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Rancher Listed As Terrorist Fights Back

FK – He interviews Cliven Bundy a few minutes in.

It’s a matter of time till they start attempting this evil east of the Mississippi. There will ultimately be only one answer to it.

That’s 80 percent not 8:

The Open West, Owned by the Federal Government

I’m not opposed to some ‘public’ lands for recreational use for wildlife and the pursuit of wildlife but that’s way too much. In some places we need more. We could enclose the major cities and stock them with large predators to help the ‘overpopulation’ problem.

FCC pushes back against Obama on net neutrality

In the face of President Obama’s call for the FCC to adopt fresh legislation to protect net neutrality, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has reminded the leader politely that the agency works for Congress, not the White House.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has found itself at the heart of a discussion on what is deemed net neutrality — the principle of treating all Internet traffic the same way.

The US communications regulator is currently thrashing out a new set of net neutrality rules, but the current proposal would allow for telecommunications and broadband providers to charge content providers, such as Netflix, for priority Internet fast-lanes. If content providers refused to pay additional rates, theoretically, this could result in throttled speeds for US subscribers — or ISPs which produce their own content could slow down rivals in a bid to promote their own services.

The proposal drew mass protest and a high volume of comments by the public, which resulted in the US watchdog delaying a change in regulations for now.

FK – Meanwhile on the rest of the net:

The dark side of Internet of Things, FBI and China, and other government disappointments [Government IT Week]

FK – No, I haven’t read all those, just these two:

Fraud possible in Brazil’s e-voting system

Waze unveils government data exchange program

FK – I’ve used Waze. It works well but didn’t know google had bought it.

We must not allow the internet to be an ungoverned space: UK PM

FK – Ultimately the ‘extremists’ are anyone who challenges their power.

Would Fort Lauderdale Arrest Jesus?

FK – If Jesus were walking the streets of amerika today most of the preachers would be screaming the loudest to kill him again. The black-suited Nazis would be breaking his door down at 3 a.m. and shooting his dog because he dared to tell his disciples to buy a sword in case they needed it. The Zionist banksters would kill him again because he ran them out of his temple with a corded whip 2000 years ago and the “Liberal”(commie) trash would kill him as soon as he told them no one should be forced to be a good Samaritan at the point of a government gun.

And to be ‘fair’:

Georgia pastor has his mind blown by European atheists: ‘If there’s no god, why should I believe?’

FK – Hard to understand how in this age of information there are still those who choose blind faith and ignorance when there’s no end to the versions, sub-versions and subversions:

Jesus Christ Had Two Kids With A Prostitute, ‘Lost Gospel’ Claims

FK – Real ‘tolerance’ is a long long way off:

FK – If I cut the tree down and burn it in my stove I’m still here, somewhere, where ever we really are…


Schools propose: Let boys into girls locker rooms

As transgender policies spread across America, national organizations have become involved in the fight to stop the proposal from being imposed on Minnesota school children.

The policy draft being considered is aimed at allowing “transgender” students – children who believe they were born in the body of the wrong biological sex – to participate on the sports team corresponding with their “perceived gender.”

So, if a boy believes he is a girl trapped in a male body, he should be allowed to play on the girls’ sports team under the proposed policy, regardless of the “gender assigned at birth.”

The policy draft also lays out a process for determining whether or not a transgender student qualifies to compete and play with the opposite biological sex in addition to an appeals process if permission is initially denied.

“Fundamental fairness, as well as most local, state and federal rules and regulations, requires schools to provide a transgender student with equal opportunities to participate in athletics,” argues a version of the policy draft reviewed by WND.

FK – This is about fundamental communism working in every way it can to destroy western civilization. Not that most 14-year-old males wouldn’t jump at the chance to use the girls shower, when the cheer leading squad is also there. Both sides in this issue are in deep denial.

Read the comments on this next one:

The Transgender Con? Many “Transgender” People Regret Switch

FK – Sorry, if they’re ‘born that way’ it’s a birth defect. If not it’s a mental illness of some sort, maybe both. We should show them ‘compassion’ as much as I hate to use that much abused word but when they force us to lie about them and their condition at the point of a govt. gun the niceness stops.

The male/female thing has been around a long time:

Sex Is 385 Million Years Old, and It Looked Like Square Dancing


4 Utah Guardsmen Disciplined for Bikini Film Shoot

An internal investigation, completed Friday, found unauthorized Guard support was limited to five vehicles and one boat used as props for the shoot. The investigation confirmed the Guard did not provide the weapons or ammunition used for it.

The names of the four soldiers were not released.

“This was certainly a mistake, but one action among multiple years of service for these individuals,” Fairbourn said. “We are dealing with Iraq and Afghanistan veterans who have served their country in time of war.”

The Utah Guard, in a statement issued Saturday, said it regretted its involvement in the shoot and would not tolerate the unauthorized use of federal and state funds.

FK – At least they weren’t out murdering people in the name of the empire or the domestic police state. How about someone answering for that?

It’s good to see that our service ‘persons’ are physically fit:

What’s Going On With Our Police?

What’s going on with our police? More and more, it seems that our men in blue have been transformed from a friendly neighborhood peace office, whose mission is to protect and serve, to a hostile military force, whose mission is to harass and intimidate.

I am going to broach a subject in this syndicated column this week that people such as me are not supposed to talk about. By people such as me, I mean Christians, “conservatives,” Republican-types, etc. “We” are NEVER supposed to criticize the police–not in any shape, manner, or form. ANY criticism of all things police (and military, for that matter) is immediately deemed to be “left-wing,” “unpatriotic,” etc. To criticize the police in any way brings immediate and vehement accusations that one is against law and order or is a “bleeding heart liberal,” etc. But, in all probability, the vast majority of “our” folks will simply ignore this column. My observation is “WE” are mostly very closed-minded and don’t tolerate ideas that are outside the box of what is heard on FOX NEWS or from today’s milquetoast preachers.

However, it is an absolute fact that today’s law enforcement agencies are more and more being militarized and are becoming more and more hostile to the American citizenry. More and more, police officers view the American people as “enemy combatants” and are developing a deeply imbedded “us versus them” mindset. More and more, police officers are behaving like soldiers, not peace officers. Examples of police abuse are becoming more and more frequent and more and more severe. If this breach of the public trust is not reined in soon, it is going to get very ugly in this country.

FK – This is turning into a theme. See vids, stories and comments below.

Proof: 1 Cops Life Is Worth More Than 13 Soldiers

FK – When you sign that line you become their property. But then that’s what they think of all of us – livestock. See next vid.

Eric Frein is charged with terrorism; he aimed to ‘wake people up’

FK – Now what good did it do to kill some know-nothing jr. nazi? The sheeple are only going to commiserate with them and make no effort to understand what’s happening around them. After 9/11 and all the anti-raghead propaganda did millions of sheeple go out and buy a copy of the Koran? Is this whole thing a psyop or are they just ‘not letting an opportunity go to waste?’

Are there ‘good cops?’ There will be when they stop refusing to enforce the police state, drug war, victimless crimes, gun laws, income taxes and on and on. When they arrest the trash that writes these evil laws and try them for treason and execute them they’ll be ‘good cops.’ I’m not holding my breath. Most of them are as cowardly as the common sheeple. Sheepdogs my ass. What courage does it take to break someone’s door down at 3 a.m. when they’re asleep and murder them or their family or their pets?

Here’s how much good the cops and servicemen are doing:

Afghanistan opium harvest at record high as NATO withdraws

FK – Maybe it’s time to wonder: