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GOA: Senator Rand Paul to Offer Amendment Allowing Guns in Post Offices

Have you ever wondered why you can’t pull your pickup truck into the parking lot of the Gillette, Wyoming, post office, go in, and mail a letter — without giving up your Second Amendment rights?

The answer is that a bunch of gun-hating legislators — who are terrified of the very thought of guns — slammed through a law prohibiting guns in any federal facility. It is now contained at 18 U.S.C. 930.

– “Liberal”(commie) trash want to keep it safe for govt. employees to ‘go postal.’

The Armed Citizen: 110 lb Female Shoots Attacker In The Face

This chick has obviously not practiced much with her weapon nor really thought about possible scenarios.

There are training programs and YouTube vids that will help.

Never pull a gun on someone you’re not willing to kill, always shoot to kill which generally means aiming center mass and don’t let your assailant get close enough to take your weapon. It takes less than half a second to cross a room.

Insight Crime: A Legal Framework Will Not Solve Mexico’s Vigilante Issue

If Mexico’s government thinks that “legalizing” vigilante groups in the embattled state of Michoacan will solve its citizen security problems, it should have a closer look at the three other countries in the region — Colombia, Guatemala and Peru — that tried similar projects under similar circumstances with dreadful results.

– Maybe the problem is not recognizing humanity’s most basic right, that of self defense.

The Mexican govt. has failed and ours are not far behind.

Only idiots and cowards would ever ‘register’ their weapons with any govt. at any time for any excuse. But then we’ve had De facto registration since GCA ’68.

Bob Unruh on WND: Congress grants Obama ‘free rein for martial law’

“Section 1021 allows the detention of anyone, including American citizens, by the military, if the president considers that person to have helped with terror. It’s different from the Authorization for the Use of Military Force, which was adopted immediately after the Sept. 11 terror attacks, because while that law allows detention, there must be something linking them to the Sept. 11 attacks.

“Section 1021 authorizes detention, potentially forever, and even rendition of American citizens to foreign nations,” the brief points out. “If this court refuses to hear the Hedges challenge, it will leave American citizens subject to unconstitutional military arrest and detention.”

– If Romney had won he’d be doing the same thing because that’s what their masters want.

If Ron Paul had won he’d likely be dead because he would(maybe) refuse to go along with such tyranny.

Chuck Baldwin: Everyone Loves A Police State

“So, where are the notable leaders of the Religious Right? Where are the liberal groups? Where is the national media? Where are the talking heads from the right and the left? With precious few exceptions, they are absolutely silent on the subject. Why? Because they like it.

“Liberals never met a big-government program or proposal they didn’t like. If it increases the size and scope of government, liberals love it. Conservatives love anything that smacks of “law and order.” (A word of caution: you never want to be the defendant in a courtroom where the jury is stacked with conservatives. If you do, you’re dead meat, friend.) And Christians get goose bumps up their spine about anything they think resembles Romans 13. Give government more power over our lives and listen to the Hallelujahs ringing out from the all of these 501c3 churches. And ditto for most of the talking heads on radio and television and the vast majority of the pundits and spokesmen from the national news media. Like I said, everyone loves a police state.”

– We’ve already been subjugated. We’re just waiting for the trucks and trains to be filled…