super-advanced malware

A cyberespionage group with a toolset similar to ones used by U.S. intelligence agencies has infiltrated key institutions in countries including Iran and Russia, utilizing a startlingly advanced form of malware that is impossible to remove once it’s infected your PC.

Kaspersky Lab released a report Monday that said the tools were created by the “Equation” group, which it stopped short of linking to the U.S. National Security Agency.

The tools, exploits and malware used by the group—named after its penchant for encryption—have strong similarities with NSA techniques described in top-secret documents leaked in 2013.

Countries hit the most by Equation include Iran, Russia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India and China. Targets in those countries included the military, telecommunications, embassies, government, research institutions and Islamic scholars, Kaspersky said.

FK – Will they be hacking our toothbrushes next?

The Internet of Things invasion: Has it gone too far?

FK – Or something else?

FK – That thing’s head is just about the right width for a double barrel twelve gauge at 5 feet or so…

Kent Hovind: Political Prisoner?

Kent considered his ministry a church and the people who worked for him as missionaries. He did not incorporate under the 501c3 non-profit organization status. Of course, the Internal Revenue Code states that churches are not required to do so; that, as a church, they automatically have tax-exempt status. Accordingly, Kent believed his ministry was tax-exempt.

Nevertheless, in 2004, IRS agents raided Kent’s home and ultimately brought multiple counts of tax-evasion-type charges, including “structuring,” against him. “Structuring” means deliberately making cash deposits or withdrawals of just under the supposed reporting level of ten thousand dollars. (Egad! God forbid that the IRS not know the details of our banking transactions.) In 2006, Kent went to trial and was convicted on all counts and sentenced to ten years in federal prison. He has been there ever since.

But now the story gets bizarre. Federal prosecutors are currently bringing charges of mail fraud against Kent for using the mail system from inside prison to challenge the lien that the IRS placed upon his property. And, are you ready for this? They want Kent to serve an additional twenty to one hundred years in prison. Obviously, even if he received twenty years, this amounts to a life sentence.

FK – How many times do I gotta proclaim it? We need a militia force in every county in this country to deal with this evil.

FK – Would your “Liberal”(commie) trash ‘friends’ be happy to see the IRS railroad you? Ask the creatures and find out what you’re dealing with.

Enforced Energy Poverty: Coal, Oil, Gas Must Stay in Ground Say Alarmists

National Geographic, like other choristers in the anthropogenic global warming (AGW) alarmist choir, is hyping the latest “climate research,” in this case, the new computer modeling program of a team at the University College of London’s (UCL) Institute for Sustainable Resources. The scientist-activists at UCL claim that their computer model provides overwhelming proof that the plentiful hydrocarbon fuels the developing countries are expecting will lift them out of poverty and that the developed countries are looking to for assistance for struggling economies must be put off limits.

Yep, lock up that coal, oil, and natural gas, and forget about ever getting clean, running water for your village … or electricity … or sewers … or basic industry, infrastructure, hospitals, housing, schools, etc. For a couple billion of the world’s poorest citizens, the UCL proposals mean condemnation to perpetual poverty, ignorance, hunger, disease, and suffering. For billions more of our planet’s inhabitants who qualify as working poor or middle class, it means a downward economic spiral toward lower and lower living standards, less opportunity, and less job security. But, hey, your misery, suffering, and privation today just may stave off the theoretical catastrophe of theoretical AGW fifty years from now — or not.

Never mind that even many of the top alarmist individuals, institutions, and media organs now admit there has been no measurable global warming for more than 18 years.

FK – Can’t blindly trust any of them. If the corporates weren’t making huge profits off oil and coal they’d be doing something else. The eco-commies are control freaks who want to control every aspect of our existences in this world. The corporates who only care about money will continue to make money off ‘carbon credits’ if they can.

Scientists: Sending Messages into Outer Space Could Spell Doom

When Orson Welles gave his suspenseful 1938 War of the Worlds radio broadcast, it caused a perhaps overblown but nonetheless real panic among Americans who mistook it for news reportage. And while “invaders from Mars” laying waste to the world now seems fanciful, scientists are worried that a similar broadcast in the future could be relating a real alien invasion — and not just across our porous southern border.

At issue is what could be called SETI 2.0. As the Express explains:

Leading figures from the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (Seti) have recently proposed beaming powerful radio messages to parts of the galaxy where life may exist.

The “active” form of search — known as Messages to Extraterrestrial Intelligence (MetI) — will be deployed to Earth-like planets in the hopes of receiving a response from alien lifeforms.

But this has caused concern among other scientists who say that it might not be exactly the response we want. The paper continues:

Critics fear that sending signals out of our existence could lead to visits from not-so-friendly extraterrestrials intent on destroying the human race.

They also suggest that the proposal goes against the principles of Seti — which are about listening rather than transmitting — and argue that the plans are being conducted by a group of close-knit enthusiasts who have not informed the wider public.


FK – Beaming the entire net out there would certainly be considered a threatening gesture and might possibly cause Galactic War 10,354.

CIA Funding Geoengineering to Weaponize Weather – #NewWorldNextWeek

FK – Lots of links with this one.

Spy agencies fund climate research in hunt for weather weapon, scientist fears

Moment of Brutal Honesty: Political Commentator Quits Over HSBC Coverage, Accuses Telegraph Of “Fraud On Readers”

FK – The newswhore’s former bosses are right in that there’s nothing new about their infidelity with reality.

GOA Alert: ATF Seeks to Suppress AR-15’s by Banning Common AR-15 Ammo

ACTION: Urge your Senators to “defund” the ban on AR-15 ammunition, and urge them to put a “hold” on the nomination of Attorney General Nominee Loretta Lynch until the ATF backs down from its unlawful gun ban.

Obama/Holder Exact Revenge on Gun Owners

In the winter of 2012-13, Barack Obama went to war against the AR-15.  Every liberal establishment ally in the country was mobilized to ban the rifle and destroy what they dismissively called “the gun manufacturers’ lobby.”

In the end, fewer than 40 senators (in a Democrat-controlled Senate) voted to ban semi-automatics.

So what do you do when even a Democrat-controlled Senate will not support your lunatic agenda?  What do you do when your agenda runs contrary to the law and the Constitution?

You just ignore your opposition and go on the offensive, which is exactly what the Obama Administration did within the past week.

FK – The real question is why hasn’t there been a real push to repeal GCA ’68, the NFA, ‘all’ the gun laws and shut down the BATF Nazis, try  them for treason and give their retirement funds to their victims?

At least the NRA is paying attention to this one:

BATFE To Ban Common AR-15 Ammo

ATF Bans Popular Rifle Ammunition It Says Is “Armor-Piercing”

Proposed Ammo Ban is Illegal Attack on Americans’ Rights

FK – There’s no ‘sporting purpose’ to the Second Amendment unless like me you’re looking forward to “Liberal”(commie) trash season. It’s about hunting and killing the trash that tells you “You don’t ‘need’ that.”

The RINOs’ failure to shut down the BATF Nazis, try them for treason and execute them and distribute their retirement funds amongst their victims is partly the reason for this evil. The other part is the cowardice of ‘conservatives’ and ‘pro-gunners’ and ‘pro-gun’ groups such as the ‘No Rights that aren’t Allowed’ group who should’ve put together a national militia force to do what will be required to fix this mess if it can be fixed. We need a granite gallows in front of every govt. building in this country and a militia force in every county to make sure they don’t fall into disuse.

Commie watch – The Tea Party is Getting Worse: Media May Want a New Narrative, but GOP is Still Nuts

It’s not over in the U.S. Congress, where a shutdown-in-miniature is unfolding between the White House and the Tea Party wing of the GOP. It’s not over in Wisconsin, where a Tea Party-darling governor is slashing the state university system’s funding, changing its mission statement (while lying about it), and fighting tooth and nail to humiliate people on government benefits. It’s not over in North Carolina, where a billionaire-backed Tea Party government is also going after the public university system in its effort to turn the state into Kansas. And it’s not over in South Carolina, where one state representative hopes to mainline National Rifle Association propaganda to a generation of public school students.

Let’s stick with the South Carolina example for a moment, because I think it tells us much about the contemporary GOP’s character. According to Kimberly Johnson of Al Jazeera America, the recent decision on the part of PTR Industries, a gun manufacturer, to move its headquarters from Connecticut to South Carolina has inspired Republican state Rep. Alan Clemmons to propose what he’s calling the “Second Amendment Education Act.” As the name implies, the bill would “provide all public elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools” with “instruction in the Second Amendment” for no fewer than “three consecutive weeks in one grading period in each academic year.” The curriculum would be written by the NRA, of course.

FK – I knew what the snake flag stood for before the ‘tea party’ was cool. I knew we needed “Liberal”(commie) trash season years ago.

Here’s the article about the “No Rights that aren’t Allowed’ group maybe doing something right:

SC bill aims to prove state gun-friendly through NRA curriculum in schools

FK – We need to get the entire Bill of Rights back into the schools and the “Liberal”(commie) trash out of them and into a leaky rowboat headed to Australia. Though sometimes they are partly right about some things:

The Hard Right in Congress Has a Dangerous Plan to Strip American ‘Terrorists’ of Their Citizenship

FK – We should be stripping the hard corps “Liberal”(commie) trash activists, by whatever cute names they call themselves, of their fake ‘citizenship’ and shipping the creatures out of the country. They can’t be traitors, for one can’t be a traitor to something one has always hated. They’ll do the same to us if they can, if they can’t ‘re-educate’ us in a FEMA camp.

Homeland Stonewalls on Communications Kill Switch

FK – The net is one of those pointy double-edged swords. Try to take it away and we’ll show you the pointy end.

FK – Blindly trusting any source is the problem. Blind faith got us into this mess and it won’t get us out.

FK – I’ve long strived to be interesting…

It’s an outrage, like every damn thing else they do.