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FK – You should be all about our natural born Liberty, our most basic right. Our ‘civil rights’ are often what ‘they’ say they are… and ‘they’ consider us to be livestock.

Why didn’t you ask LaPierre why the NRA isn’t fighting illegal immigration? The commies want the illegals here because they know they’ll vote commie. What will that to do our ‘gun rights?’

I wish we could get every NRA member to see the light and join GOA, the ‘no compromise’ gun rights group. That’s gunowners,org

FK – THIS IS NOT A DEMOCRACY! Read the Constitution! Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on lunch. Liberty is a well-armed sheep contesting the vote. That’s what the Second Amendment was written to acknowledge.

The problem is the ‘sporting purpose’ definition in GCA ’68. Why isn’t the NRA pushing hard to repeal GCA ’68 and the NFA and ‘all’ the gun laws?

The purpose of the Second Amendment is our natural born right to kill government employees when it becomes necessary. Why are so many too cowardly to publicly state this simple truth?

Why isn’t the NRA fighting illegal immigration? The commies want the illegals here so they can get them to vote commie. What will that do for our ‘gun rights?’

Why isn’t the NRA training the militia for what will be required?

I wish we could convince the 5 million members of the NRA to join GOA, the ‘no compromise gun lobby.’ gunowners.org

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