Are ‘gun control’ advocates starting to see dangers of open borders?

In the U.S., the strong desire to protect gun rights, and the belief that our borders must be strongly secured, are both issues almost universally considered to be associated with a “conservative” viewpoint. Conversely, “gun control,” and the push for a far more open border, and much looser immigration policies are seen to be issues dear to those who call themselves “progressive” (“progressing” toward what, one might ask). As National Gun Rights Examiner, David Codrea has frequently illustrated, the connection makes some sense, because the highly permeable border and loose immigration policy do much to strengthen the political position of “gun control” zealots.

With the “Charlie Hebdo” massacre by radical Islamic extremists in France, and the subsequent attack on a kosher supermarket just days later, leaving between them 17 innocent people dead, attitudes may be changing. The powerful weapons (many not legally available to private citizens in the U.S.) were obtained by the terrorists without much difficulty, France’s restrictive gun laws notwithstanding. Apparently bought from an underground arms dealer in Belgium, these fully-automatic rifles and pistols, rocket and grenade launchers, and their explosive munitions are not difficult to find in Europe, we are now told, with many coming from large stockpiles in Albania and in what was once Yugoslavia.

But the interesting aspect about this is how these weapons in eastern Europe so easily move to western Europe, and once there, circulate freely among European Union nations.

FK – And it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if certain ‘progressive’ groups in this country already have them… What were they doing and advocating back in the 60s and 70s that some of them still have no apologies for?

Best to prepare for what will be required.

I’m no foreign military gun expert so I’m guessing these are the weapons mentioned in the Haaretz article linked above:

FK – Commie block weapons that the ragheads will use to kill European commies. How appropriate. And we need to be putting our own ameri-commies into their own loopholes:

FK – The “Liberal”(commie) trash that’s working to disarm us and allow modern barbarians into western civilization should be treated as the war criminals they are.

Never forget. You’re “Liberal”(commie) so-called ‘friends‘ voted to kill you.