A space agency tried to steal evidence of alien life? – Spacing Out! Ep. 96

FK – The evil aliens are here. They just lost several elections, possibly replaced by other evil aliens.

Creationism has been dis-proven multiple times over. It’s not even worth arguing about. Sadly when ‘life’ is finally ‘proven’ to be elsewhere all the lying preachers will do is say “Well, of course, god created life everywhere at the same time.” They will simply adjust their mythologies, fairy tales for adults, to suit knowledge that has been forced upon them in spite of their desperate attempts to cling to ignorance.

FK – I don’t think she could look any more bored or be much less intelligent. This issue, regardless of how ‘true’ it is, will be used by all sides as propaganda for their own goals. Don’t blindly trust any of them. Don’t blindly trust the first bunch that shows up, nor the second bunch nor the 2002nd bunch.

Speaking of agendas:

Iran Says ‘Tall, White’ Space Aliens Control America