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Kicking Cars to the Curb

The United Kingdom is steeped in history, tradition, and heritage. Sure, that tradition no longer includes things like guns, social conservatism, or fiscal sanity; but at least they still have a queen, right?

The U.K.’s capital city of London might soon give a hoity goodbye to yet another tradition: cars. It seems auto- mobiles might be going the way of the horse-drawn carriage in England’s larg- est metropolitan hub.

That’s right. The city of London will soon be closing its roads to anything other than zero-emission modes of trans- portation. Despite the fact that there are more than 800,000 classic cars (I have to assume most of these run on refined dinosaur bones) in the country, the U.K.’s capital has decided that the environment is just too darn precious to allow citizens any option of personal transportation.

FK – Since the Brits didn’t start killing their “Liberal”(commie) trash when they were told to turn their weapons in they fully deserve what’s being done to them. Over here the war could very well start over other issues.

New Poll Shows Democrats Have Never Been Lower

Bullpup Breakdown: What I Learned by 3-Gunning with a Tavor

A constant throughout my recent series of competitions has been my Tavor. As a Canadian, I’ve owned a semiautomatic-only version of the Israel Defense Forces’ (IDF) bullpup combat rifle for several years, and it has firmly established itself as my go-to gun. Starting to compete with it was a natural evolution for me, after selling my last two AR-15s at the start of the year.

But is it a natural progression for other Tavor owners? Can the battle-tested bullpup stand on its own in the competition ring? Established shooters will tell you flat out “no,” and that “nothing beats a well-built, rifle-length AR with a proper brake and optics.” I disagree, and think that the right shooter could take a Tavor to a match and win it.

However, there are still hurdles to overcome, and I’ve found myself jumping over some of them recently.

FK – A more complete view of this weapon:

FK – Some more ‘unusual’ stuff:

Northern Guns: 8 Canada Exclusive Firearms You Won’t Find Stateside

FK – Must be nice to be rich, but don’t sweat it if you can’t afford the best:

FK – One of my favorite movies.

Man with Google Glass had ‘Internet addiction disorder’

“The patient had been wearing the Google Glass device each day for up to 18 hours for two months prior to admission, removing the device during sleep and bathing,” the paper says.

“He noted that when he dreamed during his residential treatment, he envisioned the dream through the device.

“He would experience the dream through a small grey window, which was consistent with what he saw when wearing the device while awake.”

His superiors had allowed the man to use the device for his job as it sped up his work of identifying and logging convoy vehicles.

FK – We are electro-chemical machines, we can be programmed.

Corrupt Law Officers Are Trying To Criminalize Carrying Cash

FK – We must get control of how these Jr. Nazis are indoctrinated.

Sleeping 7-year-old girl shot in head during no-knock police raid on wrong home

Police shoot, kill Georgia grandfather during no-knock drug raid

Local Cops Say Your Driving History Is Public — Unless You Want a Copy

FK – When all they enforce is evil, all they do is evil. Stop making excuses for them.


Alexa Caught Targeting Conservative Websites?

The crass move is a blatant and deliberate attempt to sabotage websites which promulgate stories with a dissenting view of the current administration’s antics, says WND founder and CEO Joseph Farah.

“What’s happening at is shocking and demands a public response from, which owns the company,” Farah commented to WND. “Over the 17 years WND has been around, we’ve seen this kind of thing before. It smacks, at first glance, like a deliberate effort to destroy and discredit alternative news sites – especially those that don’t grovel at the feet of government and seek to be the watchdogs the American press are supposed to be.”

“How does one explain the disparity between the recent gains on Alexa by statist, pro-government, pro-status quo, establishment sites and the precipitous drops on Alexa by the anti-establishment alternatives?” said Farah. “These rankings are not based on dropping traffic. No such drop is taking place. The Alexa rankings over the last week suggest the company has thrown out its role as a politically impartial Internet ranking service and thrown its lot in with search engines like Google and Bing, which admittedly give preferences through their algorithms to establishment Internet content sites like CNN and Huffington Post.”

FK – Our blood domestic enemies, who we should be hunting and eradicating, are seeking to mainstream the net.

How Choice Can Stop Abortions

For some time, scholars and partisans have been fighting over two ways to reduce the abortion rate. One side favors contraception; the other favors abstinence. Each side has its logic. If you adequately design and deploy technology to block conception, it’ll work. And if you don’t have sex, you won’t get pregnant. But the devil is in the “ifs.” If you fall off the abstinence wagon, and if you don’t take your pill or properly use your condom, you’re not just screwed. You’re knocked up.

So the debate boils down to this: Which approach can overcome the weakness of human nature? Can the abstinence crowd find a way to keep people chaste? Can the contraception crowd find a way to make people stick to their birth control? Can either side deliver the bottom line: fewer abortions?

FK – ‘Christians’ cannot separate their ideology from their reality, at least not the ‘real’ christians, those who actually ‘live’ their faith, which most nowadays don’t. If the ‘rapture’ really happens so few will get beamed up they’ll probably just be added to the missing persons list and existence as we know it will continue on.

I prefer my version: Give every 14 year-old male a locker at the sperm bank then a free or reduced rate vasectomy. Every male who refuses and has more than one kid he refuses to provide for gets a forced vasectomy with no sperm bank locker.

Somehow this seems connected to this:

 Why do so many liberals despise Christianity?

Liberals should be pleased and express gratitude when people do good deeds, whether or not those deeds are motivated by faith. They should also be content to give voluntary associations (like religious colleges) wide latitude to orient themselves to visions of the human good rooted in traditions and experiences that transcend liberal modernity — provided they don’t clash in a fundamental way with liberal ideals and institutions.

In the end, what we’re seeing is an effort to greatly expand the list of beliefs, traditions, and ways of life that fundamentally clash with liberalism. That is an effort that no genuine liberal should want to succeed.

What happened to a liberalism of skepticism, modesty, humility, and openness to conflicting notions of the highest good? What happened to a liberalism of pluralism that recognizes that when people are allowed to search for truth in freedom, they are liable to seek and find it in a multitude of values, beliefs, and traditions? What happened to a liberalism that sees this diversity as one of the finest flowers of a free society rather than a threat to the liberal democratic order?

FK – The author of this last piece is of course, maybe intentionally, confusing the propaganda of communism with the reality of communism: The commies started calling themselves “Liberals” and ‘progressives’ to hide their evil and paint on a thick lacquer of do-goodedness that still deceives the young and simple-minded.

Even if the commies aren’t shooting their enemies into ditches or starving them out or sending them to gulags they’re still evil because their ultimate goal is complete and utter control of every aspect of existence in this world.

New trend: Billionaires ‘buying gun control’

Bill Gates, Michael Bloomberg and three other billionaires are bankrolling a controversial gun-control initiative that will appear on the Nov. 4 ballot in Washington State.

Even the new owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, Steve Ballmer, has gotten into the act, writing a check for $1 million dollars to help flood the airwaves with anti-gun propaganda.

The strategy in Washington relies on big money supplied by a few ultra-rich elites and, if successful, could serve as Bloomberg’s model for tightening the strings on gun owners nationwide.

Initiative 594 would not only require background checks for transactions at gun shows and over the Internet but also person-to-person sales and loaned guns. Even handing a firearm to a friend for a few moments during a hunting trip would trigger the need for a background check if Initiative 594 were to pass, critics say. The cost of the background check, to be borne by the gun owner, is yet to be determined.

FK- Watch the vid: The brain dead cow is too stupid to consider the option of learning how to defend itself.

The ultra-rich want their livestock disarmed so we can’t kill them. I love this reader’s solution:

Here’s how you solve this infection;

You take these billionaires, and politicians and put them in them in the worst hoods where even the cockroaches avoid. No bodyguards, firearms, etc… the show will be aired weekly, called…”Who wants to be a running man…..” What happens in the hood, stays in the hood…no really, it stays there.

FK – Here’s another brain-dead cow:

FK – There is only one solution to such evil, evil that refuses to deal in reality.

Despite billionaire bucks, gun control measure loses ground