Barry Bright: What to be thankful for

A neighbor just invited me to Thanksgiving Dinner as I was wrapping up this short reminder of what the holiday is really about. I can always eat, that’s always been one of my problems. I suppose I should be thankful for a good appetite.

Now here’s something else to chew on, I hope it’s not too tough. As ‘ol John Wayne allegedly said, “Life is tough. It’s tougher if you’re stupid.”

Be thankful your ancestors, or maybe some of them, conquered this continent via warfare and disease, whether they came over willingly on a boat or via the Bering Land Bridge or were transported from Europe or Africa as white or black indentured servants or slaves.

Be thankful the bad guys won that ‘unpleasantness’ back in the mid 1860s whereby one of our most venerated leaders killed 600,000 men so he could keep taxing the southern states for without this ‘union’ we might not have defeated communism abroad while sheltering it in our schools, universities and news and entertainment organizations.

Be thankful you’re not one of those white turkeys that can be seen going down the interstate, crammed into those small wire cages, whose only purpose in this world is to eat and be eaten so that you can get up every day or most days of your adult life and go waste your time in exchange for money so you can support the corporations and banksters who really run our world.

Be thankful for the food we get out of a can or out of the freezer that allows us some leisure time and convenience away from the places we waste our time in exchange for money even though we daily hear/read how that food is killing us through ‘processing’ or genetic modification.

Be thankful for your government’s permission to drive your own car, build your own house, buy and carry the tools necessary to defend yourself, your loved ones and property against common criminals even though we’re a long way from forcing our rulers to acknowledge our right, duty and responsibility to kill them when necessary.

Be thankful we still haven’t descended into a hot blood civil war or the economy/dollar hasn’t completely crashed or the sadistic gods our ancestors created haven’t thrown the vast majority of us into hellfire yet while that tiny minority of whatever version, sub-version or subversion that actually makes it into make-believe land sings praises to them.

Be thankful for the fair treatment your kids or the neighbor’s kids get while in prison because they possessed or did something the governments or someone’s version of ‘morality’ decided they shouldn’t posses or do.

Be thankful gas is only 2.50 to 3 bucks a gallon because the Saudis who care about us and the Wall Street whores have other short term goals beyond just making money so it’ll be a little easier to get to grandma’s house this weekend, if she has a house.

Be thankful for that relative at your table who voted for the Marxist mutt for it’s woken more sheeple up, angered more people to action and sold more guns and ammo than any republicrat RINO NWO hack could have dreamed of all while destroying our Liberty in different ways. Be sure to tell it that.

Be thankful that when our national and state constitutions were written some saw the inherent danger in such a document and demanded a Bill of Rights accompany them because they knew that someday we would be a nation of cowardly dumbed-down pacified morons and that it would be up to that tiny minority to stand up for Liberty.

Be thankful, as you watch football and chew turkey and slurp pie for that tiny minority in every generation that most of you don’t know even exists stands in the breach and actually gives a damn about something besides grazing and breeding like human livestock.

Now go take a nap and rest up for tomorrow is the day we start preparing to share in the gifts of the holiday season that we, or some of us, earned with the sweat of our brows because by golly, that’s what they told us we’re supposed to do.