Alex Jones: Your Fear Is His Power

FK – The average sheeple is already doing nothing but grazing and breeding, waiting for the world to end. Telling them to stay home and spend time with their families because it’s all gonna end soon is part of the problem.

If you want to focus on something focus on changing the laws we exist under at the point of a gun. All the ‘self-change’ in the world won’t impress the black-suited Nazis when they break your door down for the empire and shoot your dog, or your grandmother or your kid.

We need a system for protecting patriots so that no one has to fear dying alone, or at least dying with the knowledge that their deaths will be avenged.

Jones may be just another change agent, used in some twisted way. But as far as I can tell he’s done more good than any of the others out there except maybe for the Birchers. The ‘tea party’ could certainly benefit from listening to him so they can learn there’s more to this than electing another NWO hack who invokes Jesus once a campaign and who says whatever the audience in front of him wants to hear.

Pointing out each other’s faults is one thing, but I don’t see waging war on each other when our real enemies are right in front of us.

I can’t think of a YouTuber or ‘patriot’ or ‘liberty’ group I agree with 100 percent. Probably never will.

We need to focus on our collectivist enemies who are attacking the Bill of Rights.