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The REAL Story of the Australian “Gun Ban” of 1996 – Rex Reviews

FK – What a bunch of pathetic slaves. They should’ve put the kangaroo scat politicians who passed the ‘law’ through the crusher.

When he says ‘boot’ he means the trunk of the car, not his shoe. Remember to the Aussie “Liberal”(commie) scat that runs their govt. ‘self defense is no reason to own a gun.’ The Aussies should’ve started hunting and killing that trash when these ‘laws’ were passed but now they fully deserve whatever is done to them. Our “Liberal”(commie) trash will do the same here if it can. Be ready to hunt it and eradicate it.

The main purpose for our weapons is of course self defense against authoritarian trash that would pass ‘laws’ like these. Hunting and killing them in such a situation is a right, duty and responsibility. They don’t belong here. We are supposed to be free here. A right applied for is a privilege.

We have plenty of blood domestic enemies here:

Anonymous Baltimore gun tip reward line creates new dangers

Gun sales sizzle; antis upset over Nevada challenge

“Progressive” Writer Blames Michael Brown Shooting on Inadequate “Gun Control”

Maybe moms are demanding wrong kind of action from wrong people

FK – And meanwhile in our own ‘Liberal’ville another mom without a clue is committing the worst form of child abuse, raising her child to be a slave:

‘Boys will be boys’

FK – My posted answer to it:

You’re raising your child to be a slave. Make sure you teach him to never vote. Voting is the most violent act anyone can ever participate in. For a “Liberal” or “progressive”(communist) voting is electing someone to hire someone to wear a badge and a uniform and nowadays camouflage and stick a gun in their neighbor’s face to enforce their insanity on them.

Teaching a child that violence is not always the best first choice is a good thing. Stupidly teaching a child that violence is never an option is the most evil thing any adult can do to any child unless they’re raising them to be a slave.

There’s no such thing as a good ‘gun law.’ All gun control is propaganda designed to condition the sheeple to accept more control with total civilian disarmament being the final objective thus all gun control is an act of war.

We need more ‘violators’:

Veteran Calls Out ‘Phony Valor’

FK – Stolen valor my ass. If the military was really fighting for Liberty I could feel sorry for them when someone ‘steals their valor.’ Walking around in cammies is not a reason to send them to jail or whatever the penalty is. If he were going around making money off false claims that would be different, but that would be fraud would it not? Let’s just pass a law against lying and fill the FEMA camps with “Liberal”(commie) trash until we can ship them out of the country.

I’m a vet, do ya’ want to thank me?

This pretty much says it all:


U.S. Firm Taps Ex Green Berets to Fight ISIS

FK – Finally, some honesty in what they’re fighting for over there. It’s not our Liberty. We need to take our country back and restore Liberty and the Bill of Rights here before we send any more of our ‘troops’ over there to die for profit.

Lower Crude Oil Prices Already Pinching Producers

The Financial Times reported last week that a third of energy debt bonds are classified as “distressed,” with some energy companies having to borrow just to pay the promised dividends. Some on Wall Street and in the banking community are taking a second look at such a strategy — a look that could result in turning off the spigot and sending those marginal drillers into oblivion along with their bond holders’ portfolios.

News from the Eurozone doesn’t bode well for higher oil prices, either. In its news release dated December 1, Markit showed major players in Europe continuing to experience serious economic difficulties. Wrote Markit’s Chief Economist Chris Williamson:

With the final PMI [Purchasing Managers Index] coming in below the flash reading, the situation in euro area manufacturing is worse than previously thought. Not only is the performance of the sector the worst seen since mid-2013, there is a risk that renewed rot is spreading across the region from the core.

The sector has more or less stagnated since August, but we are now seeing, for the first time in nearly one-and-a-half years, the three largest economies all suffering manufacturing downturns.

And then there’s China, the economic powerhouse that boasts a larger automobile market than the United States. But as new regulations to limit traffic jams and air pollution take hold, and revelations come to light that an astounding $6.8 trillion of its vaunted industrial development has been wasted, according to China’s own National Development Commission, China just in the last month has become a net crude oil exporter. Calling this an “unprecedented development,” Platts, a division of McGraw Hill Financial, noted that oil imports to China in October dropped by 22 percent while oil exports surged by 30 percent. Platts said further that China could now become a net exporter of oil into the future, reflecting the country’s growing internal industrial weakness.

Put all together then, lower crude oil prices are negatively impacting major international players in the energy market, including OPEC itself, once considered the big gorilla in the room. America’s oil producers, on the other hand, appear to be well-situated to live through the current volatility in oil prices, while consumers continue to enjoy the benefits at the pump and grocery stores.

FK – Does this mean we’re headed toward affordable gas again, like 75 cents a gallon or less so that the average person can travel and have something that resembles a life away from the place they waste their time in exchange for money?

I’m not holding my breath. I don’t trust the eco-commies and I sure don’t trust the oil ‘producers’ and I don’t understand how the ‘stock market’ or ‘dividends’ affects the price of something we all need to survive much less why it should or why we should allow it to.

I’m not against any business making a profit, maybe a crazy profit on a luxury. Gas ceased to be a luxury a long time ago if it ever was.

We Broke the Oil Market

The Crazy Oil Price Chart You Simply Must See

Solar is Disrupting the $2 Trillion Energy Industry: This CEO Tells You How

Why Police Kill And Get Away With It: Special Report

FK – So it’s all just a big show. Big surprise. What’s the encore?

150′ is a good shot for a handgun. In fact that’s almost exceptional in a stressed situation.

FK – Please let them bring in U.N. troops. It will be far easier to get Bubba to kill ‘the furriners’ than his cousin in the guard or his neighbor on the local cop force.

UN Attacks U.S. Gun Rights and More, Citing Ferguson and Cops

FK – This next column is a must read:

The Ferguson Conundrum Solved By Community Security

Fox News Insider: Armed ‘Oath Keepers’ Threatened With Arrest for Guarding Ferguson Shops

Ferguson Agitator Warns USA Today: Some ‘Going to Have to Die,’ ‘There Should Be Bloodshed

FK – Is the amerikan communist insurgency or the elites who back it getting desperate? Do they want real ‘race war’ in the cities now so they have an excuse to do as they please: recruit large numbers of idiots in their war against Human Liberty, as Lincoln did, and overwhelm us with numbers. You betcha.

CNN Flat-out Lies: Calls Ferguson Rioters “Peaceful”

Obama’s Latest Executive Order: $263 Million Federal Police Aid Program

FK – Cameras on cops may seem like a good thing but it might take away their discretion in deciding whether or not to enforce evil law. With their ‘superiors’ constantly looking over their shoulders they may feel forced to act like the Nazis our so-called ‘laws’ demand.

Video: Ferguson protesters pick a fight with snipers protecting businesses

FK – Property over trash that doesn’t respect property rights or Human Liberty. What a twisted brain-dead mentality. He should have asked the creatures if they planned to torch the building.

“Decision Day” Quickly Approaching on Whether Obama and Reid Will Dictate Gun Policy for the Next Ten Months

We knew that giving Boehner 247 Republican members and McConnell, 54 GOP senators, was not going to solve all of our problems — and allow us to relax for the next two years.

And, sure enough, it took Boehner and McConnell only a few days to hoist the first white flag of surrender — on a transcendently important issue.

Let’s face it:  None of the “Republican agenda” legislation being planned by Boehner and his minions is going anywhere.  Not Keystone Pipeline.  Not a repeal of the anti-gun ObamaCare law.  Not anything.

Rather, all government spending and policy will be contained in a single bill:  the government-funding “continuing resolution” — or “omnibus.”

So now, the debate raging in Washington is this:  Do the newly elected Republicans allow Reid’s discredited, repudiated “lame duck” Democrats to write a “continuing resolution” or “omnibus” which will set all spending and gun policy through September 30, 2015 (the end of the fiscal year).

FK – So now all we need is a republicrat NWO hack for the now red house so all the ‘tea partiers’ and fake conservatives can go back to the couch and the golf course until the demoncrats lie their way back into power with the assistance of the RINOs. The only way we’ll ever break out of this loop is by doing what will be required and restoring the Bill of Rights and ‘clarifying’ what Human Liberty is: the ability and right and duty and responsibility to kill those who would enslave you or enslave you further.

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