Boehner Secretly Plotting to Stab Gun Owners in the Back

In a closed-door meeting of wealthy contributors in Las Vegas, House Speaker John Boehner said he was “hell-bent on getting [anti-gun immigration amnesty] done this year.”

And earlier this week, the Speaker viciously mocked conservative Republicans for opposing him on this issue.

The wily Boehner had led his conservative Republican members to believe the issue was shelved for the year.  Now it appears that Boehner is simply planting a trap for Republicans and gun owners — springing this Obama-backed proposal when it’s too late to primary anti-gun Republican amnesty supporters.

Gun Owners of America has argued all along that Second Amendment supporters have “a dog in this fight.”

FK comment on vid: No Boner, you get elected to protect and expand human liberty. End of discussion.

As always, the commies want the illegals here so they can vote commie…

Are you ready to do what will be required?