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Leland Yee: Attempted ‘Gunwalker’?

The intent here is not to imply that “gun control” was the main motivation behind Yee’s alleged conspiracy. All indications point to it being all about the money–paying off the $70,000 debt racked up in his failed 2011 San Francisco mayoral campaign, and raising money for his new campaign for Secretary of State (from which position, by the way, he boasted he would be even more valuable to his co-conspirators). In that respect, Yee’s alleged crime was less evil than “Project Gunwalker,” which could only logically have been intended to facilitate massive violence that would in turn be used to justify more draconian gun laws.

FK – Shows what kind of creatures we’re dealing with. This one is just a monster ‘outside the law.’ The real evil is often very ‘legal.’

Montana ammo casing processor raid recalls warnings of anti-gun agenda at OSHA

Why such apparent sweeping and coordinated law enforcement action is considered a justifiable and standard practice against American citizens and businesses is a fair question. Without a record of criminal activities and resistance meriting deployments backed by lethal force capabilities, an audit team with a warrant would seem more than adequate in the case of an established company that proudly bills itself an “industry leader.”

That makes it also fair to speculate on how agencies seemingly unrelated to the administration’s war on guns can be used to advance that agenda, and why appointments of anti-gunners to head such agencies pose valid concerns for gun owners, as the recent flap over Vivek Murthy for Surgeon General confirms, and in spite of “progressive” objections that such fears are unfounded.

FK – It’s not rocket science. “Liberals” and ‘progressives’ are evil communist trash and the creatures will do anything, that’s the ‘anything’ in the dictionary, to advance their evil agendas and ultimate goal of controlling every aspect of everyone’s existence in this world, dimension, universe etc. There is only one possible end to their reign, eradication.

Don’t understand? Start here.

Ergonomic Secrets: How Your Computer May Be Killing You

FK – I started having lower back problems when I started using computers. Sat in a folding metal chair for hours a day with bad posture. The chiros have been a help but look for the ones who actually fix you and don’t expect you to come back all the time. I have to go 3 – 4 times a year on average. Go when you start noticing a problem, don’t do what I do sometimes and wait until serious pain begins then you can be locked up for days. And get a real office chair and get up and stretch or walk around and do something different from time to time.

‘Lifelong hunter’ shows hypocrisy of supposed gun owners against gun rights

As for the fate of the bill in Ashland, or for similar bills in communities throughout the Republic, it is imperative to understand that, as an ordinance this column has been following in Burlington, Vt. has demonstrated, gun owners ignore what is happening in their own home towns at their peril. At the very least, the activities of city governments must be monitored, and that means activists must know how to obtain agendas before meetings, how to retrieve minutes afterward, and how to attend and speak at meetings when public awareness and participation is necessary.

In short, that is our job. That’s because the fight goes to our very doors. And make no mistake, it is personal, because guess who will go to jail for running afoul of local edicts? The antis don’t care that you have other things to do with your time, and other things to expend your attention, energies and resources toward.

FK – Our jobs indeed, as members of a representative republic, whose right, duty and responsibility it is to not only pay attention and be politically active but to prepare for what will ultimately be required if/when our domestic blood enemies, our greatest enemies, get their way or are forced into a corner politically and return to their violent ways.

Court Rules Search Engines can Censor Results

FK – All news media is ‘owned’ by someone, even National Propaganda Radio, and thus can argue ‘freedom of speech’ to disseminate what they want. But at the end of the day there is no such thing as a ‘right’ to destroy human Liberty, never has been, never will be. The old mainstream newswhores were and are committing treason against the aforementioned, if indeed you can be a traitor to something you hate. If Google and the other big corporations that the net has spawned move to re-mainstream the net they will have to be dismantled or worked around as this author(The Internet: Killer Virus of the State) seems to think it will be so easy to do. But the problem is not what the fringe can or cannot do, it’s how far from the ‘center’ can the fringe be herded so that the common herd soon forgets it even existed, especially in the face of some ’emergency’ real or constructed.

What the newswhores report is usually less of a problem than all the stuff they refuse to because their job at the end of the day is to keep the general population pacified and stupid.

Makes one wonder who really controls what we see and hear: