Are gun owners so naïve as to buy Christie’s recent ‘pro-gun’ conversion?

New Jersey Governor and potential 2016 Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie has been drawing intense criticism from the forcible citizen disarmament lobby (and their mass media lapdogs) for the past week, over his veto of a New Jersey bill lowering the magazine capacity limit from 15 rounds to 10. That limit would, of course, only have applied to private citizens, and not law enforcement or other government hired muscle.

That veto has also brought Christie some praise from gun rights advocates, such as the Tea Party Network News:

As America geared up for celebrating our Independence Day, New Jersey governor Chris Christie did something very American: he stood up to gun-grabbing tyrants.

    On July 2nd, Christie vetoed A2006, a bill that would have limited firearm magazine capacities to 10 rounds in New Jersey.

FK – Every pres. election cycle proves the republicrat party is still full of brain dead idiots who will vote for whatever mainstream newswhore approved conscienceless blood sucker that’s telling them what they want to hear. Rah Rah ‘murica.