Breaking: Feds in Nevada cattle dispute tase citizens

Although Bundy’s son was released Sunday afternoon, Cliven Bundy charges that the Feds seized the land from the state of Nevada and that legally that land still belongs to the state. The state has not disputed Bundy’s right to graze his cattle on the property. But although this dispute with the Feds has been ongoing for over 20 years, it is only now that they decide to put the screws on the Bundy family. Why?

Bundy’s son Dave was arrested for filming the Feds as they confiscated and impounded cattle owned by the Bundy family. The Feds claim that when confiscations take place, the property and roads in and around the region are officially closed to the public. But Bundy maintained he was exercising his First Amendment constitutional right to be there and to film what the Feds were up to.