Anti-gun bigot’s projection shows just who the true ignorant and fearful haters are

Funny, isn’t it, how “progressives” represent themselves as caring about the people on the lower-end of the economic spectrum, yet are the biggest cheerleaders the “One Percent” could hope for when it comes to the true egalitarian power sharing that an armed citizenry provides. And it’s curious, how an ideology that once extolled the virtues of “peasants” and “workers,” at least until power was secured, has produced effete snobs who attack the worth and question the refinement of other human beings who do not share their infatuation with degenerate totalitarianism.

That makes the true provincial clods and demonstrable bigots the self-styled “urbane sophisticates,” desperate to convince each other that they’re so much better informed (not to mention better endowed!) than we mere gun-clinging flyover rubes. And if you think about it, another truism fits: People who are ignorant fear, and people who fear hate.

I read that in one of them complicated books with big words that don’t have a lot of pictures in ‘em somewhere.

FK – There’s nothing ‘progressive’ about moving the human race back to slavery. It’s communism. Call it that or don’t bother.

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