A Beloved Wrestling Legend Just Died From a Heart Attack. But He Left Behind Quite a Legacy.

A beloved wrestling legend died from a heart attack on Thursday, but he left behind quite a legacy.

That legend, Roddy Piper, is better known by his fans as Rowdy.

Rowdy was known for his flamboyant and fun persona as a wrestler during the ’80s, ’90s and early 2000s.

FK – Never been a ‘wrastlin’ fan but I’ll always remember him for this:

FK – Too bad we don’t have special glasses to help us pick out the “Liberal”(commie) trash.

I don’t think that shotgun holds nine shells. But that’s hollyweird for ya’. The director of that flick, John Carpenter, grew up in Bowling Green, KY, spending part of his childhood in a cabin on Western Kentucky University’s campus.