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New York Daily News Calls Mark Dice Mizzou Coverage “Sick” “Outragious” and “Offensive”

FK – I ask again for the umpteenth time: Who are our real enemies? Who or what ideology will prepare the way for the fundie ragheads to come wage blood war on us here if they ever really do, not counting FBI stings gone ‘wrong’ or ‘false flag’ attacks such as 9/11 and the early 90s bombing of the twin towers that the FBI helped set up?

The white “Liberal”(commie) trash down the street doesn’t ‘disagree’ with you, it’s waging war on you.

Whose security are they really protecting?:

FK – ‘Intel con.’ I like that. Sounds very apropos.

Newly-Declassified U.S. Government Documents: The West Supported the Creation of ISIS

FK – You think you have ‘liberal'(commie) friends? Really? Ask them what they’re willing to see done to you for not obeying their evil laws or for fighting back as we should be doing against their ongoing communist takeover to include bringing in foreign mercenaries(so-called terrorists) via immigration, legal and illegal, to wage blood war on the American the evil creatures want to finish destroying so they can finish building the amerika they want to force us all to exist in.

Your “Liberal”(commie) trash ‘friends’ will have no problem sending the ‘pigs’ and ‘cannon fodder’ they profess to hate to kill you for not obeying their evil commie laws. Simple fact. It’s all a facade. Yeah, the lower level dupes might actually believe the bile that spews from their upper scat holes but their ‘leaders’ know full well the evil they do. They consider us to be livestock.

Why are we incapable of focusing on who or what our real enemies are?

When the last big false flag attack happened the only thing I was surprised about was that they didn’t use nukes and there weren’t far more casualties. But then at the time I didn’t fully realize the extent of the treason. Have you seen the TV program ‘Jericho?’

We need real men and women who will fight on the ‘front lines’ here, and in the rear, and anywhere else they’re needed in whatever way they’re needed with whatever knowledge or skill sets they have. It’s time to start thinking Normandy, on our own shores.

McCarthy was right. I suggest you research it. Most of the sheeple will never see the ‘bigger picture.’ That’s how it’s always been. It’s always up to that tiny minority in every generation that cares about, is willing to fight for, and kill for, human liberty.

Sometimes when I lose a paragraph I think it’s something I should’ve re-written anyway, not lost.

There’s no such thing as casual ‘friends’ 

The ultimate Realty TV

And what do the unmentionables have to do with all this?:

FK – Their tribal propaganda is bad. Our tribal propaganda that says we can move back to our ‘promised land’ is good. It’s just that simple. We like it that way.

Our tribal propaganda says it’s OK to kill millions or billions to make sure our version, sub-version or subversion rules:

FK – No, the trash that voted for the Marxist mutt so they could get a check or a job or soothe their false consciences have blood on their hands. Time to change who or what gets to vote in this country or the movie ‘Idiocracy’ will look like playtime.

Every Sunday morning and every prez election cycle proves the human race suffers from mass insanity. The most beautiful thing about it is their ability to lie to themselves.

FK – So the endgame as usual is the opposite of what they claim. What a mess, all due to willful ignorance, religion and good old fashioned greed. Welcome to Earth and it’s ‘civilization’ ran by a still very primitive ‘sentient’ species that’s working it’s hardest to make sure we all stay in a very dark age for a long time to come.

Gun sales spike as Ferguson area braces for grand jury decision

On Monday, Steven King, who owns Metro Shooting Supplies told CNN that customers bought 100 guns this weekend. A typical weekend brings in about 30 buyers.

“People are afraid they are gonna throw Molotov cocktails,” says King, referring to the mostly nonviolent protests that have taken place in Ferguson since the shooting.

The increase in gun sales reaches across racial and ethnic lines, he says.

“A lot of black people coming in saying they are afraid of the hooliganism,” he says.

“But not all of Ferguson is hooliganish. The media portrays us that way. If the world can just see this is one little street in Ferguson going crazy, they’d understand that we’re not just one big burning city.”

FK – Gee, the commie news network managed to create an almost unbiased story.

Good, good and good. Wilson probably did what he had to do but that doesn’t change the fact that we must get control of how these jr. nazis are trained. They must also have the power to deal with the commie insurgents that show up at these events trying to egg on their ‘revolution.’ Maybe we should put some of those FEMA camps to use until our blood domestic enemies can be shipped out of the country, because they don’t belong here.

Cat Calling: Offensive or Flattering?

FK – Used to be a common thing in small towns. Don’t hear it so much anymore. But I guess the local drunks are now the local meth heads or whatever and stay home watching vids on their free govt. phones or playing games. I know some men used to seem to think it was expected of them and they were actually paying their ‘victims’ a complement. My how times have changed.

Here’s one I missed:

FK – Another ‘issue’ I’m sick of hearing about from the ‘extremists’ on both sides. Obviously if it’s banned completely there’ll just be a black market for it, as there used to be. In an imperfect world women have the burden of childbearing and one old and standard rule applies: The ‘choice’ is made when the chance is taken. Should we force rape/incest victims to have their attacker’s child that may share the genetics of the creature that found itself capable of such an act?

The religionists on the other hand puzzle me. They claim they value ‘life’ yet it’s perfectly OK with them if that newborn is cast into a lake of fire to be tortured forever if it’s not baptized soon enough after birth. The Catholics do it within a few days of birth, why not immediately I’m not sure since the baby’s ‘soul’ is in danger of hellfire since it was ‘born in sin’ because of the alleged actions of a couple of mythological figures that may or may not be loosely based in some real event that probably had nothing to do with sex. The protestants let the kid get old enough to be scared or cajoled into ‘gettin’ saved’ at what they used to call the ‘age of accountability’ whereby an 8-year-old, give or take a few years, gets to pay for his ancestors’ use of physical tools that came attached to their bodies, presumably. So little real logic goes into all of it that it’s hard to tell.

The human race is insane and until conception becomes a real ‘choice’ because we developed the tech to prevent pregnancy completely this issue won’t go away and probably not even then since so many pretend their teenagers don’t have sex drives. So many others ‘believe’ it’s their responsibility to produce more babies for their sadistic god to hold by their heels over hellfire and say “Be my perfect little slave or I’m gonna torture you forever.” That’s basically what it means regardless of ‘interpretation’ of which there are thousands.

Obama says FCC should reclassify internet as a utility

There’s been a growing battle around protecting net neutrality — the principle that all internet traffic, no matter what it is or where it comes from, should be treated equally — ever since the FCC’s original protections were struck down in court earlier this year. Those protections were able to be struck down because the commission didn’t make the rules in a way that it actually had authority over, so it’s been trying to create new rules that it will definitely be able to enforce. It hasn’t chosen to use Title II so far, but net neutrality advocates, now including President Obama, have been pushing for its use.

Regulating internet service under Title II would mean reclassifying it as a utility, like water. This means that internet providers would just be pumping internet back and forth through pipes and not actually making any decisions about where the internet goes. For the most part, that’s a controversial idea in the eyes of service providers alone. It means that they’re losing some control over what they sell, and that they can’t favor certain services to benefit their own business. Instead, providers would be stuck allowing consumers to use the internet as they want to, using whatever services they like without any penalty. If that sounds pretty great, it’s because that’s basically how the internet has worked up until now.

FK – Can’t blindly trust any of the bastards, from the govt. bureaucrats to the corporate workaholic assholes who only care about money to the commies who’ll use this kind of crap to force their opposition off the net or sweep us all into some dark corner where the average phone packin’ sheeple will never develop the courage to go.

6 reasons real conservatives should defy Republicans and support net neutrality

Richard Dolan: UFOs and 9/11 (Understanding the Two Greatest Conspiracy Theories of our Time)

FK – Are you ready, for a flying redneck mecca? I’m not sure I am. But you gotta figure that company or google would be the first to use such tech openly, at least in that way, maybe not in a ‘good’ way.

Seriously, one of the best vids I’ve seen on this issue, if it is a few years old and has to be viewed in that light. He seems to have some political indoctrination left to overcome. But then what is the difference if it’s ‘fascism'(partial slavery) or ‘communism'(complete slavery) or some other cute word? It’s still slavery and we’re still in it.

Survey suggests Seattle anti-gunners out of touch with American majority

As tomorrow’s 125th anniversary of Washington statehood looms, along with the Veteran’s Day observance, results of a new Gallup survey have been getting headlines because it shows the majority of Americans think they are safer with guns in the home, an idea frequently disdained by many of the people who pushed through Initiative 594.

Some of them may quietly believe their homes are safer; it’s just that they don’t want to share the right to be safe with the rubes. Billionaires like Michael Bloomberg have 24/7 security but average citizens are on their own. That may explain the results of the recent Gallup poll now being discussed at The Blaze and other publications.

According to Gallup, more than six of every ten Americans feel safer with guns in the home. Only three out of ten people think guns make the home more dangerous.

The survey results also show something else. According to Gallup, “Republicans (81%) are about twice as likely as Democrats (41%) to believe having a gun improves home safety. About half of Democrats say having a gun makes a home a more dangerous place to be.”


The people who created Washington State 125 years ago were a hardy lot, and far more self-reliant than the generations that have recently followed. They incorporated into the state constitution one of the strongest protections for the individual right to bear arms of any state; so strong that when Arizona gained statehood in 1912, it adopted the same provision, word-for-word.

One is compelled to wonder what someone from the statehood generation might say about being required to check the background of a neighboring homesteader, or a fellow logger before loaning that person a rifle to shoot a deer for the larder. That might be an educational conversation.

As first reported by this column yesterday, The Gun Wire is now back up and running. Be sure to visit the site and check it out.

FK – My posted comments:

One might wonder how quickly our pioneer and settler ancestors would spit on us for not already doing what will be required.

The Second Amendment needs to be explained better if not re-written. Try this:

The right of the people to overthrow or prevent tyrannical or authoritarian government by force of individually owned arms, purchased or manufactured without government permission or taxes levied or paid, equal to or superior to those commonly carried by soldiers, marines, sailors or militia members of any fighting force in the world shall not be brought into question. The right of the people to protect themselves from criminals in government, or any institution that may seek authority over them or from any common street criminal shall not be brought into question. Those elected, hired or appointed public servants who do question this proclamation and/or the people’s natural, most basic right, that all our other rights are based upon, that of self defense, shall be arrested, tried for treason and executed.

There’s so such thing as a good ‘gun law.’ All gun control is propaganda designed to condition the sheeple to accept more control with total civilian disarmament being the final objective thus all gun control is an act of war. All who forward it should be arrested, tried for treason against human Liberty and executed.

Rand, McConnell, Backoff Obamacare Repeal

FK – I voted for one or two actual candidates. Then wrote in Thomas Jefferson and Mickey Mouse on a few others. If I didn’t know anything about them I didn’t vote. An article in the local rag isn’t knowledge about a candidate. Mainstream newswhores aren’t trained to ask questions that actually matter, or they’re commies and don’t dare.

It’s too much time and effort for the average sheeple to pay attention to what their elected public servants are doing. That’s why we need to require three things to vote: Proof of citizenship, proof of literacy in English and passing a test that shows a basic understanding of our history and the form of govt. we’re supposed to have here: small and very limited. Those who would go to that trouble might actually put some effort into following what happens between elections.

Holder’s ‘idiot’ comment shows another progressive contradiction

The first thing observers of the Congressional investigation into Operation Fast and Furious “gunwalking” noticed about the Justice Department’s Tuesday document dump was the calculated way it was done concurrently with the elections, when it would be certain not to dominate the news. That’s hardly surprising for those who expect nothing less than a continuation of a pattern of evasion, stonewalling, deception and obstruction that’s defined the way Attorney General Eric Holder has continually thumbed his nose at the entire process since it began.

That in itself was interesting enough, but missed by most observers was an admission in the cover letter that the State Department had a hand in redacting information from the 64,000+ pages submitted to Congress. The question of Hillary Clinton’s involvement, particularly as it relates to either actions sanctioned by State, or violations of arms export control laws by other federal agencies, is a significant dimension of the story that’s been largely unexplored.


But the media did “get it,” in many cases, directly from Holder’s public affairs chief, Tracy Schmaler. In others, they “got it” from ATF personnel, up to their necks in “gunwalking,” who tried to smear key whistleblower John Dodson by releasing confidential personnel files.

That email was the subject of an NPR feature that, true to its “progressive” sympathies, did what it could to muddle the facts and absolve Holder.

“The program has been blamed for providing a weapon that was used to kill U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry,” it said about Fast and Furious.

“Has been”?

No, it, or more precisely, the evil minds behind the program, were to blame. There’s no dispute about that.

FK – Expecting National Propaganda Radio to tell the truth is like expecting the pig to give up the mud hole. That’s another thing for the newly elected republicrats to do, de-fund the commie trash.

It’s time for the newly elected ‘conservatives’ to be proactive, start repealing gun laws and other infringements on our Liberty instead of standing around with their fingers in the dike and expecting to be rewarded for much less than their duty demands.

FK – A right applied for is a privilege. The point is that no jr. nazi can arrest someone just because they’re seen with a gun:

Connecticut University Student with Rifle in his Car Facing Five Years in Federal Prison

FK – This last post is on a commie site. My comments which will likely be removed. Oh sorry, they have to be ‘approved.’:

Every piece of trash involved with prosecuting this young man should be arrested, tried for treason and executed.

There’s so such thing as a good ‘gun law.’ All gun control is propaganda designed to condition the sheeple to accept more control with total civilian disarmament being the final objective thus all gun control is an act of war. All who forward it should be arrested, tried for treason against human Liberty and executed.

Time to get ready for what will be required.