ATF Raids Ares Armor, Collects Gun Buyers’ Lists — Take the GOA poll and send a message to Congress

According to owner Dimitri Karras, an ATF official told him that if he would turn over his customer list, the raid could be avoided.

Nevertheless, Karras got a temporary restraining order (TRO) against the ATF.  But the agency got the TRO overturned by lying to the judge about Karras’ product — which, again, is not classified as a firearm.

During the raid, the ATF stole much of his inventory of the 80% lower receivers and his customer list.  That latter item — the Ares Armor customer list — appears to be what the ATF especially wanted.

FK – Contact your elected public servants and demand they de-fund, shut down and arrest and try for treason the BATF Nazis.