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Author Claims Democrat “Gun Control” Timidity Undermines Constitution

Writing for Salon, Rick Perlstein throws away any pretense of journalistic objectivity with his headline: “Gun nuts are terrorizing America: The watershed moment everyone missed.” He begins with the government’s ignominious retreat from the armed standoff that they had initiated with Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and the Oath Keepers, militia members, and “Three Percenters” who stood with him:

Here is a truth so fundamental that it should be self-evident: When legitimately constituted state authority stands down in the face of armed threats, the very foundation of the republic is in danger. And yet that is exactly what happened at Cliven Bundy’s Nevada ranch this spring: An alleged criminal defeated the cops, because the forces of lawlessness came at them with guns — then Bureau of Land Management officials further surrendered by removing the government markings from their vehicles to prevent violence against them.

What Perlstein doesn’t mention, but undoubtedly knows, is that if the armed federal muscle had not backed off, the only other option would have been a bloody battle. Killing in wholesale numbers, over a dispute about where cows eat. This guy wants the government to go into combat against American citizens, very possibly igniting civil war, and has the audacity to claim that it’s the “gun nuts” who “are terrorizing America.”

FK – Is the trash finally admitting what’s it’s really about? Are you ready for what will be required?

A Globalist’s Plea to Stay the Course of World Order

Neocon Kagan is, in other words, one of the modern American Establishment’s most revered mouthpieces. Kagan’s latest pronunciamento, “Superpowers Don’t Get to Retire: What Our Tired Country Still Owes the World,” also from the pages of the New Republic, is an effort to remind the American Establishment, in a time of waning national economic and military fortunes and growing popular distaste for the 21st-century version of American globalist policymaking, what the aims of the post-World War II new world order really are.

Laments Kagan at the article’s outset:

Almost 70 years ago, a new world order was born from the rubble of World War II, built by and around the power of the United States. Today that world order shows signs of cracking, and perhaps even collapsing. The Russia-Ukraine and Syria crises, and the world’s tepid response, the general upheaval in the greater Middle East and North Africa, the growing nationalist and great-power tensions in East Asia, the worldwide advance of autocracy and retreat of democracy — taken individually, these problems are neither unprecedented nor unmanageable. But collectively they are a sign that something is changing, and perhaps more quickly than we may imagine. They may signal a transition into a different world order or into a world disorder of a kind not seen since the 1930s.

FK – The NWO is many things to many authoritarians… but mostly a way to squabble over and maintain power.

Why is Gun Owners of America Under Attack?

This has been an incredible month and we’ve seen some fantastic victories.

Some of the successes we’ve reported on already — like the defeat of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor at the hands of GOA-supported Dave Brat.

This week in Colorado’s 4th Congressional District, GOA-endorsed candidate Ken Buck won his primary by an astounding 20 points.

This is great news for gun owners across the country.

Gun Owners of America doesn’t look for candidates who will merely vote right, but do nothing else. We look for strong leadership qualities and the willingness to stand up to the powerful elite in Washington D.C.

FK – Historically the NRA(the No Rights that aren’t Allowed group) has been part of the problem. Support GOA, the ‘no compromise gun lobby’ if you can, by informing all your NRA member ‘friends’ about them if you can.

Massachusetts SWAT teams claim they’re private corporations, immune from open records laws

As it turns out, a number of SWAT teams in the Bay State are operated by what are called law enforcement councils, or LECs. These LECs are funded by several police agencies in a given geographic area and overseen by an executive board, which is usually made up of police chiefs from member police departments. In 2012, for example, the Tewksbury Police Department paid about $4,600 in annual membership dues to the North Eastern Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council, or NEMLEC. (See page 36 of linked PDF.) That LEC has about 50 member agencies. In addition to operating a regional SWAT team, the LECs also facilitate technology and information sharing and oversee other specialized units, such as crime scene investigators and computer crime specialists.

Some of these LECs have also apparently incorporated as 501(c)(3) organizations. And it’s here that we run into problems. According to the ACLU, the LECs are claiming that the 501(c)(3) status means that they’re private corporations, not government agencies. And therefore, they say they’re immune from open records requests. Let’s be clear. These agencies oversee police activities. They employ cops who carry guns, wear badges, collect paychecks provided by taxpayers and have the power to detain, arrest, injure and kill. They operate SWAT teams, which conduct raids on private residences. And yet they say that because they’ve incorporated, they’re immune to Massachusetts open records laws. The state’s residents aren’t permitted to know how often the SWAT teams are used, what they’re used for, what sort of training they get or who they’re primarily used against.

FK – Don’t screw with the black-suited Nazis. They think they’re special.