BOMBSHELL: Congressman Proposes Bill to Ban Laws with the Purpose of Generating Revenue

Announcing the introduction of the Fair Justice Act, Congressman Cleaver stated,

“The time has come to end the practice of using law enforcement as a cash register, a practice that has impacted too many Americans and has disproportionately affected minority and low-income communities. No American should have to face arbitrary police enforcement, the sole purpose of which is to raise revenue for a town, city, or state.”

While many people may not see it as such, this congressman’s bold move, if passed, would eliminate most police work.

As the Free Thought Project reported Monday, the fact that police act primarily as revenue collection agents for the state, has become quite apparent.

Since there is no money in solving murders or preventing rapes, police departments in America have focused their duties on traffic citations and the drug war. Both of these venues are highly profitable for departments.

City and state governments have become so addicted to these revenue streams that we are now seeing full-on military raids on people in fruitless attempts to find drugs and money. Along with the drug raids, we are seeing police officers forced to collect a certain amount of revenue through traffic enforcement, or risk losing their jobs.

Cops are actually being disciplined on a large scale as they blow the whistle on their revenue addicted department heads who force them to write tickets or face consequences.

FK – Sounds like an idea whose time will soon come…

The ‘drug war’ exists because all the ‘right people’ make money from it:

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