Abolishing ATF Might Undermine One of the Best Tools for Hobbling Federal Gun Laws

To those of us familiar with the long train of abuses perpetrated by the BATFE against the American people, and with the fact that the reason for the very existence of the agency is for the enforcement of blatantly unconstitutional “laws,” H.R. 1329, the “ATF Elimination Act,” as it will apparently be titled, might sound like just what the doctor ordered for treatment of the horrible affliction of “gun control.” Indeed, JPFO has itself long urged America’s gun owners to get behind the campaign to “Boot the BATFE.”

As undeniably satisfying as that would be, though, I argue that actually accomplishing that goal might fairly be described as “winning the battle, but losing the war.” It all comes down to something from the previous paragraph–something worth repeating: ” . . . the reason for the very existence of the agency is for the enforcement of blatantly unconstitutional ‘laws.'” There is no reason to anticipate the imminent repeal of the unconstitutional federal gun laws (which is basically another way of saying all federal gun laws). Rep. Sensenbrenner’s bill, as well-intended as it undoubtedly is, certainly would not do so, and indeed would transfer enforcement of federal gun laws to the far larger, better funded, and more powerful FBI. As tireless liberty advocate Mike Vanderboegh has long argued, “I tell you now, I far prefer the devil I know in rehab than the devil I don’t running free with even greater power operating behind a cloak of invisibility, immunity and impunity.”

Some might argue that the FBI is less evil, less corrupt, and less prone to sadistic predation on the American people. Perhaps–but is that all the higher we are going to set the bar? It was not the BATFE, after all, but FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi who murdered an unarmed Vicky Weaver at Ruby Ridge, while she held her 10-month-old baby.

When the federal government incinerated scores of men, women, and children alive at Waco, it was not the BATFE, but the FBI who orchestrated the massacre (although the FBI did “honor” their little brothers and sisters of the smaller agency, by running up the BATFE flag over the still-smoking remains of their victims). In short, going from unconstitutional gun laws being enforced by the BATFE, to having the same unconstitutional gun laws enforced by the FBI, is not an upgrade for liberty.

FK – The republicrats had the congress and the now red house for years. What did they do but stand around with their fingers in the dike? What are they doing now? They could have de-funded BATF, DHS, and dozens of other evil agencies, laws, long ago.

Where’s the NRA? Why is GOA the only ‘gun group’ talking about amnesty when the commies want the illegals here for one reason: so they can get them to vote commie?

This column makes sense but in the bigger picture I’m not sure it makes much difference. Until enough apply proper political pressure or until enough wake up to the necessity of doing what will be required, we will remain saddled as the NWO livestock we are.