Anti-gunners not interested in talking, says new book preview

The new book is titled “The Future of the Gun,” by New York Times bestselling author Frank Miniter. According to the Washington Examiner’s veteran political writer Paul Bedard, the Obama administration “likely (missed) any chance of a historic deal” on gun-related violent crime. He writes that “two of the country’s leading gun lobbies stood ready to work with the White House, but instead were pushed away by an administration that wrongly thought the country was on their side in banning assault weapons.”

The two firearms groups were the National Rifle Association and National Shooting Sports Foundation. When representatives of those groups eventually were invited to sit down, sources told Examiner at the time last year that instead of a conversation, they were essentially given a lecture by Vice President Joe Biden.

For many years, the portrait of an unbending, tone-deaf “gun lobby” has been promulgated by gun prohibitionists and their media cheerleaders. Gottlieb took a lot of heat for trying to negotiate background check reform legislation at the federal and state levels in 2013, both times pulling out when it became clear that nobody was interested in compromise, but only telling gun owners to give something up.

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