Anti-gunners hint at next moves in Washington State

The gun control lobby behind Initiative 594 is already hinting at its next moves in Washington State, which, according to the disturbing report on Sandy Hook killer Adam Lanza that was released Friday, might have become home for him and his mother.

I-594 is certainly on the minds of members of the Washington Arms Collectors, who are gathering this weekend for their November gun show in Puyallup. At the table operated by the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms and the Second Amendment Foundation, dozens of people had the same question: What now?

This is the last gun show prior to when I-594 becomes effective early in December. Several people wanted to know if SAF and/or the National Rifle Association are going to take legal action. That appears to be a primary concern of the gun prohibitionists who spent millions of dollars to pass the measure.

In an e-mail yesterday. I-594 campaign chairman Zack Silk posed several questions, asking what people considered to be priorities for the next legislative session that begins in January. It does not require a college degree to figure this one out. Silk wants to know “What should we focus on next in the upcoming legislative session and beyond?”

FK – What will they do next? The only limit to that is the limit we force upon them.

FK – Self defense is the most basic right any creature possesses. Any and all who threaten that in any way don’t belong here.

‘Daily Beast’ article favors licensing, mental evaluations on gun owners

FK – We need mental evals on “Liberal”(commie) trash and open voting so we know who the commies are. Then we can require them to have a hammer and sickle tattooed on each cheek so we know what to look for during the upcoming “Liberal”(commie) trash season that has been so desperately needed here for decades.