Badges for concealed weapon permit holders…Good or bad?

FK – Impersonating an officer(hired public servant)? Fumbling with a badge during a life and death situation when you need to be reloading or identifying if it’s a real cop that’s ordering you to ‘drop your weapon?’ Better to hit the deck or take cover if available then look non-aggressive or make that life changing decision.

Seriously, a right applied for is a privilege. Why further bury our natural born right, our most basic right, under red tape? We must force the governments to acknowledge our most basic right without the benefit of paperwork, licenses, classes, taxes, or whatever. We don’t need no stinkin’ badges.

Of course the “Liberal”(commie) trash are still telling the same lie they’ve been telling for decades: “The police will protect you.” Dial 911 and Die. That’s why they’re trash, they lie, it’s their only purpose for being in this world. If “Liberal”(commie) trash couldn’t lie it wouldn’t need oxygen. We need to prevent a whole lot of them from stealing any more of our oxygen.