ATF quietly laying groundwork to expand multiple rifle sales reporting

The question now becomes, especially with a seeming total lack of publicity, is ATF attempting an “under the radar” action to impose on the entire country what they previously imposed (over objections that could have been stronger) on southwest gun buyers and sellers?

“That’s what it looks like,” one legal adviser approached for his read on this development offered. “And no, I haven’t seen this yet, which is strange as I’m subscribed to the ATF Federal Register filings.”


Perhaps congressional representatives should be contacted and asked what they know about this, if anything, and if the administration bypassing the elected representatives of the people to enact “gun control” via executive diktat is something that sits OK with them. That might be especially relevant in an election year, as the move seemingly allows the president’s party to keep a low profile on guns until after the elections, while he does their lifting for them.

FK – We should be ordering our elected public servants to shut down the BATF Nazi trash and repeal all the ‘laws’ they enforce.