Bloomberg Wastes Millions in Pushing Gun Control … Once Again

The Bluegrass State fared no better for anti-gun Democrats, as GOA-endorsed Matt Bevin won his race for Governor.

This was quite a feat, given that he is only the second Republican in four decades to win the governorship of Kentucky.

Bevin’s opponent advocated so-called “Universal Background Checks” at gun shows, which would bring government regulation to private firearms sales.

GOA had proudly endorsed Matt Bevin and his running mate, Jenean Hampton — both of whom are veterans of the U.S. military and understand the importance of the Second Amendment.

FK – We still  have to flip the house or get the demoncrats to vote for the Firearms Freedom Act.

As always, we still have a long way to go:

FK – Now if only we had a nation of men who would stand up and use it to restore Liberty to this land.

We all get the elected public servants the brain dead sheeple deserve.

I’ll vote for the candidate that will bring the troops home, activate the militias, and re-invade and re-conquer commiefornia and the other commie enclaves on the left and East coasts.

They’re not ‘leftists,’ ‘liberal’ or ‘progressive.’ They’re communists/globalists. They want us disarmed so we can’t kill them when enough finally wake up to the necessity of doing so.

Our Liberty is dying because of our failure to hunt the “Liberal”(commie) and globalist trash to extinction.

FK – We need to concentrate on organizing the militias and bringing the troops home and focusing on our greatest enemies, who aren’t mass shooters or hiding in a hole on the other side of the world, but have white skin and were likely born here.

Gun rights group seeks to shift liability in mass shootings