Amid “Climate” Circus in Peru, UN Says CO2 Regime is Done Deal

Amid the ongoing implosion of their man-made global-warming theory, thousands of bureaucrats involved in the United Nations “climate” circus are meeting in Lima, Peru, for two weeks to continue plotting their scheme to impose a planetary carbon regime on humanity. But the fix is already in, according to the dictator-dominated global body. In a press release this week, the UN declared that its plan to foist draconian global controls on the world was essentially a done deal, with the summit in the Peruvian capital serving merely to “hammer out” the “new universal UN-backed treaty on climate change” that “will be adopted” at the global-warming conference in Paris next year. (Emphasis added.) Obama’s pseudo-treaty with brutal communist dictator Xi Jinping is apparently the “model” being pursued for the global regime.

However, despite the UN’s contrived optimism about its prospects for shackling humanity to its anti-CO2 wealth-redistribution scheme, reality may yet come back to haunt them. U.S. senators, two-thirds of whom must ratify any treaty for it to be considered valid in the United States, have already made clear that the global “climate” deal has no chance of passing through that body. Meanwhile, scientists around the world are increasingly distancing themselves from the UN’s imploding theory — with many prominent experts now warning of a prolonged period of natural global cooling that could wreak havoc on the planet in the decades to come.


Perhaps not surprisingly, the New York Times featured similar “reporting” on its front page in a report packed with factual errors and wild ignorance of — or disdain for — for the U.S. Constitution and the role of the American people’s elected representatives in policy. “The meeting [in Peru] comes just weeks after a landmark announcement by President Obama and President Xi Jinping of China committing the world’s two largest carbon polluters to cuts in their emissions,” reported Times journalist Coral Davenport, apparently either lying or under the delusional impression that Obama can make an “announcement” with a communist dictator that in any way “commits” the American people to something. “United Nations negotiators say they believe that advancement could end a longstanding impasse in the climate talks, spurring other countries to sign similar commitments.” Indeed.

The brazen fact errors in the front-page Times report hardly ended there, however. After whipping up plenty of phony hysteria about the imminent supposed man-made climate apocalypse — “drought, food and water shortages, melting ice sheets, shrinking glaciers, rising sea levels and widespread flooding” — Davenport reveals an astounding lack of understanding about even the basics of atmospheric science or, perhaps more likely, a half-baked effort to outright deceive readers. She reported, as just one particularly absurd example, that “greenhouse gases” are “produced chiefly by burning coal for electricity and gasoline for transportation.”

FK – The mainstream newswhores are only doing their primary job, keeping the general population stupid, pacified and submissive.

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FK – What few ‘real environmentalists’ that really care about legitimate problems only harm their own cause by associating with the eco-commies and foreign dictators and brain dead hollyweird actors and other associated weirdos.