Article V Promoter Praises Democratic Leadership in Movement

How would conservatives — good-hearted, well-meaning, Constitution-loving conservatives who have been persuaded to join the Article V con-con camp — react if they knew that some of the leaders of that very movement were not only accepting the participation of liberals in the planning, but praising their contribution?

I suppose we’ll find out soon enough, as soon as Mark Meckler’s latest article begins being bounced around the Twittersphere and Facebook.

FK – Meckler’s article on Breitbart and my comment on it:

“States are the laboratories of  democracy,” Indiana Senate President Pro Tempore David Long said. “If something gets done properly, it doesn’t come from Washington. It comes
from the states.”

Uh huh. Send democracy to hell where it belongs. Demand Liberty. Demand a restoration of the Bill of Rights. Some to most of the delegates will have the opposite intentions in mind. You can bank on it.

I’ll go along with this if there’s a militia encampment outside the front door to immediately arrest, try for treason and execute any “Liberal”(commie) trash or republicrats that show up.