Are you a JPFO force multiplier?

I’ve always considered apathy as great a threat to the right to keep and bear arms as outright anti-gun activism, probably even more so, because while “they” have billionaire funding, “we” have the numbers. That more isn’t done to demonstrate that is a nut I’ve been trying to crack for decades, most of the time shaking my head that so few seem willing to roll up their sleeves and help carry the load, be it through volunteer activities or funding support.

Case in point, out of an estimated 100 million gun owners in this country, the number reportedly belonging to the NRA is generally only put at around five million. Groups like the Second Amendment Foundation, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, and Gun Owners of America weigh in at considerably fewer members. An even more marked lack of participation can be seen with many state-level grassroots gun rights groups, often staffed by a handful of overworked volunteers trying desperately to fight a state-level strategy being waged by Michael Bloomberg’s well-funded and professionally-staffed Everytown machine.

Another case in point is Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, a unique effort bringing a distinct message and a moral perspective on the evils historically enabled by a government monopoly of violence. The untimely death of founder, leader and teacher Aaron Zelman removed much of the direction, to the point where the organization was in danger of fading away.

FK – JPFO’s propaganda(it’s all propaganda) was a major factor in my early ‘waking up’ to the situation we face. I’ve always known JPFO as the group whose goal is to ‘destroy gun control.’

To me that means when this war is over all ‘gun laws’ are forever consigned to the dust bin of history and any elected, hired or appointed public servants who seek to bring it up in the future are immediately treated as the traitors to human Liberty they are.

If anything has changed about this goal then there’s a problem.

Mr. Gottlieb has done some things I’m not happy about but over all I think he’s done a lot of good, far more than most. It was at one of his training sessions back in the 90s that I heard Tanya Metaska(sp?) stand up and explain how the NRA at that time would give money to a candidate they supported but if that candidate lost they would offer money to the winner. I understood her to mean even our enemies. That was the end of my affiliation with the NRA.

Some have an issue with ‘compromise’ in any form. Compromise in minor battles may be acceptable, in some situations, but as a whole, concerning the outcome of the war, it’s not.