Analyzing Obama’s UFO Interview – Spacing Out! Ep. 109

Obama UFO interview analyzed

FK – The Marxist mutt is lying whenever it opens it mouth as is all “Liberal”(commie) trash. I’ve been nearly convinced for some time that when our elected public servants get to the District of Commie Criminals they’re taken into a room and shown a picture of their families and told “This is what they look like now. Continue to play ball and they’ll stay that way,” or some such.

The Marxist mutt was a tool for years so it probably already knew the score when it got into the game.

FK – They called themselves demons and angels so we wouldn’t figure out what they really are…

FK – What if some huckster claims “Christ spoke to me and said we’re supposed to be happy being slaves cause we’ll have paradise in the next life?” Sorry, they’ve been doing that for 2000 years.

What if there are 3 kids in each car and the drivers don’t like the idea that the computer picked the one that shouldn’t have been in the street to die?

What if it’s the Easter bunny and billions of kids wouldn’t get their candy?