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Barry Bright – A Christmas story not yet told

Earlier today I posted a short reminiscence about a Christmas past. During World War I troops of both sides climbed out of their trenches and spent some time together celebrating a decidedly western, or European holiday.

Not all our enemies are so understanding.

My little war involved much less death and destruction but was conducted for no less nefarious reasons. A dictator our empire had once supported jumped out of his stall, after allegedly being given the go-ahead by our own people, and conquered a neighbor. The great modern empire of note representing ‘democracy‘ and profit for all rode in on its modern horses that can swim seas and drop bombs from 20,000 feet to set things right in the world for the petrodollar.

For us to have climbed out of our bulldozer dug holes and attempted to dance, sing and play football(soccer?) with our non-European non-Christian and non-Christmas celebrating ‘enemies’ would have been a strange thing indeed.

I did have an allied troop, soldier, whatever he exactly was, ask me if I had a 16-year-old cousin I could sell him. I’ve always thought he was serious. But he and his culture are nearly on the other side of the world and besides the effect they have on our gas prices I don’t expect them to be running our government any time soon. We have more pressing enemies, from right down the street.

If those World War I soldiers had climbed up out of the trenches, killed their generals, then moved en masse to their respective capitals and killed their kings, emperors and presidents and prime ministers who sent them to a fruitless war then maybe we’d have something to truly reminisce about.

Some might say they could have just thrown down their arms and refused to fight any more, thus refusing violence. The rulers would have just found some other young idiots to kill them for a check and a retirement plan, or some false promise of paradise in the next life.

When billions cannot discern that a child’s innocent belief in a red-suited fat man in a sleigh delivering presents to children the world over in one night is no different than an adult’s willful ignorance based belief that Noah crammed two of all the land species alive at that time into a boat then we are still in a very dark age.

WWI if I’m not mistaken was another war over the old empires. WWII was about the new empires. Yes, if only, but lots of ignorant 19-year-olds die in wars because their parents spend a lifetime choosing ignorance because it’s easier than thinking or standing on principle, if they even know the meaning of that word and I think most really don’t.

The elites see themselves as herders for the human livestock whose responsibility it is to ‘lead,’ the better ones anyway. The sheep don’t stop to question the dog.

As for our own situation, I won’t hold my breath for our greatest enemies, our blood domestic enemies who aren’t hiding in a cave on the other side of the world, to stop lying today. Somewhere some newswhore that had to work on a holiday is supporting the lie. Somewhere some hard corps commie is defending the Marxist mutt’s actions to a relative.

The stalemate WWI was known for was called trench warfare and predated that war. Soldiers trading and conversing with enemy troops is not new either. During the war for southern independence when trench warfare was really coming into its own because the Confederacy no longer had the manpower to out maneuver the hundred thousand plus army of immigrants and conscripts Lincoln was throwing at them to continue his tariff scheme Johnny Reb and Billy Yank often met between the lines to trade tobacco, coffee, food and gossip.

Not all wars are meaningless, but then the good guys don’t always win. Sometimes even if the ‘good guys’ do win it’s hard to tell the difference between the old regime and the new one. Even losers have the pride of knowing they just didn’t lick a boot.

The classically educated elites of an earlier time started our American Revolution that resulted in a Bill of Rights that as far as I’m concerned is the greatest document ever penned by the human hand, bar none. If we lose that, at whatever cost, we may be cast into an age of darkness our descendents might not emerge from for a very long time.

Our domestic war is far from over, and it’s not being fought for empire, but for human Liberty, the greatest calling. Our goal should be that someday when people celebrate this time of year for whatever reason they don’t have to get approval to do it by an out-of-control government or some other entity.

Barry Bright: What to be thankful for

A neighbor just invited me to Thanksgiving Dinner as I was wrapping up this short reminder of what the holiday is really about. I can always eat, that’s always been one of my problems. I suppose I should be thankful for a good appetite.

Now here’s something else to chew on, I hope it’s not too tough. As ‘ol John Wayne allegedly said, “Life is tough. It’s tougher if you’re stupid.”

Be thankful your ancestors, or maybe some of them, conquered this continent via warfare and disease, whether they came over willingly on a boat or via the Bering Land Bridge or were transported from Europe or Africa as white or black indentured servants or slaves.

Be thankful the bad guys won that ‘unpleasantness’ back in the mid 1860s whereby one of our most venerated leaders killed 600,000 men so he could keep taxing the southern states for without this ‘union’ we might not have defeated communism abroad while sheltering it in our schools, universities and news and entertainment organizations.

Be thankful you’re not one of those white turkeys that can be seen going down the interstate, crammed into those small wire cages, whose only purpose in this world is to eat and be eaten so that you can get up every day or most days of your adult life and go waste your time in exchange for money so you can support the corporations and banksters who really run our world.

Be thankful for the food we get out of a can or out of the freezer that allows us some leisure time and convenience away from the places we waste our time in exchange for money even though we daily hear/read how that food is killing us through ‘processing’ or genetic modification.

Be thankful for your government’s permission to drive your own car, build your own house, buy and carry the tools necessary to defend yourself, your loved ones and property against common criminals even though we’re a long way from forcing our rulers to acknowledge our right, duty and responsibility to kill them when necessary.

Be thankful we still haven’t descended into a hot blood civil war or the economy/dollar hasn’t completely crashed or the sadistic gods our ancestors created haven’t thrown the vast majority of us into hellfire yet while that tiny minority of whatever version, sub-version or subversion that actually makes it into make-believe land sings praises to them.

Be thankful for the fair treatment your kids or the neighbor’s kids get while in prison because they possessed or did something the governments or someone’s version of ‘morality’ decided they shouldn’t posses or do.

Be thankful gas is only 2.50 to 3 bucks a gallon because the Saudis who care about us and the Wall Street whores have other short term goals beyond just making money so it’ll be a little easier to get to grandma’s house this weekend, if she has a house.

Be thankful for that relative at your table who voted for the Marxist mutt for it’s woken more sheeple up, angered more people to action and sold more guns and ammo than any republicrat RINO NWO hack could have dreamed of all while destroying our Liberty in different ways. Be sure to tell it that.

Be thankful that when our national and state constitutions were written some saw the inherent danger in such a document and demanded a Bill of Rights accompany them because they knew that someday we would be a nation of cowardly dumbed-down pacified morons and that it would be up to that tiny minority to stand up for Liberty.

Be thankful, as you watch football and chew turkey and slurp pie for that tiny minority in every generation that most of you don’t know even exists stands in the breach and actually gives a damn about something besides grazing and breeding like human livestock.

Now go take a nap and rest up for tomorrow is the day we start preparing to share in the gifts of the holiday season that we, or some of us, earned with the sweat of our brows because by golly, that’s what they told us we’re supposed to do.



The deer and the real horror

oct14--web cpyrt_0007

I’ve spent the last couple weeks processing venison. Last night the liver was boiled for dog food and there’s a batch of jerky marinating in the fridge. A steak was eaten yesterday, not bad, a little tough because it was an ‘older’ deer probably between 2.5 and 4 or so years of age. As I’ve learned on YouTube aging deer either by sight or jawbones is not always an exact science.

Sunday before last was spent walking around a friend’s property with an old friend in hand, a Thompson Center Hawken Rifle of the caplock variety. Over the years I’ve used its .45 cal patched round balls several times to transition deer from the fields and woods to my freezer.

But transition seems like such a politically correct term, kinda like ‘harvest.’ What we hunters do is kill and I’d probably still enjoy the hunt and kill even if I didn’t eat the meat. Yes I’d find someone who wanted it. More on all this later.

My favorite form of hunting is called ‘still hunting’ what many would think of as stalking. It’s more interesting than trying to sit in the same place for hours and much easier to fight off nap time. The changing leaves and comfortable temperatures make for my favorite time to hunt.

There’s a magic in the woods this time of year that seems to float somewhere in a dimension between the colors and fall wind that once in a while reveals one of winter’s icy fingers feeling around for what damage can be done.

The years I have time to hunt very much I use the first Kentucky muzzleloader season to scout and hunt at the same time since I usually don’t notice much buck sign before then. Scrapes are beginning to appear and rubs are easier to see because of the falling leaves. Plus deer have transitioned from grass and browse to fall mast like acorns.

So Sunday before last I got into the woods about 9 am. An early riser I haven’t been in a long time, plus I’m no longer convinced it makes that much difference, especially at certain times of the year. While a teenager I’d ride my motorcycle 5 miles in 20 degree weather and climb up to the stand while the stars were still in the sky to take a chance on seeing what was then a rare sight, a Kentucky whitetail buck during gun season. No more.

After walking and sitting for 4 hours or so and seeing a fawn and maybe a tail flash through the woods and several squirrels who seem to know when they aren’t on the menu that day I ate lunch and headed up the hill to watch a field or where ever I decided, or the feeling, intuition or my ‘deerdar‘ took me.

The field had no spot that I felt gave me command of the entire scene so I decided upon a dirt road in the woods that went down a ridge that had yielded an 11 point buck during modern gun season two years ago. Noting a scrape on the road and a large downed tree near the trail that would give me a view of the road and large oak trees below it I decided that’s where I would set up my ambush.

The move over to the tree was just shy of dead waking because the leaves were now as dry as potato chips. I cleared out a place to sit putting down an old military poncho as a ground cloth and cut off some undergrowth so it wouldn’t catch on my rifle and make more noise as I slowly swung it toward any prospective trophy. About two minutes after I finally got to sit still came the sound of something moving through the leaves along the side of the ravine below me.

It was a buck I had waited a lifetime to see, and maybe kill, with the rifle I had bought when I was 15 years old and maybe a chance to do better than the bad shooting on the buck two years before. No ‘monster buck’ maybe, possibly some kind of record according to a fellow deer hunter but enough to spend $275 or more to mount? Probably not on my current budget.

For several minutes he stood facing me, happily eating acorns. He only stood still once, raising his head for a few seconds after I had moved slowly to raise the rifle towards him, but he went back to his feast. The shot from the front was too risky with my degraded eyesight at that distance for fear that I might simply wound and never find him in the sumac thickets and post logging and ice storm undergrowth that cover much of that farm.

So finally he turned uphill and moved a few feet, stopping where I could see him between the trees. My 20/40 vision in my right eye made me take longer to place the sights than it should have and I probably aimed a little high to miss the weeds and tree limbs between us. The gun boomed and the smoke from the black powder masked the scene but I could still see the buck turn and bound away.

Then his noise of running turned to what sounded like a crash and a thud, only a few feet from where he had been standing but he was still out of sight. As I struggled to keep my composure and clean and reload my rifle I was nothing short of tickled pink but with the knowledge that the deer snorting at me from farther down the field line could be him, laughing at the old hunter who can no longer shoot straight.

Finally at the place he was feeding there was no blood, which is not uncommon with a round ball, which usually does pass through the body of the deer. So following the direction he took I saw his body laying in some small Oak trees. Then the real work began.

All this is related not to only tell a deer tale and brag a little, which is done with the acknowledgment that I just happened to sit down at the right place at the right time after seeing large tracks and scrapes and a large buck in the area the year before and killing a similar size animal two years before in the same patch of woods.

Deer hunting is 80 percent preparation, research and skill and presence of mind and 99 percent luck. Most hunt for years or a lifetime and never kill an animal of any real size. Many years I didn’t hunt at all or a few hours at most so I’m not the committed trophy hunter many are.

A much younger trophy hunter than I underwent his own right of passage recently. Maybe it won’t be the only time he takes an animal of such stature but for sure it won’t be the last time our blood domestic enemies attack someone for doing what for humans should come naturally.

Our ancestors were probably scavengers before they were real hunters, maybe depending on what the latest official version is from the world of anthropology. But it is undeniable that for hundreds of thousands of years our ancestors took to the field after what was for them survival, not just sport or an addition to an over stuffed sometimes deadly diet.

We must stop apologizing to our blood domestic enemies for what we do for that gives them credence where they have nor deserve none. They are like a teacher I remember in high school who said, after hearing some of us discuss our hunting excursions that she didn’t think she could kill anything, “Well maybe a chicken.”

“You mean you could kill one of those cute fuzzy chicks” I asked her, not having even at that time much patience for mindlessness. My early political education had come from Outdoor Life magazine which on occasion would report on the efforts of ‘anti-hunters’ to save Bambi.

Lately we’ve been enjoying another kind of season. Well not really. Some people hate election time so much they go out of their way to miss it entirely which is probably a good thing. We don’t need any more stupid willfully ignorant voters.

But as a moth to the flame I’m drawn like any good Marine to the front. A couple of my Saturday afternoons this fall have been spent ‘campaigning’ for republican candidates for the Kentucky House of Representatives.

As always we cannot guarantee what any candidate will do once they are in office. But Take Back Kentucky and many others are looking for Liberty leverage in this growing police state. I only spoke with a handful of potential voters, hearing everything from the mindless drone of “I’ve known him all my life and couldn’t vote against him,” to “I’ll vote for him if he shelters me during the Ebola zombie apocalypse.”

Much is at stake here and so few see it. That’s the horror of it. From the horror of internet trolls threatening a kid who did something to be proud of, learning the basic skills he’ll need some day to fight for his Liberty to the constant battle to force our governments to acknowledge what we already posses to the evidence that we should already have a militia force in place to deal with evil like this to the fear that still controls many to the point that they have to come up with a politically correct label for what is our right, duty and responsibility to do.

I’ve been reading the last book of a series on the War for Southern Independence. In this book the arrogant misled Yankees can’t understand why the southern men fought so hard against the northern invaders who were threatening their homes and their Liberty. That’s what war is, not just the confusion of combat but the incomplete understanding of what brought it about in the first place. Ours will be no different and it will be forced upon us ready or not.

“Death by violence, death by cold, death by starvation – they are the normal endings of the stately creatures of the wilderness. The sentimentalists who prattle about the peaceful life of nature do not realize its utter mercilessness.” – Theodore Roosevelt in his safari diary.

FK – So much for the idea that wild predators only attack the weak or kill quickly.

The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife, after years of sightings, has finally acknowledged that these big cats can sometimes be found in Kentucky. Supposedly one has been seen within a couple miles of my house within the last couple years. So the predator can become the predated.

An animal killed by a kinetic energy weapon usually bleeds out pretty quickly if the lungs or heart or major arteries are damaged/severed. A brain or spinal cord hit will put them down immediately as seems to have happened here:

FK – Too bad all kids don’t have real parents who see the necessity of teaching them reality:

What to teach your kids

This is the ‘presence of mind’ part:

Barry Bright: Scottish non-Liberty

While earning my last three credit hours from Western Kentucky University in the late 80s I spent five weeks in their study abroad program which took me to London, England. Even with 130 plus credit hours I was still very ignorant of the ways of the world.

While there I read a newspaper article, which I’ve recounted before on the original version of this website, that detailed a robbery. Some Londoners were having a party and some other Brits decided to crash it which might have been bearable until the crashers started carrying the host’s stereo and other valuables out the door. What is so memorable to me is that according to the newspaper report no one lifted a finger to stop them.

Now I’ve never been much of a physical fighter, but I can’t imagine allowing someone to carry my stuff right out my own door in front of me without putting up some kind of resistance, armed with fists, a gun, or whatever was handy.

Here in Amerika, the land of the not-so-free and rarely brave, we have our own records to be ashamed about. But at least in recent years we have tried to make amends for our cowardly ways.

Now we have, and I’m ashamed to admit it though I’m not in the least surprised, a Kentuckian, native or immigrant I’m not sure, posting a partly tongue in cheek column on the commie news network’s website suggesting we should take Scotland’s place under the crown if it’s ‘sovereign people’ vote to declare their non-independence.

I hadn’t paid a great deal of attention to this movement, other than to surmise a few months back that it’s leadership is probably another bunch of socialist scum who just want to run their own little police state the way they see fit. After a little research this morning I see I was right.

Their ‘independence’ is to be nothing like ours, unless one ascribes to the theory that the United States never really surrendered its subservience to the English throne. On the proposed Scottish Independence Bill they really gain much of nothing:

Under ‘Head of State’ –

(1) Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth is to be Head of State, as Queen.

(2) Her Majesty is to be succeeded as Head of State (and as Queen or, as the cas e may be, King) by Her heirs and successors to the Crown according to law.

(3) Her Majesty, and Her successors to the Crown, continue to enjoy all the rights, powers and privileges which, according to law, attached to the Crown in Scotland immediately before Independence Day.

Under ‘Rights’:

Respect for human rights

(1) Every person has the rights and fundamental freedoms set out in the European Convention on Human Rights.

(2) Scots law is of no effect so far as it is incompatible with those rights and fundamental freedoms.

(3) The Scottish Government and public authorities must, in carrying out their functions, respect and comply with those rights and freedoms.

And way farther down there’s more:



Section 24 maintains the position of European Union law in an independent Scotland. It provides that directly effective EU law forms part of Scots law which, in turn, must not be inconsistent with EU law. This is the same as the position of Scotland at present as part of the UK and as part of the EU, and reflects the effect of the European Communities Act 1972. This section ensures that when Scotland, for Independence Day, changes its status within the EU from being part of a Member State to being a distinct Member State, the effect of EU law and all the rights, powers and obligations flowing from the EU Treaties will seamlessly carry on from Scotland as part of the UK to Scotland as a Member State of the EU.

So much for ‘independence.’ But maybe it’ll be sort of like Brit independence.

This after a cursory scan of the huge document, which we can be sure most Scottish voters, for or against, won’t bother to read. I did check out the official European Convention on ‘human rights’ page and without wasting years analyzing decades of socialist legal patina that amounts to another form of human bondage I can declare they seem to care about ‘democracy’ and the ‘rule of law.’ How nice.

Democracy is of course just another form of manipulation. It is the opposite of Liberty. The rule of law is a myth, until those who make the rules send their black-suited Nazis to your door.

I saw no sign of a real Bill of Rights such as we have here, as ignored as it often is. But it’s ignored because the people and the sheeple ignore it. One has to be seeking an awakening, often a lifelong experience, to be a ‘people’ in my not always so humble estimation.

Of course they won’t allow their people or their sheeple to arm themselves against possible tyranny or to protect their ‘human rights’:


Section 26 is the first of three sections dealing with human rights and equality. Most modern constitutions contain human rights and equality provisions which set out the fundamental rights and freedoms enjoyed by everyone in society. These provisions reflect universal principles established by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948 (UDHR) and further developed in subsequent treaties and conventions.

The UDHR proceeds from the fundamental principle that all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. Sections 26 to 28 of the Bill safeguard and guarantee Scotland’s existing progressive approach to equality and human rights and place Scotland firmly within the mainstream of contemporary European constitutional thinking.

Over here ‘progressive approach’ means commie. Most likely it’ll mean the same over there. That Universal Declaration of Human Rights has a few good points until we get to the end:

Article 29.

  • (1) Everyone has duties to the community in which alone the free and full development of his personality is possible.
  • (2) In the exercise of his rights and freedoms, everyone shall be subject only to such limitations as are determined by law solely for the purpose of securing due recognition and respect for the rights and freedoms of others and of meeting the just requirements of morality, public order and the general welfare in a democratic society.
  • (3) These rights and freedoms may in no case be exercised contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations.

Definition: You have the rights we say you have. And of course no where in any of these European or Scottish documents is the recognition of the most basic right any creature possesses.

So whatever the Scots are voting for, it sure ain’t Liberty. And however cheeky the trashy Asbury professor/propagandist seems it doesn’t belong here. Tell it so. Tell its employer what you think as well.

England has some nice people and great beer but they are slaves mentally, like most Europeans, like many amerikans. In WWII lots of ‘nice’ sheeple shot lots of other ‘nice’ sheeple into ditches because their superiors ordered them to. Most of the sheeple who were shot into ditches died stupidly wondering “How did this ever happen to me?”

England and Scotland share a beautiful island, but they aren’t free and won’t be any more ‘free’ regardless of how the vote turns out. Endless economic and bureaucratic wrangling notwithstanding.

Most advanced tool-using primates planet wide have a sorry understanding of what ‘free’ is. Many in fact would rather die than be free and would rather kill their neighbors, either down the street or on other continents than allow them to be really free.

Mankind has a long way to go in understanding that until it stops choosing between various forms of authoritarianism it will not know Liberty. I don’t expect to exist long enough in this realm to see that happen.

Barry Bright: Gorillas with guns

Hollyweird has proven one thing: monkeys never run out of ammo. Not once during the latest version of Planet of the Apes did I see a simian do a magazine change.

The director did however make sure to include at least a couple of dramatic clicking sounds for a weapon that should have already been in battery. This usually drives me batty but since it only happened twice with this flick I’ll give them a pass.

I went to see Dawn of the Planet of the Apes because the originals were shown on the weaponvision when I was a sixth grader or so and I was fascinated with the concept. A girl in front of me in class liked the movies and we’d talk about them a lot. Don’t remember a thing we said but we were sixth graders.

Without throwing out any spoilers, the script is predictable to a point with a couple of unexpected turns but the same themes are there, Ape vs. man who is also part ape so they suffer from most of the same foibles, bad nature, whatever. Neither group can blindly trust it’s own members though some fall into the trap of thinking they can until human/ape nature proves them wrong.

Somehow the writers avoided the great political correctness of our day: There were no gay apes, tranny apes, or apes applying for marriage licenses(permission to get married). No hand holding by male apes. It was pretty much nuclear family type stuff, type A males and scared sheeple followers, on both the human and ape sides.

Some have claimed ‘gun control’ was a thread that ran through the picture and it could be interpreted that way but for once I’ll give Hollyweird a break and just say that if you watch the flick to the end and think about it the two main characters portray the qualities any leader should: level headedness, fairness, and in the end a healthy respect for the inadequacies of his own species.

One human character was patterned more than a little after what most “Liberal”(commie) trash would consider to be a hard corps conservative ‘Rah Rah ‘Murica can’t trust the enemy cause they hurt us’ type. Let’s face it, many of them are like that. Most of them are Romney voters and think we can send enough bombs to mountain caves to solve our problems. So I have to give them a pass for that too because the guy did do a smart thing in a stupid way and got caught and almost cost the lives of his compatriots.

History shows if you’re a Jew you don’t run down the street in 1943 Berlin screaming “I’m a Jew and I have a right to be a Jew,” without expecting some consequences. When the apes tell you ‘no guns’ you’d better practice deep concealment or be ready to face the consequences, or be ready to shoot apes.

FK – At least some of the flick is based in reality:

FK – Apes obviously don’t have access to YouTube:

FK – This guy has more to say about it than I want to bother with. I just wanted to enjoy the movie for once, well not really, but it does make me feel better that he doesn’t know the difference between an elk and a deer:

FK – …and don’t pick on Keri Russell, she’s still hot.

I’m a vet, do ya’ want to thank me?

Really? Then put forth the effort to understand this or shut up.

We can’t all be heroes because somebody has to sit on the curb and clap as they go by.
– Will Rogers (1879-1935)

A few years back a guy saw me wearing my POW/MIA cap. “Thank you for your service,” he said without even asking me if I was actually a vet. I have a V.A. card to prove it but that’s beside the point. No one has to be a vet to be aware of the issues we all face or wear one of those caps.

The United States government intentionally left hundreds of POWs behind in Vietnam. Look it up. But that’s the tip of the iceberg.

That wasn’t my war, or ‘police action’ as our undeclared wars go nowadays. Mine was almost a picnic compared to what many have to endure. As far as I know the only thing I almost died of was boredom. That doesn’t make me a hero.

We’ll skip the discussion of ‘If we had the government we’re supposed to have here what percentage of the population would still sign up to serve and take a chance on their lives, and mental and physical future health.’

But we don’t have the government we’re supposed to have here, haven’t for a very long time. If they’re stealing ‘their’ money out of your paycheck before it even reaches your hands you’re a slave, no other word for it.

If you have to fill out a form or pass a test or ask permission to buy and carry a tool to exercise the most basic right we possess, to defend ourselves from criminals in government or on the street then they consider you to be a lesser being, a slave. Those who argue otherwise are liars and don’t belong here and should be escorted to the shore or the border and given a friendly warning: “Don’t come back upon pain of death.” ‘Gun control’ isn’t a disagreement, it’s an act of war.

People with a criminal mindset love to tell us we don’t have a right to fight back. Criminals in government most especially love to tell us we don’t have a right to fight back. We’ve had the internet for 20 years now. There are no excuses for not understanding these simple tenets.

The list of infringements on our natural born Liberty are legion and growing daily by exponential proportions. Our police forces are being militarized to wage war on the civilian population. SWAT teams engaged in one ‘war’ or another regularly murder and maim people and kill their pets or their grandparents, often because they were at the wrong address and usually suffer little to no consequences.

Our biggest enemies, the enemies of Human Liberty are right here. They’re not hiding in a cave on the other side of the world. They have white skin and were probably born here. Nearly everything they say is the opposite of what they mean. They have been patiently chipping away at the Bill of Rights, the thing that truly makes this country exceptional, for over 100 years, really since the beginning of the republic when the Anti-Federalists insisted on a counter to the possibility of an over-bearing Federal government.

Don’t allow your blood domestic enemies to hide behind cute names. Call them what they are, communists, authoritarians, fascists if it really fits. Our domestic blood enemies want us to fear them. Refuse to participate. And tell them you demand Liberty, not democracy which is just another form of manipulation.

Don’t think you can just listen to a few radio ads, read a headline or two then vote and act as if you’ve done something. That’s only the middle of the process which involves ignoring what candidates say and focusing on what they actually do. That little sticky flag on your car doesn’t cut it. The flag in your yard doesn’t cut it. It’s time to wake up and grow up now because nobody’s gonna get beamed up.

And don’t go running to your preachers and your teachers and the whores on the weaponvision. They’re paid to lie to you. Their job is to keep the general population pacified and stupid and to keep the slaves working. Want to be patriotic? Real patriots refuse to be stupid or to be treated as children who are to be lorded over and protected.

If you want to thank me for my service, then thank me for my service to the patriot and militia movements, as inadequate as it has been. That took far more courage than a few weeks at Parris Island. Then actively engage your minds and work to restore the Bill of Rights and work to expand Human Liberty.

As Rogers said we can’t all be heroes. Wars aren’t won by heroes. Wars are won by common people who were once sheeple who accept the responsibility of learning and doing what will be required if we can save this country, if it can be saved. Get ready to do what is required and what will be required.




Free Kentucky Column: The Basics

Barry Bright
June 4, 2014

Random thoughts that have been boiling in my brain for a long time. I reserve the right to change, alter, edit, add at any time.

For those who’ve been paying attention for a long time and lack the patience to read/hear/see the same old propaganda any more:

On freedom of speech: If you can’t anger everyone about their pet ideology, values, beliefs, faith, whatever and keep talking you don’t have it.

On the Right to bear arms: When it’s ‘illegal’ to kill those who seek to disarm you, you don’t have it.

On “Liberal,” progressive(commie) trash: The fact we tolerate the evil in our governments shows we exist in a nation of cowardly whores. When you call them the cute names they assigned themselves: ‘liberals’ and ‘progressives’ to hide their authoritarian evil, instead of commies, you assist them in the destruction of human Liberty. Call the trash what it is, treat it as it deserves to be treated. It’s way past time to take out the trash by whatever means necessary.

On religion: Most religionists fear death far more than non-religionists because they have a deep fear of the unknown, which is the biggest cornerstone of religion. The second biggest cornerstone of religion is the desire of the elites to keep the slaves working, so they either create religions for this purpose or they infiltrate and manipulate religions in order to keep the slaves working. If someone tells you they ‘know’ because they read it in their religious book you know you’re dealing with a child who prefers wishful thinking to the cold hard pavement of reality. Who wouldn’t? Blind faith got us into this mess and it won’t get us out. The human race is still a very primitive species and probably will be for a long time to come.

On doomsayers: Yeah, one day ‘the world will end’ or ‘society will come crashing down,’ or ‘civilization as we know it will cease to exist.’ We are all cosmic dust hurtling through space. Lot’s of money has been made and lives wasted worrying over things we can’t control. In a representative republic we are supposed to have a say in the laws we are forced to exist under at the point of a government gun. Those who prefer to sit on their lazy fat apathetic asses and wait for the world to end deserve to be treated as the slaves they are.

On taxation: When they steal money from your paycheck before it even reaches your hands, you’re a slave.

On secession: When you can’t ‘un-volunteer’ from something you volunteered for, you’re  a slave.

On slavery: The submissive have been surviving to breed for a very long time. Most humans, loosely defined, are herd animals, sheeple as they are called nowadays, but most are capable of becoming ‘sheepdogs’ or wolves when necessary but have been pacified and dumbed-down. Most humans are thus too stupid and apathetic to know they are slaves or too cowardly to stand up and refuse to be treated like jackasses either by their governments or their employers.

On ‘black slavery’ and the war for Southern Independence: Only a modern Marxism indoctrinated dumbed-down idiot would think that as ‘racist’ as white people of the mid 1800s were, they killed 600,000 white men to free the black slaves. The ameri-commies want to say the south was wrong so they can say the Founders were wrong because they owned slaves.

On Liberty: Liberty is preserved for that tiny minority that actually cares about it because they are the few in each generation that inches humanity along, often from the ‘left’ and the ‘right.’

On communism: The commies enjoy such success because so-called, self-proclaimed ‘Libertarians’ and ‘conservatives’ are often truly guilty of what the commies accuse them of – only being concerned about their own fortunes. The hard corps commies at the top of the global commie insurgency know full well the evil they participate in. They are incapable of taking breath without working to enslave those around them. They cannot just pass a few laws to address real problems and then leave well enough alone. They will not rest until they control every minute aspect of every existence in this world and probably the universe. There is only one cure for such creatures as they will continue to lie until hell itself thaws out again.

On ‘isms:’ All the ‘isms’ ignore those aspects of human nature/behavior they find inconvenient. Libertarians claim to want limited government so it won’t abuse peoples’ rights but think it’s OK for employers to treat their employees like jackasses in the name of profit and ‘progress.’ Most employees are too stupid or cowardly to get together and stand up for themselves. Simple fact.

On authoritarianism: Religion, or at least humanity’s two major religions, are the ultimate form of authoritarianism because their sadistic asshole of a god will burn all those who don’t go along with their versions, sub-versions and subversions alive in fire forever or simply kill them, after resurrecting them(what’s the point?) or bringing them up out of hell to be judged after they’ve already been there for thousands of years only to tell them they’re going back. Their ‘god’ is patterned after the ancient evil tyrannical kings who looked down their noses at their peasants, servants, slaves and said “Obey me or I’ll torture or kill you because I’m a god, descended from gods, want to be a god, or was appointed by god so what I do is his will(which is what most churches preach nowadays).” How ironic that the ‘religion’ that was created to allegedly free mankind is now being used to enslave it.

On the bible, Old Testament: 3000-year-old tribal propaganda combined with some actual literature and ancient wisdom that most who claim to believe obviously don’t understand.

New Testament: Jesus was probably a real ‘man’ or ‘son of god’ as we all are according to ancient beliefs that pre-date ‘christianity.’ His teachings were obviously borrowed from earlier systems and manipulated by latter church leaders and governments for their own ends. The average believer is intentionally blind to this for their own personal reasons or they’re just too un-educated and stupid to understand it.

On the ‘New World Order:’ This term is thrown around so much that few understand it’s real implications. The elite use it as a road map or as a simple description of those in power at the time or whose economic system/empire dominates etc. Trying to figure out who’s really in charge is a waste of time until we get enough together to hold the treason trials and figure out who we truly need to hang.

On the ongoing domestic cold war and the on-coming blood conflict: Our biggest enemies have always been right here, from the founding of the Republic. See ‘Federalist‘ vs. ‘Anti-Federalist.’ They aren’t hiding in a cave on the other side of the world. Only the simple-minded allow themselves to be distracted by such.

On voting and elections: Political action can still do some good except on the presidential level. History shows that wild card presidential candidates either aren’t allowed to win by telling the brain dead mush heads in the middle they ‘can’t win’ or are killed or co-opted once they get into the now red house and actually attempt to do anything that matters because the elites control the process and the mainstream news media. It’s likely that only bloody civil war will ultimately change this. If someone tells you ‘it’s all a dog and pony show’ then you’re dealing with a lazy fat ass who won’t spend the time and effort to do anything about protecting it’s own Liberty and fully deserves to be treated like a slave. This is war. Any effort on the various fronts is not wasted as different people/sheeple respond differently to different propaganda and the middle is played against both ends by both sides.

On commies(“liberals” and ‘progressives’) claiming to be pacifists: Those who claim pacifism can never vote for voting is the most violent act one can participate in. Government is force thus voting is electing someone to hire someone to stick a gun in your neighbor’s face and kill them if they refuse your agenda.

A few things that might matter, or ‘The Basics’ part two

FreeKy Column: A hollow sacrifice remembered

Barry Bright
May 28, 2014

Over 20 years ago now I told my cousin that I’d been activated for Operation Desert Shield which turned into Operation Desert Storm, George Bush the First’s war to ‘liberate’ Kuwait from the empire’s former puppet, Saddam Hussein.

Her first words were more or less: “Can’t you get out of it?”

Her response was repulsive to me and to some degree still is, if for no other reason than her question originated in an even baser ignorance than my at that time still partially blind patriotism. At least I can claim that my thoughts were, and maybe my answer to her, was that I couldn’t skip out on my fellow Marines or my responsibility to ‘serve’ as I’d signed up for when I joined the beast empire’s military and took a chance on my life and future mental and physical health.

But I was considerably more ignorant then with my college degree and 15-plus years of indoctrination by the government schools, ‘official’ news media and what amounted to a state religion since the churches had been put under the control of the I.R.S. and essentially told they couldn’t be ‘political’ anymore, unless of course they were black or Unitarian(Marxist) congregations working for their ‘civil rights.’

If I had understood what I do now about the purpose our military really serves I might have tried to find a way to ‘get out of it’ or maybe never joined in the first place. The military is by its nature set up so that when a recruit signs that line he becomes the property of the Federal government, well, more of a ‘property’ than the average enslaved amerikan who for the most part only has to tolerate their money being stolen out of their paychecks before it even reaches their hands, and the tens of thousands of un-constitutional laws, statutes, regulations etc. that we are all forced to obey at the point of a government gun held by those who sign up to ‘serve.’

Since I do understand more completely the purpose the military serves, and it hasn’t fought a war for Liberty since 1865 and the bad guys won that one, I’m especially downcast when hearing/reading about the new Kentucky NATIONAL Guard monument being raised and fund raised for in Frankfort.

The Daniel Boone statue they plan to include is only salt for the wound. Boone was an imperfect human and from my understanding primarily a businessman of sorts if far more daring than most in risking his scalp, being burned or rather baked alive after being forced to run the gauntlet by Indians and possibly similar fates for close family members all in the name of profit.

Now I don’t begrudge Boone nor any of the other pioneers the land they conquered for us, nor for the part of me that’s descended from Amerindians through both my parents. I only question some of their methods, but this column isn’t about that.

Boone was an individualist as far as I can tell. He also worked at one point to form an entirely new country here in Kentucky, to be called Transylvania. He detested the settling of the land he helped conquer and I’ve often heard how he would move a little farther west when he could see the smoke from his neighbor’s chimney. And most importantly the militia he served in was not the precursor of the Kentucky NATIONAL Guard in no way shape or manner.

The militias of that time served their local interests and their state governments almost exclusively. They were imperfect organizations and General Washington was often disappointed in their performance when called up to fight for the Continental Congress. That’s why he worked all through the war for Independence to create a professional army that could be counted on to stand toe to toe with the British.

There were times when the militia men stood their ground or advanced upon their fleeing enemies and times when they ran screaming like little girls.

The main difference between the colonial militias and the NATIONAL guard is the militiamen kept their weapons, equal in power to or more accurate than, that carried by the British troops, at home. NATIONAL guardsmen’s weapons are kept in FEDERAL armories under FEDERAL GOVERNMENT control.

The militiamen often elected their officers, whereas the NATIONAL Guard’s officers are FEDERALLY trained and owe their allegiances first and foremost to those who sign their paychecks despite the oath of allegiance they take to the U.S. Constitution and thus the Bill of Rights. Their first responsibility should of course be to the Bill of Rights but in reality most of them will follow the orders of those who sign their paychecks and move to disarm and kill all who resist disarming.

Lot’s of ignorant 19-year-olds die in wars. It’s always been that way and without some significant change in human nature and culture it likely will remain so for generations to come. All the flag waving and folding and marching and tear-jerking blindly patriotic eulogies notwithstanding.

If anyone bothered to read a eulogy for me I’d prefer they note that I was far more proud of my service to the Patriot and militia movements than my ‘service’ to the modern empire of note. It’s flag has long since dishonored the red that is supposed to represent the blood originally shed to establish some semblance of Liberty here.

But most of the sheeple in this country wouldn’t understand that as they’d rather shed a few tears over a simple-minded understanding of ‘god and country’ while mindlessly believing our greatest enemies are hiding in a cave on the other side of the world instead of walking our streets from birth, or some such. It’s easier than putting forth the mental effort to understand higher principles and ideals much less accept that they’ve been lied to all their lives in the churches and the schools and on their weaponvisions.

Unless enough come to grips with the necessity of what will be required to restore and expand Human Liberty here no statues worthy of true respect will be erected and no monuments to blood truly shed in defense of freedom will ever be funded and no war worth fighting will again soak our ground with blood equal in worth to that shed in the 1700s by local militiamen and during the 1860s by Southern patriots who fought for what they considered to be their countries, their once independent sovereign nation states.

Free Kentucky Column: Whose closet are you hiding in?

Barry Bright
May 17, 2014

A while back I was in conversation with some Liberty-oriented types after a meeting of prejudiced right wing extremists who are undoubtedly out to overthrow democracy and the welfare state and make sure there’s a Klan robe hanging in every white male’s closet.

During our discourse one of them was referring to his “liberal” friends and later said something about being afraid to ‘come out of the closet.” No, not ‘that’ closet. This guy has a grandkid, not that that would make a lot of difference nowadays.

Such thinking reminds me of my own awakening back in the mid 90s when I established a group called ‘The College Patriots’ at Western Kentucky University. I’ll never forget the look a professor gave me as it walked past our table in the student center, that mix of ultimate revulsion with condescending amusement with just a little fear thrown in from the side.

And all we wanted was to promote freedom, in the land of the no longer free and rarely brave. But at that time I didn’t realize the depth of the apathy, fear and hatred. In my naiveté I actually thought enough of the population would awaken and take action within a few years to restore some semblance of Liberty here. It’s been 20 years now.

A bumper sticker from that time period was a favorite of mine: “By the year 2000 we’ll be hunting liberals with dogs.” If only. Those who claim to love liberty are too busy hiding in their closets and allowing their blood domestic enemies, our greatest enemies, who aren’t hiding in a cave on the other side of the world, to dictate their speech and their actions.

I’ve beat this dead horse before in countless YouTube comments and in other places not to mention the link included in an above paragraph. Go read it and if the reality of our situation doesn’t overwhelm you come back here when done.

Our blood domestic enemies love it when their victims refer to them by the cute little names they come up with to hide their evil. There’s nothing ‘liberal’ about authoritarianism of any stripe and nothing ‘progressive’ about taking the human race back to an ancient form of slavery.

American communists were holding conventions here in the early 20th century and learned over time they couldn’t directly overthrow our form of government and would have to act covertly the first step of which was to hide their true intentions, often by claiming the opposite of their real goals.

The fact they openly worshipped Stalin before its murderous ways became known, after the newswhores of that time had intentionally not reported on the genocides in the Soviet Union, didn’t help.

So they started calling themselves ‘liberals’ and ‘progressives’ to hide their very real evil. But still so many are afraid to call them what they really are. This must end, yesterday.

During the 60s they sold us ‘peace and love’ when what they really meant was “You are our slaves.” Indeed we are. When the government steals money out of our paychecks before it even reaches our hands no other description can apply. When we have to fill out a form to buy a tool for our most basic right, that of self defense against government and common criminals, no other word can apply.

There are closets on both sides. Hanging out with ‘libertarians’ and ‘conservatives’ necessitates ignoring that employers often treat their ‘associates’ or human resources like jackasses and it’s getting worse. As ‘consumers’ we also need a few basic laws to keep them form poisoning us or selling us faulty products as history clearly shows human greed will do if it can.

That doesn’t have to equal hordes of bureaucrats swarming over the landscape telling us what we must do with our own property, which includes the shirts on our backs and even our backs. Gun control is about telling the common person they have no right to defend the most basic private property they posses, their own bodies, lives and health no matter where they are or whose property they’re on.

There’s nothing ‘libertarian’ about hiring people and treating them like jackasses in the name of profit nor nothing ‘conservative’ about helping to tear down the family by ensuring that parents have no time to spend with their children so they are basically raised by minimum wage daycare workers and even more ignorant teachers in government schools where the values they are shown during their most formative years are handed down from on high so that no child is left un-indoctrinated in the ways of slavish compliancy to the gods of profit and statism.

American corporations didn’t move their factories to Latin America and Asia because they felt sorry for the peasants. The ‘party of the little man’ didn’t vote NAFTA through the congress of commies so they could get smaller corporate campaign donations. The greedy workaholic CEOs knew they could find desperate workers there who would do or say anything to get or keep a job while creating desperate workers here who would put up with the loss of the 40 hour work week which means they often don’t have lives outside of the craphole where they waste their time in exchange for money.

Not everyone can or wants to relocate to find better employment, if indeed it’s out there anymore. I meet blue collar types who I truly don’t think would find that within their realm of understanding. Personally I wouldn’t move to Texas or any flat state or large city and several other places in this country unless they offered me enough money that I could retire after a couple years. One thing I haven’t heard mentioned in the ongoing minimum wage war is that many full time ‘adult’ jobs in this state pay less then 15 bucks an hour.

I attended a funeral service about a year and a half ago at the end of which the preacher wanted everyone to ‘stand for Jesus’ or some such. I was one of only two or three who didn’t stand. This might not have seemed so unusual except the attendees were mostly ‘patriot’ types or liberty activists whom one might think would understand the dangers of blind faith, group think, peer pressure, etc. Sigh.

The human species still has a lot of growing up to do and I don’t expect to take breath long enough to see that journey completed. In fact I’m pretty sure it’s multiple generations away.

Part of that growing up must include getting away from the playground induced fear of ‘name-calling.’ It’s not ‘name-calling’ if it’s true. We need to call our blood domestic enemies what they are and proceed to develop the resolve to do what will be required to restore the Bill of Rights here and evolve Human Liberty into the sacrosanct institution it deserves to be.

Without Liberty, here or in any other sphere, we are nothing but slaves, no matter how much peace and love the illusion hands us.

My old YouTube Standard rants/comments

Before google severely restricted freedom of speech on YouTube I used these quite often. I’ll let the reader figure out where or to whom they might be applied.

I don’t apologize for telling the truth.

Millions will dig the ditch they are told to dig then wet their pants when the machine gun bolts slam home and die stupidly wondering “How did this happen to me?” The tiny minority will have to do what will be required.
It’s time to stop arguing over the culture war. It’s time to stop hunkering down for the apocalypse. It’s time to stop waiting to get beamed up. It’s time to start thinking Normandy.
If you sit home waiting your turn you deserve to have your gun taken from your cold dead hands.
The Founders didn’t wait for the Brits to knock down their doors. They gathered at the green and stood up like men and they killed government employees all the way back to Boston.
What will you do when it’s time to hunt NWO hacks, republicrats and commies(“Liberals” and ‘progressives’)?
Don’t understand? Start here:

See folks, “Liberal”(commie) trash will never change. We will have to eradicate them to fix this mess if it can be fixed. They killed 170 million in the 20th century, they’ll have no problem killing again for their communism. It’s time to prepare for what will be required.
Liberty or death didn’t mean the Founders were going to blow their brains out if the British didn’t grant them Liberty. It meant they were going to blow British brains out.
Don’t understand? Start here:

The Second Amendment, as the rest of the Bill of Rights, is an acknowledgement of our natural born rights, not a granting. The entire Bill of Rights is about keeping the govt. in its place. The Second Amendment is about the common person’s right to own weapons of war so that we can keep the govt. in its place. It will not be infringed any further and the ‘gun laws’ in existence will be repealed. End of discussion.
Don’t understand? Follow my links. Read the quotes page first.

The Second Amendment, as the rest of the Bill of Rights, is an acknowledgement of our natural born rights, not a granting. The entire Bill of Rights is about keeping the governments in their place. The Second Amendment is about the common person’s right to own weapons of war so that we can keep the governments in their place by keeping the ‘monopoly on force’ in the hands of the people where it belongs, as in ‘We the people.’ Remember that? It will not be infringed any further and the ‘gun laws’ in existence will be repealed. End of discussion.
Don’t understand? Go to willowtowndotcom and read the quotes page first.

Time to repeal all of the ‘gun laws’ including GCA ‘68 and the NFA; Shut down the evil BATF Nazis and try them for treason, and murder where appropriate and distribute their retirement funds among their victims; Then enforce the Bill of Rights on places such as Commiefornia and New Yawk and Chigawgo and if necessary bring the troops home and have them restore Liberty here and remove Amerika’s natural born traitors in the process.
Don’t understand? Follow my links. Read the quotes page first.

Guns don’t kill, governments do. Gun free zones are the problem, they allow armed criminals to kill. Arm the teachers, the administrators and the parents. Don’t allow the “Liberal”(commie) trash who control the so-called educational system to teach mindless pacifism that is ensconced in their arrogance of false civility.
Don’t understand? Follow my links. Read the quotes page first.

I wanted to see the Marxist mutt win the now red house again because it’s sold more guns and ammo than the klintons ever thought about. It’s woken lots of sheeple up and pissed many people off and kept lots of idiot republicrats off the golf course. Its arrogance may yet take us to the crucible we must face before another generation or two is indoctrinated by the govt. schools and universities in false mindless pacifism.
Don’t understand? Follow my links. Read the quotes page first

So at what point between digging the ditch you’re told to dig and being shot into it are you going to fight back?
Guns without the will to use them or the resolve to do what will be required to restore Liberty here are nothing but toys. That is the situation we face now.
Don’t understand? Follow my links. Read the quotes page first.

You really need to wake up and grow up. I’m a ‘veteran’ and I know I was sent to war for the NWO empire, not Liberty. This country hasn’t fought a war for Liberty since 1865 and the bad guys won that one.

You ain’t gonna get beamed up child.
It’s time for you to wake up and grow up and take responsibility for the world you exist in.
I was raised in that ignorance. I’ve heard most of it before. Blind faith is what got us into this mess and it won’t get us out. Now get off your knees and stand up like a real human or get ready to kiss whatever they’ll stick in your face, as most churches already do.
Don’t understand? Follow my links. Read the quotes page first.

And if they replied to me:

How sad for you. Your entire reality is based on your fear of some sadistic asshole who considers you to be a slave worthy of being burned alive forever. But even worse it’s OK with you if that’s applied to those you claim to love.

Those who most deserve eternal torture are the ones who think it’s OK. Condoning such is a sickness, proof that the human race is largely insane and that we are still existing in a very dark age.

Anyone who could exist with such a sadistic asshole without telling it it’s wrong for torturing billions alive in fire forever is a pathetic cowardly creature. If someone is threatening you with such for not being a good little slave, they don’t love you, they don’t even like or respect you.