Barry Bright: What can I do?

What can I do?
Barry Bright
Feb. 23, 2015

Someone asked me this question a while back. It’s been so obvious to me for so long that I really didn’t have an answer for him, because it still astounds me when I meet someone who has no concept of their right, duty and responsibility to pay attention, get involved, act politically, and prepare for the blood war that history shows always eventually comes.

It’s been obvious to me all my life. I’ve always known we might have to fight back against our government someday, even when I was an ignorant kid who thought he was growing up in a ‘free country.’ It’s still a heartbreaking thing to me that the majority doesn’t have a clue and doesn’t want one.

But if you’ve gotten past all that or never faced it to begin with, here’s a list of sorts:

First you have to face some hard core reality. Most are not ready for this because most humans are herd animals accustomed to going with the flow. The predominant religion in this country has been turned into a tool of the elites, if it wasn’t from the beginning, with its primary purpose being to keep the slaves working by keeping them sitting on their asses in their free time waiting for the world to end.

The mainstream preachers and churches, that aren’t gonna get beamed up before things get too bad, are already major tools for the beast system we exist under as they tell their flocks that our leaders are ‘appointed by god’ and must be obeyed. How pathetic.

So get off your ass and stop waiting for the world to end. Humans have been doing that for thousands of years, probably as long as there’s been a shaman in the cave who made his living off the ignorance of his fellow cave men. How did it work for them? Worked fine for the shaman, he got fat eating fried chicken on Sundays while his flock had to go fight the wolves and the cave bears so their children could have a future.

Pay attention. Understand one thing, the most important thing: our elite ‘leaders,’ not the ones we elect, well maybe some of them, consider us to be livestock. The rest of them are just their whores. Is that what you are, a cow in the pasture, or a whore?

Understand this is a war. We are at war. Our biggest enemies aren’t hiding in a cave on the other side of the world. If any fundie ragheads get through the gate it’ll be because some piece of trash that was born here, and likely has white skin, that hates this country and the Bill of Rights, let them in. We can’t call them traitors because one cannot be a traitor to something one has always hated. Did I mention we’re at war with these creatures?

Sometimes it helps just to show up, to give moral support. Often it takes much more. The current empire of note railroads patriots into prison every chance they get. In reality it takes much more than most are willing to give. History shows about 3 – 7 percent of the colonial population actually fought in the American revolution. Most of the rest tried to profit from it, ignored it, or tried to stay out of the way. Fighting doesn’t always involve carrying a gun.

Pick a ’cause.’ Most patriot activists don’t have the time, resources, knowledge base to be involved in every little battle in this war. I can’t keep up with everything I’d like to post on this site. Take some time for yourself, get proper exercise and proper diet and proper rest. Burnout isn’t just for the drug culture and you will need your health when things get hairy.

If you’re making a really good income at something, don’t be stupid and quit just to become an activist unless you know without a doubt you’ll have the patience, fortitude, guts, patience(did I mention patience?), desire, drive and love of Liberty that it takes to do what you invariably end up doing: banging your head against a brick wall for years and decades.

If you have a good income there are many already successful groups that need your financial support. Research their past records and what their ultimate goals are, to go along to get along or to restore human Liberty and the Bill of Rights.

Put your money where your Liberty teeth and your dried beans are, or rather recognize that this is a multi-front war that must be fought in the public mind, in the legislatures and the city commissions and fiscal courts all while being ready to walk out the door and kill the bastards with an organized military force(what the militia was meant to be) when we finally have no other choice.

A difference has been and can be made even in the national congress. The presidency is basically a lost cause, for now. The elites control which of their whores gets into the now red house and simply tell the gullible brain dead sheeple “So and so can’t win because he’s too ‘extreme’ so vote for candidate A or candidate B, the approved NWO hacks.”

More of the ‘mush heads in the middle’ as a national radio personality likes to call them turn out for the presidential races because on some genetic or whatever level they’re electing a new king who’s going to wave its magic wand and solve their problems for them. Blind faith got us into this mess. It won’t get us out.

Understand the submissive have been surviving to breed for a very long time. This will not likely change. It’s always up to the tiny percentage to make a real difference. When a congressman or legislator gets one call he counts on many other constituents feeling the same way. When their phone lines are shut down it gets their attention.

They will call you every name in the book. See Alinsky’s rule no. 5. Our domestic blood enemies are consummate liars. When their lies cease to work they find a new audience or they alter them slightly but in reality are telling the same lies. If they couldn’t lie they wouldn’t need oxygen.

Our domestic blood enemies have been relentless in their quest for domination. Compromising with and kowtowing to them only encourages them.



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