Gun Rights Champion: GOP Leaders Are The ‘Most Spineless Group Of Urchins’ One Can Imagine

According to Larry Pratt, the Executive Director of Gun Owners of America, Second Amendment supporters are telling him the “Republican Party is an enormous disappointment.”

He continued, “People elected them to come and stop Barack Obama. They said that was the one thing they would do.”

“They are the most spineless group of urchins that ever could have been imagined,” Pratt declared. “They signed up for the job and now they’re MIA.”

Pratt is calling for more primary challenges to the Republicans who said one thing and then changed when they got to Washington. He thinks “we need 100 more like David Brat,” the college professor who campaigned, challenged and beat Eric Cantor in a primary last June.

FK – Mr. Pratt shouldn’t insult urchins like that.

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Harry Reid to retire, will not be seeking re-election; he served for 5 terms

FK – For once a piece of trash realizes when it’s too old and won’t die in office.

Harry Reid endorses Chuck Schumer to be the next Senate Democratic leader

FK – That’s like trading a leech for a poisonous snake. But it will be even more hated by middle America so that’s a good thing.

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No great loss to 2A advocates as Harry hits the road…except

FK – Schemer’s arrogance can be used to our advantage. It’s hatred of middle America should be better publicized.

Zimmerman statement coverage highlights media shallowness

FK – The elites have controlled the newswhores for 100 years, then the commies infiltrated in the later decades and by the 60s and 70s there was no such thing as an ‘unbiased’ reporter, not that there really was before that. Most to all American newspapers were founded to support one party or cause or another. It’s more to do with human nature than ‘freedom of the press.’ There’s no mention of a ‘press pass’ in the First Amendment by the way…