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John Stossel – The Wasted War On Poverty

FK – Not all ‘jobs’ are a ‘bridge to a better life.’ Many professions don’t care how many floors you’ve mopped or burgers you’ve burned, they just want to know if you can do what they need. The majority will not end up in a ‘profession’ unless one calls putting screw ‘a’ in hole ‘b’ or delivering freight ‘professions.’ I don’t.

The ‘war on poverty’ was waged to create generational constituents who would be ignorant and desperate and vote for demagogues who every election cycle promise them a sweeter govt. tit to suck on.

We do need to enforce the 40 hour work week and force the big corporations to pay their employees a fair share of their profits. They should be encouraged to hire more part timers because not everyone wants to waste all their time in exchange for money in the short mortality we experience here.

But then many millions are descended from those who have been choosing ignorance for a long time and will put up with anything in the name of ‘making a living.’ I’ve seen it too many times. The submissive have been surviving to breed for a very long time.

If a political party would arise that would do a few simple things to really help the working class and enforce them and stop trying to disarm the common people they could sweep the elections. But the elites don’t want this. The most important thing to understand is that they consider us to be livestock. So-called ‘libertarians’ and ‘conservatives’ often cannot admit this to themselves much less publicly.

Remember what party passed NAFTA and signed it into law. It wasn’t the republicrats, though they probably would have done the same.


In self-defense: Edmonds shooting ignites hot debate

Published reports suggest the man apparently mistakenly believed friends still lived in the home, but the current family has been there for some time. He knocked loudly on the door at about 3:15 a.m. The woman called 911 and armed herself. When she opened the door and did not recognize the man, she apparently tried to close the door and he apparently tried to push his way in.

That, according to the various reports, the single shot was fired. It wasn’t fatal and when police arrived, they placed the suspect in custody and then he was transported to Harborview Medical Center. The Everett Herald reported yesterday the shooting is still under investigation.

Was this self-defense? If someone is banging on your door at about 3 a.m., is it prudent to arm yourself before answering? If you don’t recognize that person, do you dial 911? If that person tries to force his way in, do you shoot him?

FK – Well gee, if he had killed a bunch of people while driving what would the verdict be? Why did she even open the door?

More stupidity:

FK – They’re not all that stupid. They know why they want our weapons. So we can’t kill them.


The Second Amendment Foundation has once again compelled another city to roll back firearms regulations that run afoul of state law and the Constitution, this time in Park City, Utah.

“We’re delighted that officials in Park City unanimously approved repealing the conflicting regulations,” said SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan Gottlieb. “If gun owners are expected to always comply with the letter of the law, so should government. In this case, the conflicts were pretty clear.”

As reported by the Park Record, the council acted this week on four City Hall regulations that were not in compliance with Utah state statute. These included a prohibition on the use and possession of firearms, the carrying of concealed weapons, carrying a loaded gun inside a vehicle or in a street or in a posted area where guns are prohibited, and a prohibition on someone drawing or showing a gun in “an angry or threatening manner,” which prevented displaying a firearm in self-defense without actually firing the gun.

FK – So sad that time and money has to be wasted fighting these little battles against our blood domestic enemies that can be found in every small town. Until those who proclaim to love Liberty grow the backbone to stand up and do what will be required this will be the only way to take our Liberty back. We have a lot to take back.

Negligent Gun Fatality Brings Out the ‘Progressive’ Hate

Will you have help in dealing with your local zombies?:

FK – Some interesting comments on this one. The current ‘legal’ or ‘just-us’ system must be considered. Better to prepare for what will be required than to prep for slavery.

Open Carry Near Michael Brown March

FK – It’s a matter of time till the more militant wings of the “Liberal”(commie) trash catch on to this and start carrying openly. They killed 200 million in the 20th century alone and have no problem using violence when it suits them despite their false claims of pacifism. They already have no problem using the black-suited Nazis to enforce their will upon the rest of us. It wouldn’t surprise me if much of the weapons and ammo purchased in the last few years went to factions of the amerikan communist insurgency.

This guy probably isn’t one of them:

Black residents protect white-owned store in Ferguson

Oath Keepers Guarding Businesses in Ferguson, Missouri: Calling on Volunteers to Assist

Gun sales boom on Black Friday: Almost 3 background checks per second

FK – We are headed invariably and probably irrevocably for what will be required.

Under ObamaCare, Businesses Can Save $3,000 By Hiring Illegals

Inherent in this permission to stay in the United States is the right to work in this country. As we reported recently, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) posted a notice on the “Federal Business Opportunities” website on October 3 announcing the imminent solicitation for card stock that will be used to print Permanent Resident Cards (PRC) and Employment Authorization Documentation (EAD) cards. EADs are popularly called “work permits.”

This incentive for employers to hire these illegal immigrants over legal residents, including native-born citizens, comes from a regulation found under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare). The regulation, which went into effect in January, requires employers with 50 or more employees to offer “affordable, adequate” healthcare coverage or be fined $3,000 a year for each full-time worker getting a premium tax credit. (The premium tax credit is offered directly to individuals not offered coverage through an employer and who have applied to purchase insurance through the federal Health Insurance Marketplace.)

Under ObamaCare rules, coverage is considered “unaffordable” if the employee needs to contribute more than 9.5 percent of their family income to employer coverage. Coverage is deemed “inadequate” if the insurance does not pay for at least 60 percent of healthcare costs.

When the Obama executive action is combined with ObamaCare rules, a loophole for employers is created. Since these illegal immigrants who have been granted the right to remain in America are ineligible to buy insurance through the federal Health Insurance Marketplace, employers who hire them are exempted from paying the fines.

FK – Could our blood domestic enemies have planned it that way? Oh that would be too conspiratorial.

Now Even Schumer Regrets Passing ObamaCare

Sen. Paul Would Declare War, Send Ground Troops Against ISIS

But Obama’s shifting stance might appear like Gibraltar compared to the dizzying reversals of policy Senator Paul has set forth in his declarations over the past five months. On June 19, he had published in the Wall Street Journal an op-ed piece entitled: “America Shouldn’t Choose Sides in Iraq’s Civil War.” He was adamant then against “boots on the ground.”

“First, we should not put any U.S. troops on the ground in Iraq, unless it is to secure or evacuate U.S. personnel and diplomatic facilities.” And while not wanting to “completely rule out airstrikes,” Paul sharply questioned their usefulness.

“What would airstrikes accomplish? We know that Iran is aiding the Iraqi government against ISIS. Do we want to, in effect, become Iran’s air force? What’s in this for Iran? Why should we choose a side, and if we do, who are we really helping?”

In August, Paul penned another op-ed for the Journal, stressing once again the dangers of unanticipated consequences to our military interventions. The 2011 air war in support of rebels in Libya strengthened jihad forces there, he noted, and CIA arming and training of Syrian rebels strengthened militants affiliated with al-Qaeda. Setting his sights on former Secretary of State and likely Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton, Paul wrote: “We are lucky Mrs. Clinton didn’t get her way and the Obama administration did not bring about regime change in Syria. That new regime might well be ISIS.”

FK – I have often wondered if when some of these supposed ‘firebrands’ go to the district of commie criminals if they aren’t taken into a room and shown pictures of their family and told “This is what they look like now. Go against us and they won’t look like this anymore.” Would it be the CIA, the Mossad or some other group we haven’t even heard of?

Something must happen to them, or they’re fakers from the beginning.


Armed Thug Shot By Good Samaritan, Here’s His Family’s RIDICULOUS Response

When someone acts irrationally and commits a crime, they’re typically held accountable for those actions no matter who they are. But not Adric White. After he was shot while robbing a Dollar General, his family wasn’t mad at him for his criminal behavior. Instead, they were furious at the good Samaritan who shot him.

FK – He ‘fell in with the wrong crowd’ all right. The “Liberal”(commie) trash and the republicrat NWO hacks created the world he exists in, from the welfare state to the music industry to the drug culture.

FK – Kow, kow, kow, kow, kow. How’s that for sound effects?