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Chuck Baldwin: It’s Not Over

That America is spiraling on a collision course with calamity seems certain. We seem to be ignoring virtually all of the lessons of history, and, well, you know what one fellow said about the folly of doing that. I join the consensus of patriots and freedom-lovers throughout the country who believe America’s future is filled with all sorts of stormy weather. As a matter of fact, the storms are all around us already.

For one thing, most of the people who should be helping us in the freedom fight cannot see past the end of their ballot. They think, as long as they elect “conservatives” to public office, all is well with the world. And since the GOP now controls both houses of Congress in Washington, D.C., the vast majority of our good brothers and sisters are already all tucked in for extended hibernation. They will reemerge from under their blankets about three months before the general election in 2016 and start screaming their support for whomever the neocon candidate happens to be. Why, they are already ignoring the fact that the precious Republicans they just elected to the House and Senate a few weeks ago are already signaling that they will to do NOTHING to thwart Barack Obama’s executive amnesty, which was the single most defining issue that helped give the Congress to the GOP. Republicans on Capitol Hill are famous for doing NOTHING to fulfill the promises they made on the campaign trail to their constituents. And Republican voters are famous for reelecting them anyway. Good grief! Republicans in South Carolina can’t even get rid of Lindsey Graham; and Republicans in Arizona can’t even get rid of John McCain.

Even the great Republican “conservative,” Mitt Romney, is now on record saying that the GOP should “swallow hard” and pass a PERMANENT amnesty bill. And even though he says he is not running for President in two years, he continues to be the frontrunner in most of the GOP preference polls. What does that tell you?

FK – Yeah, yeah, yeah. We’ve heard much of this before, for years. I have much respect for Baldwin and what few ‘christians’ actually stand up for something besides waving their hands around mindlessly waiting for the big beam up. It ain’t gonna happen and if it does it won’t be what they expect or want and if it is real so few will be missing that they’ll just be added to the ‘missing persons’ list and our existences will continue as if nothing happened.

Time to wake up and grow up and pick up the plow or the sword or the pen or whatever you feel you are capable of using. This is a multi-front war, always has been. It’s way past time to prepare for what will be required for eventually our domestic blood enemies will give up on the peace and love solution and seek to master our hearts and minds via brute force. They really already are, by picking us off one by one or a few at a time. See the rest of this update page.

The Bill of Rights is what makes us exceptional along with that tiny minority in every generation that the herd barely or doesn’t even realize exists. Focus on who your real enemies are and don’t let them make you afraid to call them what they are. When they control the dialogue they control the battlefield.

FK – Mindless tribal garbage indeed. Remember, we outnumber them:

Amid “Climate” Circus in Peru, UN Says CO2 Regime is Done Deal

Amid the ongoing implosion of their man-made global-warming theory, thousands of bureaucrats involved in the United Nations “climate” circus are meeting in Lima, Peru, for two weeks to continue plotting their scheme to impose a planetary carbon regime on humanity. But the fix is already in, according to the dictator-dominated global body. In a press release this week, the UN declared that its plan to foist draconian global controls on the world was essentially a done deal, with the summit in the Peruvian capital serving merely to “hammer out” the “new universal UN-backed treaty on climate change” that “will be adopted” at the global-warming conference in Paris next year. (Emphasis added.) Obama’s pseudo-treaty with brutal communist dictator Xi Jinping is apparently the “model” being pursued for the global regime.

However, despite the UN’s contrived optimism about its prospects for shackling humanity to its anti-CO2 wealth-redistribution scheme, reality may yet come back to haunt them. U.S. senators, two-thirds of whom must ratify any treaty for it to be considered valid in the United States, have already made clear that the global “climate” deal has no chance of passing through that body. Meanwhile, scientists around the world are increasingly distancing themselves from the UN’s imploding theory — with many prominent experts now warning of a prolonged period of natural global cooling that could wreak havoc on the planet in the decades to come.


Perhaps not surprisingly, the New York Times featured similar “reporting” on its front page in a report packed with factual errors and wild ignorance of — or disdain for — for the U.S. Constitution and the role of the American people’s elected representatives in policy. “The meeting [in Peru] comes just weeks after a landmark announcement by President Obama and President Xi Jinping of China committing the world’s two largest carbon polluters to cuts in their emissions,” reported Times journalist Coral Davenport, apparently either lying or under the delusional impression that Obama can make an “announcement” with a communist dictator that in any way “commits” the American people to something. “United Nations negotiators say they believe that advancement could end a longstanding impasse in the climate talks, spurring other countries to sign similar commitments.” Indeed.

The brazen fact errors in the front-page Times report hardly ended there, however. After whipping up plenty of phony hysteria about the imminent supposed man-made climate apocalypse — “drought, food and water shortages, melting ice sheets, shrinking glaciers, rising sea levels and widespread flooding” — Davenport reveals an astounding lack of understanding about even the basics of atmospheric science or, perhaps more likely, a half-baked effort to outright deceive readers. She reported, as just one particularly absurd example, that “greenhouse gases” are “produced chiefly by burning coal for electricity and gasoline for transportation.”

FK – The mainstream newswhores are only doing their primary job, keeping the general population stupid, pacified and submissive.

Hollywood/Media Leftists Frothing Over Inhofe as New Senate Committee Chair

FK – What few ‘real environmentalists’ that really care about legitimate problems only harm their own cause by associating with the eco-commies and foreign dictators and brain dead hollyweird actors and other associated weirdos.

Is GOP Majority a ‘Win’ for America?

FK – We’ve seen this rodeo before. The bulls are cut and the horses are lame and no one has the courage to do what needs to be done with the rope.

Jeb Bush Will Not Run as a Conservative

FK – How could it? Only an idiot or political neophyte would consider it to be one. The latter types need to click on the link and read the article and gain an understanding of what the presidency really is: a puppet show by and for the elites. Nothing short of what will be required will end this permanently.

I mean gee, how could we expect the republicrats to do anything meaningful in the way of restoring Liberty when we know what they’re up against:

Don’t miss this one:

Cassidy Replaces Landrieu; GOP Gains Nine Senate Seats

Over the last six years, then, Cassidy has created a voting record which, according to The New American’s Freedom Index, has ranged from 56 to 71 out of a possible 100 in following the limitations provided by the Constitution, the same document that he swore to uphold and defend three different times while a member of the House.

That Landrieu cared even less about following the Constitution during her three terms is beside the point. Cassidy has already cast himself as a loyal Republican Party follower, even when the party goes astray and violates precious rights belonging to American citizens. In other words, Cassidy is no Tea Partier and certainly not a constitutional statesman.

FK – ‘Former’ commiecrat huh? The republicrat party is obviously full of infiltrators. Only many expensive suits hanging along Pennsylvania Ave. will fix this.

Anti-gun bigot’s projection shows just who the true ignorant and fearful haters are

Funny, isn’t it, how “progressives” represent themselves as caring about the people on the lower-end of the economic spectrum, yet are the biggest cheerleaders the “One Percent” could hope for when it comes to the true egalitarian power sharing that an armed citizenry provides. And it’s curious, how an ideology that once extolled the virtues of “peasants” and “workers,” at least until power was secured, has produced effete snobs who attack the worth and question the refinement of other human beings who do not share their infatuation with degenerate totalitarianism.

That makes the true provincial clods and demonstrable bigots the self-styled “urbane sophisticates,” desperate to convince each other that they’re so much better informed (not to mention better endowed!) than we mere gun-clinging flyover rubes. And if you think about it, another truism fits: People who are ignorant fear, and people who fear hate.

I read that in one of them complicated books with big words that don’t have a lot of pictures in ‘em somewhere.

FK – There’s nothing ‘progressive’ about moving the human race back to slavery. It’s communism. Call it that or don’t bother.

Raging Against Self Defense:
A psychiatrist Examines The Anti-Gun Mentality

Open letter to the American Psychiatric
Association from Gene Flick, MD.

The Pentagon Finally Details its Weapons-for-Cops Giveaway

For more than 20 years, the Pentagon program that distributes surplus weapons, aircraft and vehicles to police departments nationwide received little attention or scrutiny. Defense Department officials closely guarded the details of which agencies across the country received which items.

Then, events in Ferguson propelled the 1033 program, as the surplus distribution is called, into the public eye.

Flooded with calls for greater transparency, in late November, the Pentagon quietly released data that details all tactical equipment distributed through the program, and for the first time identified the agencies that received items. The data is a national gift list of high-caliber weapons, armored vehicles, aircraft and similar military equipment, all delivered for the price of shipping and often with little civilian oversight.

The program has doled out $5 billion in equipment since 1990. Most of it was general office and maintenance equipment – shovels, copiers, computers – but the Pentagon largesse included tactical military equipment worth more than $1.4 billion, disseminated in 203,000 transfers to about 7,500 agencies. Even after Ferguson, the program continues to chug along, transferring $28 million in tactical equipment in the past three months.

FK – Find out where they keep it and who has the keys.


Making his way into Mexico was relatively easy, though they lost most of their money to bribes to corrupt Guatemalan soldiers and Mexican border officials. Once he and his family had crossed into Mexico, they attempted to take a bus north, hoping to make it to the United States.

Cartel coyotes told them that it would cost $5,000 per person to be taken to the border — but not crossed. Although Kevin has family in the U.S. and could get the money, he said, “We didn’t say that we had family up north, for fear that they would kidnap us or something like that. If you tell them, ‘Yes, my uncle works in Colorado’ or whatever, whatever, they kidnap you and then in Colorado extort [your uncle].”

Unable to use a coyote to move north, Kevin’s family tried to take a bus, which for years has been the easiest way for migrants heading to the United States to move through much of Mexico.

But the bus drivers refused them. “They just didn’t want to help. Because there’s also mafia there, and they expect [bribes],” Kevin said, as well as immigration officials who will also demand bribes from not only immigrants but also bus drivers.

FK – Oh but the Feds have to focus on people fighting for their liberty instead of foreign mafias or whatever operating in the ‘homeland.’

Obama Deputies Free 30,862 Foreign Criminals

State to add 4,000 cameras along the Texas-Mexico border

Secret Service experts worry about Obama’s safety

Palamara told WND he is concerned that patterns of Secret Service misconduct he has documented in JFK’s Secret Service detail prior to the assassination are being repeated in Obama’s presidential detail.

“I’m seeing even among the Secret Service a dislike, if not a hatred for President Obama,” he said.

Palamara said there are members of the Secret Service who don’t like President Obama, just as some didn’t like President Kennedy.

“Many in the Secret Service in the JFK era did not like President Kennedy’s womanizing or his position on civil rights, or maybe his policies toward Cuba,” he said. “But here, with President Obama, the Secret Service is supposed to be apolitical, but the agents are human beings. I’m not saying Secret Service agents actually cross the line to commit a federal offense by wishing President Obama ill. But many don’t like Obamacare or Obama’s policy on illegal immigration.”

Palamara pointed out the Secret Service can put the safety of the president at risk by not taking actions they should be taking.

FK – My posted comments, if WND doesn’t ‘moderate’ them:

If I didn’t value the Marxist mutt so highly for what it’s done for us I’d suggest a vacation to the Grand Canyon or a Day Trip of skydiving or bridge jumping or maybe some skeet shooting or quail hunting. They could invite our erstwhile former RINO V.P. who helped Dubya drive the country deeper into MIC tyranny.

Before it was elected I predicted it would wake more sheeple up, anger more people to action, sell more guns and ammo than the klintons ever thought about and maybe with luck do something so brash and arrogant that even the most brain dead among us would be forced to understand the dire need we have for an extended and thorough “Liberal”(commie) trash season.

But sigh, I’m not holding my breath. We already have millions of reasons to do what will be required and still millions of pacified morons sit on their heads(the ones they apparently think with) and wait for the next modern gladiator event on the weaponvision or the big beam up or next tee-off time or whatever keeps their little minds occupied.

Oh for a nation of men who would do what will be required.