Canadian feds overhaul gun laws with new ‘common sense’ firearms act

The act would limit the powers of provincial chief firearms officers, make all firearm licences possession-and-acquisition (PAL) licences, make it easier for legal gun owners to transport restricted firearms around their home province, provide a grace period to renew expired gun licenses, make the gun safety course mandatory for new shooters, and crack down further on domestic abusers owning guns.

“These measures would streamline licensing and eliminate needless red tape for law-abiding gun owners,” Blaney said. “Those who have shown a pattern of violent behaviour should not be able to possess firearms. These are the people we should focus our gun control efforts on.”

In 2012, the Tories scrapped the controversial long gun registry.

FK – It’s a right not a privilege.

If the sheeple had any ‘common sense’ they’d have long ago built the militia force necessary to hunt and eradicate the “Liberal”(commie) trash who want to disarm us all so we can’t kill them.

That’s what it’s about. That’s all it’s about.