Cat Calling: Offensive or Flattering?

FK – Used to be a common thing in small towns. Don’t hear it so much anymore. But I guess the local drunks are now the local meth heads or whatever and stay home watching vids on their free govt. phones or playing games. I know some men used to seem to think it was expected of them and they were actually paying their ‘victims’ a complement. My how times have changed.

Here’s one I missed:

FK – Another ‘issue’ I’m sick of hearing about from the ‘extremists’ on both sides. Obviously if it’s banned completely there’ll just be a black market for it, as there used to be. In an imperfect world women have the burden of childbearing and one old and standard rule applies: The ‘choice’ is made when the chance is taken. Should we force rape/incest victims to have their attacker’s child that may share the genetics of the creature that found itself capable of such an act?

The religionists on the other hand puzzle me. They claim they value ‘life’ yet it’s perfectly OK with them if that newborn is cast into a lake of fire to be tortured forever if it’s not baptized soon enough after birth. The Catholics do it within a few days of birth, why not immediately I’m not sure since the baby’s ‘soul’ is in danger of hellfire since it was ‘born in sin’ because of the alleged actions of a couple of mythological figures that may or may not be loosely based in some real event that probably had nothing to do with sex. The protestants let the kid get old enough to be scared or cajoled into ‘gettin’ saved’ at what they used to call the ‘age of accountability’ whereby an 8-year-old, give or take a few years, gets to pay for his ancestors’ use of physical tools that came attached to their bodies, presumably. So little real logic goes into all of it that it’s hard to tell.

The human race is insane and until conception becomes a real ‘choice’ because we developed the tech to prevent pregnancy completely this issue won’t go away and probably not even then since so many pretend their teenagers don’t have sex drives. So many others ‘believe’ it’s their responsibility to produce more babies for their sadistic god to hold by their heels over hellfire and say “Be my perfect little slave or I’m gonna torture you forever.” That’s basically what it means regardless of ‘interpretation’ of which there are thousands.