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Barry Bright: What to be thankful for

A neighbor just invited me to Thanksgiving Dinner as I was wrapping up this short reminder of what the holiday is really about. I can always eat, that’s always been one of my problems. I suppose I should be thankful for a good appetite.

Now here’s something else to chew on, I hope it’s not too tough. As ‘ol John Wayne allegedly said, “Life is tough. It’s tougher if you’re stupid.”

Be thankful your ancestors, or maybe some of them, conquered this continent via warfare and disease, whether they came over willingly on a boat or via the Bering Land Bridge or were transported from Europe or Africa as white or black indentured servants or slaves.

Be thankful the bad guys won that ‘unpleasantness’ back in the mid 1860s whereby one of our most venerated leaders killed 600,000 men so he could keep taxing the southern states for without this ‘union’ we might not have defeated communism abroad while sheltering it in our schools, universities and news and entertainment organizations.

Be thankful you’re not one of those white turkeys that can be seen going down the interstate, crammed into those small wire cages, whose only purpose in this world is to eat and be eaten so that you can get up every day or most days of your adult life and go waste your time in exchange for money so you can support the corporations and banksters who really run our world.

Be thankful for the food we get out of a can or out of the freezer that allows us some leisure time and convenience away from the places we waste our time in exchange for money even though we daily hear/read how that food is killing us through ‘processing’ or genetic modification.

Be thankful for your government’s permission to drive your own car, build your own house, buy and carry the tools necessary to defend yourself, your loved ones and property against common criminals even though we’re a long way from forcing our rulers to acknowledge our right, duty and responsibility to kill them when necessary.

Be thankful we still haven’t descended into a hot blood civil war or the economy/dollar hasn’t completely crashed or the sadistic gods our ancestors created haven’t thrown the vast majority of us into hellfire yet while that tiny minority of whatever version, sub-version or subversion that actually makes it into make-believe land sings praises to them.

Be thankful for the fair treatment your kids or the neighbor’s kids get while in prison because they possessed or did something the governments or someone’s version of ‘morality’ decided they shouldn’t posses or do.

Be thankful gas is only 2.50 to 3 bucks a gallon because the Saudis who care about us and the Wall Street whores have other short term goals beyond just making money so it’ll be a little easier to get to grandma’s house this weekend, if she has a house.

Be thankful for that relative at your table who voted for the Marxist mutt for it’s woken more sheeple up, angered more people to action and sold more guns and ammo than any republicrat RINO NWO hack could have dreamed of all while destroying our Liberty in different ways. Be sure to tell it that.

Be thankful that when our national and state constitutions were written some saw the inherent danger in such a document and demanded a Bill of Rights accompany them because they knew that someday we would be a nation of cowardly dumbed-down pacified morons and that it would be up to that tiny minority to stand up for Liberty.

Be thankful, as you watch football and chew turkey and slurp pie for that tiny minority in every generation that most of you don’t know even exists stands in the breach and actually gives a damn about something besides grazing and breeding like human livestock.

Now go take a nap and rest up for tomorrow is the day we start preparing to share in the gifts of the holiday season that we, or some of us, earned with the sweat of our brows because by golly, that’s what they told us we’re supposed to do.



Transhumanist Party Leader Suggests College Should be Mandatory

FK – One insanity vs. another.

Who or what is really pulling the strings? Who’s to say some other ‘higher intelligence’ didn’t long ago go through this process and the bad guys won. There’s nothing new under the sun right? But which sun?

If someone tells you they ‘know’ there’s a 99.9 percent chance there’s a severe problem with their version, sub-version or subversion.

Epic Riot Footage From Inside The Battle of Ferguson

FK – Season’s greetings from commie amerika.

Armed Business Owners Thwart Mobs In Ferguson Riots

Ferguson Protesters March Through L.A. (Updates)

Gen Honore: If Riots Not Stopped St Louis May Have to Invoke The Insurrection Act

CCMRF and Use of Federal Armed Forces In Civil Support Operations

FK – For once they should bring in the armed with real ammo ‘National’ Guard and shoot looters on sight. The ‘peaceful protesters’ need to use some common sense and stick to daylight hours in front of government buildings. But ‘peace’ ain’t what they’re after, whomever is really behind all this.

At least someone is standin’ up fer de white man:

FK – Considering human history everyone at some point had an ancestor who was some form of a slave. Time to wake up and grow up and end it.


London Calling the Middle Ages? The City Schools That Teach Sharia

Six of these schools are “independent,” meaning private. They are Ebrahim Academy, East London Islamic School, Mazahirul Uloom School, Al-Mizan School, Jamiatul Ummah School, and London East Academy. Most telling about the times, perhaps, the seventh transgressing institution is a state-run, Church of England school: Sir John Cass’s Foundation and Red Coat School. It is described as “Muslim dominated,” with 90 percent of its students being of Bangladeshi heritage.

And this Muslim domination has begotten Islamic indoctrination. As the Daily Mail reported Friday on the East London Islamic School, which is reflective of the wider problem:

The report found that although literacy and numeracy lessons were regular, with youngsters given some chances to take part in science classes, there were only “occasional” opportunities for the pupils to learn about geography and history, which were taught through the Islamic curriculum.

Inspectors revealed that one young pupil “explained to inspectors that he would ‘go to hell’ if he participated in music or dance.”


The U.K. has experienced a huge influx of Muslim immigrants during the last 15 years. This is largely the handiwork of the former Labour government, which, an ex-Tony Blair advisor has admitted, wanted to create a “multicultural” country and “rub the Right’s nose in diversity.”

FK – Oh the irony of human insanity. I remember a preacher at the church I grew up attending declaring one Sunday, after hearing about a big Baptist church in town that had a dance, “If this church ever has a dance I’ll quit.”

The same preacher baptized me, my second dunking, after I was once again scared into ‘gettin’ saved.’

Yet the “Liberal”(commie) trash Brits, and ours, are too stupid, or evil, to understand they will be the first targets of any raghead government that might someday come to power over there or here. Who are our real enemies, the men in the Trojan horse or the ones who open the gates for it?

Obama’s DREAMer poster girl portends nightmare for gun owners

Does anyone seriously maintain this is not an issue that affects gun rights? Besides Wayne LaPierre and those who work for him? Are there reasons –besides ignorance, laziness and apathy – that Gun Owners of America stands alone among organizations warning firearms advocates of a danger that will undo legislative and judicial gains once the Democrats, with their documented anti-gun party platform, become the major “pathway” political beneficiaries?

President Obama’s action is personal for me, too, Astrid. And somehow, I doubt it was done because of his deep personal humanitarian concerns. But being a committed “progressive” activist, you no doubt know that.

FK – No surprises here. I’ve thought for a while the ‘No Rights that aren’t Allowed’ group was infiltrated. But maybe they didn’t have to. It was founded by Yankee generals after all, because they wanted conscripts for the empire that could shoot straight and kill any mischievous ‘rebels.’

Scott Walker trial balloon from NRA director ignores amnesty danger

‘We’re coming for your guns,’ says Tallahassee columnist

FK – As I’ve written many times before, when guns are outlawed “Liberal”(commie) trash season begins and the newswhores die first.

Roswell UFO researcher claims he has alien photos – Spacing Out! Ep. 98

FK – The human race is still too primitive to deal with this reality.

FK – Funny how the ‘official version’ can’t admit they’re already here, probably for the reason I wrote above:

FK – The ‘meaning of life’ is the increase of human Liberty which only a tiny minority will probably ever care about but on which depends the very future of humankind because that tiny minority must be free to use their Liberty to raise us the rest of the way out of the mud hole.

Anti-gunners hint at next moves in Washington State

The gun control lobby behind Initiative 594 is already hinting at its next moves in Washington State, which, according to the disturbing report on Sandy Hook killer Adam Lanza that was released Friday, might have become home for him and his mother.

I-594 is certainly on the minds of members of the Washington Arms Collectors, who are gathering this weekend for their November gun show in Puyallup. At the table operated by the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms and the Second Amendment Foundation, dozens of people had the same question: What now?

This is the last gun show prior to when I-594 becomes effective early in December. Several people wanted to know if SAF and/or the National Rifle Association are going to take legal action. That appears to be a primary concern of the gun prohibitionists who spent millions of dollars to pass the measure.

In an e-mail yesterday. I-594 campaign chairman Zack Silk posed several questions, asking what people considered to be priorities for the next legislative session that begins in January. It does not require a college degree to figure this one out. Silk wants to know “What should we focus on next in the upcoming legislative session and beyond?”

FK – What will they do next? The only limit to that is the limit we force upon them.

FK – Self defense is the most basic right any creature possesses. Any and all who threaten that in any way don’t belong here.

‘Daily Beast’ article favors licensing, mental evaluations on gun owners

FK – We need mental evals on “Liberal”(commie) trash and open voting so we know who the commies are. Then we can require them to have a hammer and sickle tattooed on each cheek so we know what to look for during the upcoming “Liberal”(commie) trash season that has been so desperately needed here for decades.

Homeschool Raid Ruled Unconstitutional by Missouri Court

FK – The government schools are full of sheeplets that come from ‘messy’ homes. We should be removing the ones who come from commie(“Liberal”/”progressive”) homes from the influence of their insane evil parents. This is exactly why we need a militia force in every county to counterbalance this kind of evil.

Cops taser, pepper-spray homeschoolers

FK – All of which is of course for the purpose of creating division and propaganda for and by the amerikan communist insurgency. We should be rounding the creatures up and kicking them out of the country. Here is the results of not doing so:

black culture gone-too-soonFK – And someone with some ‘common sense.’

FK – It shouldn’t have to be ‘about race.’ Our blood domestic enemies who have white skin and aren’t hiding in a cave on the other side of the world have made it about race. They are the creatures who ‘hate our freedom’ and are what our troops and militiamen should be hunting, not ignorant illiterate villagers on the other side of the world so the heroin market doesn’t collapse.

Read Darren Wilson’s full grand jury testimony

FK – The commies vs. the cops vs. us.