Billy Johnson for NRA News Commentators: Ep. 55 “Masculinity”

If I’m not terribly mistaken most murders occur in the inner cities, committed by blacks who grew up and were birthed via the welfare state. This is not a mistake. The creators of the welfare state knew exactly what it’s outcome would be. Mass shootings are a tiny percentage of murders, an anomaly really, especially considering we have 300 million human animals in this country and many of them are assholes who fully deserve a bullet in their heads.

The problem is the lack of masculinity. I notice many more young men nowadays who sound and act feminine, not surprising considering all the pro-homo propaganda on the weaponvision over the last 20 years.

We need more masculinity, and as dumb and sports centered as most jocks are I doubt that most of them end up being real bullies or commit nearly the percentage of robberies, muggings, rapes, murders etc. that inner city blacks do.

Let’s drop the PC bull crap and deal in reality. That being said it’s time the NRA man up itself and form up and train and help arm the militia force we are going to need and should already have to do what will be required to fix this country if it’s not already too late. In short it’s time to stop planning safaris, shooting ducks and skeet and focus on what the Second Amendment is really about: hunting men.