Bilderberg’s Financial Records Revealed – Expenses, Funding, and Tax Docs!!!

FK – Oh, but it’s just a social club:

FK – Seems like the actual Bilderberg meeting is PR for the benefit of public elites to make them think they’re special, part of something bigger than them. They stupidly think they’re actually doing something, and in some ways they are, but the string pullers may not actually bother to show up. The ‘frank talk’ thing is simply an acknowledgement that the average sheeple has it’s head up its ass and those who seek to rule us can’t say a lot of things they really think publicly for fear of stepping on the hooves of some group of idiots’ sacred cow.

After all these years of paying attention and trying to get the average dumbass to give a damn about its own country and Liberty I can understand the arrogance of the elites and why they look down on us. Most of the herd animals have a slave mentality to one degree or another and thus deserve to be treated as slaves.

I’m not running for office and thus don’t have to tell sheeple what they want to hear. Can you tell?

The 2nd vid was edited from this one. Jones is saying some important things.

And a little more in depth: