Anti-gun editorials demonstrate ignorance of press bias

The Courier-Journal insisted, “Mr. Dunn invoked Florida’s infamous ‘Stand Your Ground’ law, claiming he acted in self-defense after he saw Jordan Davis, 17, point a shotgun at him. While no gun was found and no one corroborated the defendant’s claim, it apparently was enough to plant doubt in some jurors who convicted him only of attempted murder for shooting at the teens with Jordan as they fled for their lives.”

Well, which is it? Did he or didn’t he “invoke” Florida’s SYG law?

Dunn’s defense was not an SYG argument, but neither newspaper is after Dunn for his fatal irresponsibility, but the SYG law. Liberal newspapers despise the law and the concept behind it, which recognizes the right of citizens to defend themselves from criminal attack that occurs in a place where they have a right to be.

FK – So the commie journal is still rearing its ugly little head out of the swamp of newswhoredom. They’re not ignorant. The commie journal newswhores in “Liberal”ville, Kentucky know full well the evil they do. They always have. May their now postage stamp-sized rag continue to die a slow and agonizing death.