4 Scary Things About Big Data And You

FK – They can re-construct this.

Phone Surveillance Revelation Should Prompt Reassessment Of NSA Spying

Human Rights Watch Sues DEA Over Bulk Collection of Americans’ Telephone Records

Snowden To Oliver: ‘NSA Has The Greatest Surveillance Capabilities We’ve Ever Seen In History’

Crunch Time For Surveillance: PATRIOT Act Renewal Vote Next Month A Key Metric In The Fight Against Surveillance

Fight 215

FK – The only thing I was shocked about on 9/11 was that is wasn’t far worse… Only the brain-dead sheeple were ‘shocked’ that we exist in a dangerous world and the current global empire of note is the greatest danger we face.

NSA’s Prism surveillance program: how it works and what it can do

NSA slides explain the PRISM data-collection program

And we volunteer for it:

FK – Neither my pix nor my real birthday is on Fake Book. I only use it to piss off my domestic blood enemies and maybe enlighten the sheeple. Don’t put anything on there you want them to profit from, if that’s possible.

The other edge of the pointy sword:

FK – Waze depends on the dependability of those using it. It works OK as a GPS. The cop and traffic reporting not always so much.