Bundy Family Treated as Terror Suspects by TSA

I asked the agent why we were being treated so differently and why we were selected out. He told me it was because my boarding pass was tagged with the bold letters “SSSS”. He also told me that this will happen every time you fly because you are marked. Beyond that he did not disclose of anything else. My daughter then asked him if she could put her shoes back on. The agent said that she could, but that I was not to touch my possessions. He then called for his Commanding Officer.

After a few minutes, the Level Three Officer showed up and asked me several question and wrote the answers down on a yellow sticky note. This Commanding Officer then went to a computer and began typing and reading. The whole thing was very interesting to me. I thought to myself, “WOW, Harry Reid really does have me tagged in the federal database as a Domestic Terrorist”. I have never been charged and prosecuted with anything in my life, and yet Senator Reid, without due process, has declared me, for life, as a Domestic Terrorist. He unilaterally named me, Ammon Bundy, a terrorist against the people of this country, the people I love and would so willingly to give my life for.

After the Commanding Officer typed a few things in the computer, my boarding pass was written on and hole punched 5 times with stars mostly over the SSSS (see picture). Our possessions were then returned and we were free to go to the boarding gate. When we left the security area many people were looking at us in curiosity. The entire process took about an hour, and my daughter and I did not make our flight. We knew we would not make it to the event even if we got on another flight so we left the boarding gate area and went to ask for a refund from US Airlines.

FK – If you’re not livid after reading this you’re brain dead, heartless, spineless and probably don’t belong in this country, like this creature:

FK – The fact that we allow creatures like this in our government on any level or that we have a ‘progressive(communist) caucus‘ in the congress shows we exist in a nation of ignorant cowardly whores. As soon as those commies take the oath of office they are guilty of waging war against our Liberty, the Bill of Rights and this country and should be immediately arrested, tried for treason and executed. But you can’t really call it ‘treason’ because one cannot commit treason against something one hates. They’re waging war against us all.